A trip to the other side of the world

My sister, my mom and I went to Australia at skiing holiday in February 2013. I wanted to go there and meet one of my best friends, Minttu, who was an exchange student in Australia for 10 months, so we packed our bags and then the adventure to the other side of the world began.

We had three flights to Australia. The first flight to Frankfurt took 2 and a half hours. From Frankfurt, we took a plane to Singapore, and the flight took 12 hours. After a long, hard and boring flight I was so tired because I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited, nervous, and yeah, because of one little Chinese girl who was screaming all the time on row of seats behind me. But after that terrible 12 hour we took our last plane to our destination, to Melbourne. The flight from Singapore to Melbourne took 9 hours. And because I was dead tired, I think I slept all 9 hours.

I woke up when the plane landed in Melbourne at the airport. I looked out of the plane window and saw palms and a lot of dry sandy soil. The sun was shining and it was about 30 celsius. The time distance between Australia and Finland is 10 hours, so it was 9.00 a.m when we landed in Australia. Then we went to our super cool hotel and we had some lunch.

The first day in Australia went so quickly. I hang out with Minttu and she showed me some sights in Melbourne. We went to a big shopping center and i bought several shirts, singlets, shorts, jewels, 2 volleys and one handbag. Oh, I love Australian shopping centers! People were so friendly and helpful too.

During the first week in Australia, I slept 2 nights at Minttu’s host family and also visited Castlemaine Secondary College, which was wonderful! People were very nice and came to talk to me and asked me where I came from and stuff like that. It wasn’t even hard to talk with Australian people. Actually I really think I understood all that they said to me. After the school day, we spend time with Minttu’s host family and then we went to do some horseback riding with Minttu’s host mom’s horses. It was fantastic to ride in Australia, kangaroos were jumping all around the place and the horses were kind. Minttu’s host family’s backyard was full of kangaroos which was so funny. Oh, I love that place. The host family was lovely.

At the end of my time in Australia I visited all kinds of places. We went to Aquarium to see some penguins and the zoo to meet some koalas, crocodiles, more kangaroos, zebras and many other animals. We also visited Melbourne’s beach and other attractions. We ate a lot, the restaurants were nice. Fish and chips were very popular there, but basically the food was about the same in Australia as it is in Finland.

The trip was stupendous ans I am looking forward to visiting Australia in the future! People were nice, the food was good, the weather was warm, animals were interesting, school was a bit different than it is in Finland (maybe a bit easier), kangaroos and penguins were super adorable and it was lovely to see Minttu again- what a brilliant trip!

Riding in Australia

Riding in Australia

Melbourne center at night

Melbourne center at night

Melbourne beach at evening

Melbourne beach at evening

Cute penguin in Aquarium

Cute penguin in Aquarium


By Melina Nyberg 1D



Got Kissed by an Elephant

I was laying next to The pool on my beach chair at Patong beach, thailand  with an ice cold Coca-Cola in my lap which i was sipping from while trying to cool myself But It didnt’ help much since it was almost 40c degrees in The sun.

I decided to take a swim in The ocean which was blue and really warm. I dived trough a Wave and got a mouthful of salt water which was nasty. Some of it got in my eyes as well, so i got out of The water and began to walk towards our Hotel pool and my beach chair whilst rubbing my eyes because of The saltwater.

I was practicly blind and then someone grabbed me on my shoulder from behind.. I was scared that some one was trying to kidnap me since i was a little kid back then, maybe 10 years old, but i was lucky.

The kidnapper which i thought it was, was really a tiny elephant which was just a little higher than i was back in The day. The elephant gave me a big kiss on The cheek which felt like it was sucking my face of with its long nostril. The elephant was a pain in The ass for The people at The beach but it was The cutest thing ever. It was running around giving backrubs, trying to pull everyones swimming suits to The ground, and giving kisses to people. The elephant was a nice cheer up to The holiday which was actually getting really boring just laying on The beach But i still would definetly go there again.

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Egypt Desert Hurghada, 2010

In 2010, my dad, sister and I went to Hurghada, Egypt for the last days of summer holiday. In Hurghada, we once went to a desert far from the city. An excursion to the desert was organized by our hotel so it was quite expensive but worth it.

The bus from the hotel took us to the edge of the desert. The bus drive took one hour and all that time we had to listen to old Russians singing. It was a nightmare because there was no air condition and we didn´t sit next to an opening window. The drive was like a sauna, and not mention, the singing which made it worse.

When we arrived at a small tourist center, our guide took us all to the fence where we could ride with donkeys, horses and camels. My sister and I tried camels and horses, but we didn´t ride with donkeys because we knew that it was rude to animal to carry us such as a donkey. Two Russian guys jumped on their donkeys and started to slapping them to their butts. I started to pity the donkeys for such torture from overweight men, but for the donkeys sake, the guards came there and took them away. For a moment I was happy for the animals.

After that, we went deep in to the desert by rysty old jeeps. They could have been better of course because they were very old looking and rusty, but I didn´t complain. The ride was bumpy all the time because there was no road but at least there was air conditioning. The jeep sopped at a small village near the mountains. There was one little mosque for Muslims and tiny houses made from sand and clay. We didn´t visit them but we did visit at the chef of the village who offered us some pita bread made all by herself and we saw the processing also and it was delicious.

After some sightseeing we went back to the tourist center and had a very good Eguptian dinner with some great music and a stage performance. Before we left, we rode on some quad bikes and sand-bugs and that was the best summer vacation ever!

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1D EA02.4

Estonia is so near and also a very nice interesting place. It is easy to travel.. You can go there by boat and it doesn’t take a long time.. The boat trip can also be quite nice if you find something fun to do. Normally, I just go to eat and I buy some small items. I think it’s fun and for example, I can find a nice gifts for my friends. The selection out the is better than in Helsinki.Usually the cabins are  boring because there isn’t so pretty and there is nothing to do.. There you can play cards and sleep for naps. The ship is full of intoxicated people because alcohol is so cheap. Drunkards revolve around the ship, for this reason it’s good to stay in your own cabin …and probably plan what you are going buy  in Estonia.

When the ship arrives to Tallinn I start smiling because Tallinn is a beautiful city and there are lots of cheap clothes. I love the shopping centers in Tallinn, but I also like the smaller stores, because there you can find great things. I Tour the city around and I buy a lot of clothes and various accessories. Food in Tallinn is normally cheap and delicious. Because of that it’s worth to visit in the restaurant. I highly recommend!

When the both depart back to Helsinki legs are already sore to walk. Shoppers will then be full of new clothes and my hand hurt. However, I am very happy because shopping is an incredibly wonderful. It’s spice of life.


Shopping with high heels is best but remember that your legs will be hurt.

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Road trip in The USA

We travelled to The United States of America in summer 2012. Our first destination was Hollywood, Los Angeles, where we stayed one night. On the first night we went to Hollywood Boulevard to see Hollywood Walk of Fame and it stars. On the next morning we left Hollywood to drive to Las Vegas. Las Vegas was awesome and I would like to visit there again! There was so much people and lights etc. We saw city and its lights from a distance, because it was bright spot in the middle of desert. In Las Vegas, we spent three days and with in those days we had good time to walk around the city and see big and beautiful hotels and other buildings in a bright view and a night view.

After that we drove back to Los Angeles where we stayed one week. There we went to shopping, visited Universal Studios, Disney World at Anaheim, see some sports and went to concert. My favourite experience was Universal Studios, because it was amazing to see how movies are made and where they are made. We saw e.g. Jaws, Desperate Housewives, King Kong, Back to the Future and Psycho scenes. In addition to activities we spent a couple of beach days, which were nice.

A week went very quickly and the time came to go to New York City. In NYC we stayed three nights during which time we saw Empire State Building, World Trade Center memorial monuments, 5th avenue and Time Square. There was so much people in the streets and at the sights. That was so amazing city and I want to go back!

Las Vegas (c) Janina Paavilainen

Las Vegas sign (c) Janina Paavilainen

Time Square, NYC (c) Janina Paavilainen

Time Square, NYC (c) Janina Paavilainen

Universal Studios Los Angeles (c) Janina Paavilainen


New Zealand

I’ve always dreamt of visiting New Zealand. There was just something really fascinating about a country that lived so isolated from the rest of the world and had enormous mountain ranges and huge areas of untouched wilderness. And as a nature-loving outdoor person, I knew it was a place I just needed to get to.

My dream finally came true last year when my parents and I travelled to New Zealand for my birthday. We had decided we wanted our vacation to centre around the local culture and nature, without the main tourist attractions and shopping. That’s why we chose to stay in a small village on the south island, which had the population of only 250, called Mount Cook Village. The village was named after the Mount Cook, the biggest mountain in New Zealand, which we had a gorgeous view right from our hotel window!

The view from our hotel (source)

Our hotel, The Hermitage, offered a lot of different activities, which we took part in. There was a cruise amongst the glaciers, traditional Maori ceremonies and stargazing. But the most memorable thing was our hike through the Hooker Valley. We wandered around the small paths and trails for hours and the scenery was absolutely breathtaking – green valleys, little rivers and pointy mountains with snow on the top. New Zealand really isn’t called one of the most stunning countries in the world for nothing.

And after just six days, New Zealand felt like home. I fell in love with its magnificent nature and genuine and kind-hearted people. And I fell in love with the way the sun would set behind the snow-covered mountains and colour the sky in different shades of purple and how the wind blowing from the coast would smell like the ocean. There was just something really special about the country, and out of all the places I’ve seen and sworn to return, New Zealand is the one my heart most yearns to go back to.

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Shopping in London

It was just like in the pictures I had seen. I had never seen anything like that before. London was such a beautiful city. It’s so different from any other cities. I had always wanted to visit there and then my dream came true at the summer in 2012. I was so excited that I finally had a change to go there. I love shopping and London is a perfect city to shop.

The best store I went was Hollister. It was the only store I wanted to visit so bad that I couldn’t have left the country without visiting there before. It was my first time there and I fell in love to that store. I only bought one t-shirt from there, because I had spent all my money earlier. There was a Hollister model in front of the store so people could take pictures with him. He was standing there without a shirt on. My sister and I took a picture with him. I can definitely say that everybody should go to Hollister if they visit in London. Well not everybody, because they only sell clothes to young adults, but if you’re 14-30 year old, then you have to go there!

The photos are taken by me.

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Our quick trip to Sierra Nevada mountains.

In the summer of 2012 we lived with my family in Spain in a place called San Javier. We decided to go see our finnish friends who had gone to Spain too, to Almeria, a little bit of Southern Spain.

We had driven from Germany to Spain in the beginning of the summer, so a little time sitting in the camper wasn’t a new thing. But that time we drove to Almeria, it was so hot, and i really didn’t like the whole camper experienceso it was even more painful. Luckily, our friends were already near us. They had rented a convertible so my brother and i went into their car and it was much more fun to be there than in the camper. The weather was so hot that we couldnt even drive with the roof open because we would’ve burned.

In the evening, we got to the camping grounds. It was a very beautiful place because it was high in the mountains. We drove our camper there and almost right away went to sleep. Altough that was quite hard because it was so hot there even at night.

The next morning, we packed our stuff into the car and started to head for the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It wasn’t a long ride altough the roads were very steep and like serpentine. The views were spectacular because we were so high.

Altitude 1.750 m (c) Linda Paju

When we got to the top of the mountain range, there was a really adorable ski village full of hotels and houses to rent. It was summer so there wasnt any snow at that time, it was colder though. We parked the camper and walked trough the village.It was really beautiful with all the colourful houses and all kinds of restaurants. We walked to a ski lift that took us even higher into the mountains. It was magnificent because the views were awesome and in the hills there were cows or some other animals grazing.

The ski village of Sierra Nevada. (c) Linda Paju

The ski village of Sierra Nevada. (c) Linda Paju

Lifts going up to the mountains. (c) Linda Paju

When we got to the top of the mountain it was cold and very windy there. The views were amazing again but we really didnt enjoy them for very long because of the wind. We went back down with the ski lifts and down in the village we went to drink some coffee to a restaurant.

A restaurant middle of the mountain. (c) Linda Paju

A restaurant middle of the mountain. (c) Linda Paju

Top of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. (c) Linda Paju

Top of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. (c) Linda Paju

After coffee time, we had a long trip back down from the mountain. When we got down we drove to the Almeria Beach and spent the evening swimming in the ocean and enjoying ourselves. We stayed there for a few days and headed back home to San Javier.

Before the trip i was super exited and i really tought it would have been more interesting and fun, but i was little disappointed in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I expected that there would have been something more because there really wasnt nothing, just cold wind and rocks. I think it would be more fun for me in the winter.  But it was a good trip tought and now i have seen what it is like.

From the beach of Almeria. (c) Linda Paju

From the beach of Almeria. (c) Linda Paju


Trekking with Elephants and Fish

In Thailand there are so many things that you can do, for example go to a boat trip or ride with the elephants. I did so. In winter 2010 my mum, dad, little brother and I  took an incredible trip to Thailand, Phuket. We rented a house for two weeks which had a swimming pool and beautiful yard with three cottages. The weather was warm everyday and sometimes even so hot that it was terrible.

One day, when it was a brilliant weather we took a boat trip to two islands, PhiPhi and Koh Khai Nai.  The boat trip was awesome because of the weather and the beautiful views and the experience. The boat stopped  a few times so we could snorkel in the ocean. In the islands we took photos, watch the views, chilled and swum. In the ocean, where we snorkel the underwater was amazing, beautiful and colorful fish and corals. I saw also one little jellyfish. The boat trip was very nice and it went well.

We also had nice elephant ride one day. The elephants were cute and the elephant’s skin was rough, which did feel funny. It was a hot day when we had the elephant ride. In the ride we sat on a small bench on the elephants back and the elephant walk in the jungle. Of course there was a staff person to control the elephant, and he sat on top of this neck.  Luckily the trees hid the sun so it wasnt burning hot. The ride took about 45 minutes, which went quickly.

Our Thailand trip went well, except a few days sickness which I had, but that didn’t disturb our trip at all!


Baby elephant playing. (c) Ellen O.


View from the islands beach. (c) Ellen O.

Ellen Ojala

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Unlucky Trainingcamp

I have been to many different countries but the greatest trip ever was a swimming camp with my swimming team in Spain, Calella. I was so excited about the camp and I really looked for to it

When I first stepped out of the plane, I sensed the warmth that Finland didin’t have in April. The warmth wasn’t like Finland’s dry midsummer warmth, it was like being in a sauna but much lighter. Another thing that I noticed in Calella was that the people there were so nice. It wasn’t like everybody came to talk to us, it was more like everybody was so vivid and happy even though they lived in really poor conditions.

After a few days of the camp I was so exhausted. At first I thought that it was because of the heavy training and tight program. The fourth night I was really under the weather. At the night, I had had a high fever. When I woke up, I felt awful. My throat was swollen, I felt dizzy and I felt like somebody had beaten my head with a hammer. Luckily, after one day of rest and lots of antibiotics and I was swimming like a healthy young.

The camp’s last practice was the hardest. It required a lot of force and strength. But when I did my best and almost died in the end, it was worth it because when I got home I could say to myself, I had really advanced and reached my goals and that was the greatest feeling ever.

The beautiful beach in Calella cost, where we did visit a lot.

The beautiful beach in Calella cost, where we did visit a lot. (c) Kiira Karvonen


Two Weeks In Spain

I absolutely love Spain. Last summer I spent two weeks there with my family, another family we know and one of my best friends. We stayed near Barcelona, which is one of my favorite cities ever. We decided to rent a house since there were so many of us. And it was a great decision. I liked it much better than staying at some hotel with all the other tourists around.

The trip didn’t start so well though. At first we had troubles with the rental car, and then, when we finally got the car, we almost couldn’t find the house. And when we at last arrived there, it was really late and for some reason the house seemed weird and a little scary in the dark. We were all a bit reserved. I remember thinking that there’s no way I could sleep there for thirteen nights. Also I was half deaf because of the flight from Helsinki to Barcelona.

But it got better. I didn’t sleep a lot the first night, but when I woke up the next day I went outside and saw what everything looked like in the daylight. And it was really beautiful and peaceful. All of my doubts suddenly went away. And I could hear again, yay. We fell in love with the house and decided that we’ll go to the exact same house again some year.

Of course we didn’t spend all of our time at our little “home”. With the car it was so easy to move from place to place so we took the best advantage of it as we could. Some days we just drove through cities and cute little villages and stopped to do something every once in a while. I felt like living a dream. I think that and visiting Barcelona were my favorite things in our trip. The most boring day was the day we went to a water park and I forgot to take my bikini with me… So I kind of just walked around the park the whole day listening to music, trying not to get a sunstroke. I didn’t even get the whole point of going to a water park when there already were so many perfect beaches out there.

And the people. I got a little tired of getting so much attention because of my blond hair. Enough is enough. But mostly people were just very nice and fun and I enjoyed chatting with them. The conversations were quite simple though because Spanish people don’t really speak english… And I most definitely am not fluent in spanish, but I could handle the small talk fine.

We also shopped, sun bathed and swam a lot. Typical things to do on vacation. We got lost a few times, but I don’t think about that as a bad thing. There’s this song that was playing at the moment we were panicking in the wrong side of the road – now every time I hear the song that memory comes to my mind and actually makes me smile a lot. I really miss Spain!

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Different Kind Of Ride

Have you ever been on an elephant ride? I was once with my mom six years ago. We rode in the rain forest and the elephant was very big and slow. My mom and I were scared of some snake dropping high from the trees on to us. Anyway, the rain forest was beautiful and colorful. After the ride, we fed pineapple pieces to the elephant. My mom, the elephant and I were very happy after that!

Some photos of the elephant ride.

Some photos of the elephant ride.

I will never forget that time in Thailand because it was the best trip ever! It was so hot, sunny and beautiful there. The air smelled salty and musty. It was because of the sea which is near to the place where we were at. The sea was very warm and transparent, but it looked turquoise or blue like the sky. I was really young, so I liked to swim all the time. Once, I almost swam for three hours without I getting out of the water. Thailand was a beautiful and lovely place. People was very friendly, helpful and they smiled all the time. The food was always delicious and mouth-watering.

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San Marino

I opened my eyes. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. Beautiful Mediterranean Sea was directly in front of me. Sea glistened in the sunlight and a large village spread below me. It was little cold even though I was in Italy; land of pizza and pasta, great fashion and beautiful, dark haired people. I was happy. I was in San Marino.

San Marino is a small village on the mountains called Monte Titano. San Marino is the fifth-smallest state in the world and is the second oldest republic in the whole world. The village is surrounded by walls and village has its own castle and a church. In the old days the castle was thrown from the bridge down to all the women, who were believed to be witches. When women were thrown down can she considered to be one of them, and if you knew how to fly, this was a witch. Several thousands of women died because of this.

San Marino is made ​​of stone and narrow walkways are great old-fashioned and the village is full of interesting small shops. Clothes, perfumes and bags are cheap there, but the most beautiful thing is the view. Fresh air and green landscape makes everybody happy. When you look down, the drop is overwhelming. I’ve never been in such a beautiful place. I didn’t want to leave, but I had to. Fortunately, the village of San Marino will never go away from there, because I will come back!SAMSUNGSAMSUNG



Lights Off, Stars On

Santorini is a small but very lively island in Greece, but for one hour mostly everything was quit. There was a power outage on the whole island. Before the power outage came, we were all sitting in a restaurant next to the beautiful beach. After dinner, my best friend and I went back to small Greek hotel because it is boring to sit with you ‘old’ parents who talk all the time about politics or economy.

I w as in the room and suddenly everything was dark. At first, the silence and the darkness were really scary, a little bit like a horror movie. I was looking for matches to light a candle and sat down on the balcony. When I looked up into the sky, I saw something amazing. The atmosphere of the silence and the amount of stars which you could see then was incredible. Somehow the mood was really relaxing.

At the same time, our parents were still sitting in the restaurant eating a dessert. When the lights went off, the waiter had a little heart attack, but they found a solution. Every table had some candles. That is how a normal dinner turned into a romantic candlelight dinner next to the cosy beach.

However, for us the funniest situation was my best friend. He was also in the hotel room, but  he was on the toilet when the lights went off. For him, sitting in a completely dark bathroom was not funny at all. He kept asking because he was thinking that somebody went into the room. The problem was, nobody  answered, since there was nobody who could answer. I can imagine that he was a little bit scared. Wouldn’t you be a bit anxious?

At the end of the power cut we sat together in the hotel yard watching the amazing sky. After one hour, the lights came back and at the same time it felt like somebody putt out the light of the stars and put the volume of all sounds back to loud.

Fiona Witz

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”O Sole Mio”

Venice is one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world. Venice is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. Venice is heavily touristed city and it has romantic charm remains. Venice is a special place to go and if you have ever think about going there, you should definitely go!

I went to Venice in summer 2011 with my mom and sister. When we arrived in Venice the sun was shining and it was about 100 degrees. Well not really, but it felt like it. Venice was a whole other world. It was like in the movies. I wasn’t expecting such a wonderful place. Venice is built over the water  and there aren’t any streets  to drive on by car.

We went to the harbor and took a gondola ride. An old man with a big mustache rowed us out to the sea and he sang a song called, ”O Sole Mio”. It was like straight from the movie. So romantic and beautiful. People were smiling and listening to him singing. Some people were holding hands under the hot sun and they seemed happy.

I think Venice is one of the most beautiful places were I have ever been in my life. We weren’t so long out there, but it was enough to fall in in love with that place. I want and I will go back some day and you should too! You won’t regret going there.

View from Venice

c Jenni.V

Gondola ride (c) Jenni.V

Jenni Viitasalo

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The Rainy Wall Of China

A few years back I visited my father who lives in Beijing , the capital of China, with my brother and sister. I was really looking forward to the trip since we had lived there when we were younger so it was exiting to the city we lived in after 10 years. Sadly, the trip didn’t start too well since I got sick at the same morning as our flight was leaving. But fortunately I was sick only during the flight and for the first day we were in China.

On our third day in China we went to see The Great Wall Of China. It was only about half an hour drive from my father’s place, but still we wanted to go there as early as possible so we wouldn’t get caught in the morning traffic which is really terrible in Beijing.  As we were driving we saw some dark clouds in the sky coming to our direction and when we arrived to The Wall it started raining. We didn’t mind the rain we just kept walking on The wall and enjoyed the sight but the chinese people seemed to be afraid of the rain. Most of them hurried to cover from the rain and some of them even panicked a little. After a while we had seen enough of the wall so we decided to leave. But the rain had caused many car crashes on the road so the traffic was an absolute disaster. The trip that we earlier drove in half an hour now took us 4 hours just because of a small rain! More than 10 people actually died that day in Beijing because of the small rain which was actually the hardest rain there had been in nearly 60 years.

Raining is getting stronger so people are leaving to get shelter from itDSC_0576

During our time in China we also visited the Forbidden Palace, Tiananmen square and we went to see our old house, neighbourhood and school. We also ate at many local restaurants and went shopping  in a few big malls. Overall it was a great trip and I can’t wait to visit that country again.


Terrified of Lions

The lion came closer to our car. My mom kept taking pictures of this beautiful creature while me and Sabrina were crying. That’s how petrified we were.

It was December when my family and I flew to Kenya to see our relatives and friends. I was really excited about the trip. Seeing my family after many years was something I had waited for a long time. Besides all the fun I had with my relatives there, the trip to the safari was the most memorable.

My uncle, cousin, mom, 2 brothers and I took a car and went to a safari in Nairobi. Before we got in we drove to a huge gate where we paid for getting in. After paying the gate-keeper smiled to us and told us to enjoy the trip.

We drove for a few minutes and I didn’t see anything. My uncle said the animals were hiding in the shadows because it was so hot. After a while we finally saw some giraffes. They were stunning and huge. But we didn’t get so close to them what was a shame.

After the giraffes we saw zebras and some monkeys. But I was waiting to see something else. Something more interesting and dangerous. And it didn’t take a long time before we saw them. Lions. They were absolutely gorgeous. But at the same time terrifying.  There were a few cars watching them too and a few people outside their cars taking pictures which I thought was insane.

The lions were relaxing under a tree. They were beautiful. The male lions were so majestic. Suddenly the biggest male lion stood up and started walking towards us. My cousin and I started panicking. All the lions got up and followed the male. When they started to get closer the men taking pictures of them got in their cars where it was safer. The closer they got the more we started shaking. I was convinced they wanted to eat us. Sabrina, my cousin, and I started crying. We were so terrified. My mom tried to calm us down.

After a while we realized the lions just wanted to cross the road. That’s better than eating us even though how could they get inside a car. Sabrina and I started laughing because we were relieved. We continued the trip and my mom wished to see some hyenas and I was praying that they were hiding somewhere far away from us.

After the lions we didn’t see any animals anymore. I really wanted to see a crocodile but they were good at hiding. I was glad we finally left the Safari. I swore to myself I wouldn’t go there ever again. Too terrifying for me.


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My trip to Nizza

My trip to Nice was very nice. My sister and I traveled to Nice on May 12th 2012. We were there for four days. The trip was more of a shopping holiday than a beach holiday but we sunbathe a lot.The Nice was a really good shopping streets. For example Jean Medecin shopping street. In Nice, there really good food and my sister and I went to every day many times eating out. My favorite food there was lasagna. The French are doing it really well. In Nice, it was really warm and the weather was nice.

I liked shopping the most. Nice had a good selection of shops. My sister and I went shopping every day and we spent so much money. It was expensive there than in Finland and there was some good bargains. My favorite shop in Nice was Pim Kie. There was a really nice and cheap clothes. I found the Nice dress in my confirmation. The Nice also had shopping streets where we even found the cheap. We spent most of time in shops.

We like just hanging out the beach a lot and sunbathing. I liked the most coco beach. It was close to. The flight to Nice did not take long and it went well. The holiday to Nice was the first of my holidays that I went by plane. I remember being really nervous and it was really exciting. I was also really nervous about Nice because it was the first foreign trip for me. The trip to Nice was unforgettable. It was a lot of fun and it was great to spend time with my sister.

Ninni Rantala 1D

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my trip to Thailand

I went to Thailand with my little brother, stepmom and dad. I went there about four years ago. We staid there about four weeks in april. We went there with airplane. The flight took at least ten hours. In the plain i had so boring time. We went in Thailand begause my dad and stepmom had just went to married. My stepmom was born in Thailand and we wanted to see her family. We spend most of the time of our trip in Pattaya and Alania Phatet which is country side of Thailand. We spend olso couple days in Bangkok which is a capital city of Thailand. In holiday we spend lot of time swimming and relaxing in a pool or beach. One sunny and hot day we went to visit on an iland named koh lahn. There was over 50 decegree. We spend nine hours in the koh lahn. Even i purned so badly, it was my favorite day of the holiday. The holiday was awesome because we ate lot of thai-food which was exotic and so spicy. We also went to shopping a lot because there was very cheep. On the flight to home the plain was one hour late because unfortunately one old man died at heartattack after he stept in to plain. That was a sad end of happy holiday.


The first time is always the first time

Last winter I went to Estonia for the first time. I went there with my friends. The trip didn’t seem a good idea at first because the weather was so bad that the ship swung from the one side to the other. One of my friends got seasick and it took a long time before she got better because the ship swung so badly that when we walked inside of the ship we literally took off the floor. That made her feel even worse. Eventually she got the color back on her face and the trip continued.

When we disembarked we went through some shops and the weird thing was that when you bought something and you gave them the money, they just looked at you with a stange look and took the money. And when they gave you the change, they didn’t put them onto your hand. In every shop I went, there was a till on the cash desk where the sellers put the change. I suppose that belongs to their culture and thats why I was a little bit confused because here in Finland sellers put the change onto your hand. It’s fun when you go abroad and you find out some cultural differences even if they were little things, like mine.

The first time is always the first time so it’s hard to avoid obscurity. The trip went well despite the seasickness and some confusing moments at the cash desk.


Alone in Rhodes

EUROPE___MEDITERRANEAN_GREECE_RHODES_DES_000923__IXIAWithout a friend, we (my family and my sisters friend) arrived at the hotel. I was a bit sad for asking my friend too late to join me but I was still enthusiastically waiting for good food and sunbathing. At the hotel at first I tried the pool. I was a little disappointed in it because it was kinda cold always at first when you jumped in.

But enough of the bad stuff and lets hear the excitement. Every morning we got up early to go to the beach. There was always so much fun because there was this boat which pulled different shapes of air mattresses behind it. There were bananas there in which you could fit about 8 people, and then there were normal swimming rings. They were really extreme and I liked them.

There was also this water park we went to which had some sick slides. But I am still annoyed that I forgot to go to this water trampoline, but we did go to different free falls and other water slides and this insane half-pipe. I had a really great time in there because I was so young, but now it wouldn’t be that stupendous.company-images_water_park_faliraki7 water_park_4_mod_small

Back in the hotel there was this bar next to it where you could have drinks, ice cream and some food. I loved the strawberry ice cream and I miss it so bad. I ate like two of those in a day. But overall my trip was not that great. Without a friend it was most of the time boring. But I did manage to do something. I read the six hundred page Harry Potter and the half-blooded prince in two weeks which is my personal record.


My trip to Paris!

It was ordinary weekday when I got call from my granny. She told me that next summer we are going to France, Paris. I was so happy when I hear it.

So when the day arrived, we went to the airport and took a flight in Paris! After a long day we went to our hotel and we left our bags there. We all were so hungry, so we decided to go eat in Bistro. For the next five days we went to see all of Paris’s most famous attractions. Including Notre Dame Cathedral, Triumphal arch, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Seine and many other place. But the Eiffel Tower was the best. It was so big and wonderful that I couldn’t even comprise, how they have been able to do something so big so long time ago. We climbed up to the top and it was so scary, because I’m a little afraid of heights. But it was so cool! You can almost see the whole Paris from there.

Shopping there was great! So many stores and so many clothes to choose from, so one day went shopping. I found all kind of wonderful things. We also went to see the Mona Lisa in the  museum Louvre. I had always thought that the Mona Lisa would be a very big, but i was wrong it’s actually really small. And i loved the food in there. It was so delicious. I loved the city so much it’s wonderful place and I want to go back there! I think that the dictum ” See Paris and die” hold true 😉

The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower


Down under


Me, my brother and father went to Australia few years ago. We were there for 3 weeks and we had a lot of fun. If I had a chance, I would go there again.

The flight to Australia was really boring, because the flight took over 24 hours and I couldn’t sleep at all. Only good thing about the flight was the airplpane whitch had 3 levels in it and tv:s on every seat.

Those 3 weeks that we spent in Australia felt like 3 days, because there were always something to do. We surfed, played football, skubadived, played cricket, went to zoo and to the rainforest. I saw and did so much things that I had never seen or done before. We surfed and played cricket almost every day and I just loved that. Australians are really good at cricket and when we were there Australia won crickets world cup. The zoo we visited was huge and I saw there lots and lots of alligators, kangaroos, koalas, snakes and lots of other animals. Before we went to Australia I thaught that surfing is going to be really hard, but actually it was easy and fun.

Alfter all my trip was fantastic!


My accident in the Åland Islands

When I was eight years old, we went to the Åland Islands with my family. We went there by ship and because it was my first time travelling by ship, I thought it was really exciting.

When we arrived in the Åland Islands, I fell down the stairs and my wrist fractured. It hurt a lot ! We went to the medical center, and I was terrifying of what would happen next. At first I cried just because the doctor was so scary and strange, but in the end I realized that he just wanted to help me, and he turned out to be a nice and friendly man. Luckily my wrist healed quickly, and it didn’t ruin our little vacation.

Anyway, the scenery was beautiful, food was good and so on. Later I found out that the people were really friendly. I was confused, when I grasped, that Finnish is spoken there. I also thought that the Åland Islands belonged to Sweden, but I was wrong. I was still in my home country.


My other life

Every summer I spend two months in Israel with my relatives. My relatives live near to Nazareth in the village called Bueina-Nujeidat. It’s in Israel but there are only muslims in that village. The village is some kind of valley.

Last summer in 2012 i was there with my family and my friend. The weather there was very hot like every summer. We have a house there but we like more to spend time at my uncle’s house.

We shopped and swam there a lot. And of course we ate a lot of their amazing and delicious food.

There were many weddings where we were.

Beautiful weddings (:(c) Iman Nujeidat

Beautiful weddings 🙂
(c) Iman Nujeidat

Last two weeks we were fasting there because of Ramadan. It’s a month when Muslims fast. We didn’t eat or drink from sunrise until sunset. After that we ate all together.

I spent almost every summer in Israel and I’ll never be bored of going there again and again.

Bueina-Nujeidat(c) Iman Nujeidat

(c) Iman Nujeidat


My second home

When I first visit in Saaremaa, I was 5  years old. I don’t remember that time, because I was so little, but I remember all about my last visiting in Saaremaa.
I went to Saaremaa with my family and also our dogs were with us. We have about four-our trip to make so I have to wake up early. First we went on board to Tallinn. I was so tired , but I thought that I could sleep on car , when we were driving from Tallinn to Virtsu. I always sleep on car . We arrived late at the evening to  my grandparents place ,  so I went to sleep.

Next day we went to Kuressaare to shopping and eating  one of my favorite restaurant Veski. The Veski is old windmill and when you go there , you can smell the old wood and you can imagine what  the windmill looks at the inside , when it’s still running . It’s like you can go back the good old times , where there’s no electrifies or anything  else , that would be helping all that hard work . The Veski is very a unique  restaurant , so if you go to Saaremaa , you should go there and have amazing experience , like I have .


even it’s not running , it’s still remembers us about the good old times .

And after we had eaten we were continue shopping  and also we went to see some famous sights. We went to see the old castle. The castle is so interesting and if the walls could speak they would tell us all about kings and battles.So I call Saaremaa my second home because I love the place , were my grandparents lives and also the culture . When I`m there I get far from the terrible rush and the city noise. Its the place where I can relax and enjoy the beautiful view to the sea.

Suur Tõll

Suur Tõll and his wife Piret caries the catch .

Saaremaa is beautiful island which has very one legends  and when you are heard them you just see the  effects.

Old but still I think that every time when I see it , it ells me hall new story.

Old but still I think that every time when I see it , it tells me whole new story.

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The United Arab Emirates: Dubai

 I will never forget my trip to Dubai which is located in the United Arab Emirates.
i went Dubai when I was 14 years od. It was my second time out there, but on the first trip to Dubai, I was still a baby. When we traveled to Dubai, my expectations were high, But Dubai was a great place, better than I thought.
Mom, Dad and my three brothers were with me in Dubai.
Hotel rooms were really fantastic. It’s very luxurious and modern. My bed was big and super soft.
The buildings in Dubai were awesome. Burj al-arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world.
The world’s third largest shopping center in Dubai, it’s a huge and very modern building. The shopping center is very weird, because skiing center is on the mall. Outside was +35 degrees and inside could seen snow. I was skied with my family in shoppig center. It cheered my day because the outdoors was really hot.
When we walked in the city, I saw the Burj khalifa. It’s tallest building in the world. Dubai is great place, because everywhere you looked you would see something luxurious.
One memory in the dubai is it when one day we were cruiding in the sand dunes, it was great! We had a guide with us and he drove the car.
One beatiful day me and my family going to water park. The water park lie next to hotel Burj al-arab. The Water park were very special and this place was fantastic. I remember how the water slides were much better than anywhere else ive been. On the water park, I drank first time coconut milk, I don’t like it. The coconut milk taste was very strange.

Burj Khalifa, world tallest building

Burj Khalifa, world tallest building

Burj a-arab.

Burj a-arab.


Munich – my unexpected love

A few years ago me, my father, uncle and grandparents went to Germany to Munich. The trip was a birthday present for my grandfather, who was turning seventy. The idea of the trip was to go see the Alps because my grandfather had always wanted to go there. When I first heard that we were going to Germany, I wasn’t excited at all, I had very big doubts about Germany. But the feeling that I got when I step out of the plane was amazing. My doubts were immediately gone. The airport was so big compared to our airport in Helsinki, and it was full of people from different countries.

Our hotel was downtown, it was really easy for us to go from one place to another because everything was so close to us. It was also good because we only stayed in Germany for three and a half days so we didn’t have much time.

Next morning we woke up early, had breakfast and took taxi to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. When we came to the village the view was breathtaking. The Alps were huge and so beautiful! The taxi didn’t take us further so we had to switch to a train. The train took us higher. It was so scary but at the same time really awesome when the little train went through the mountains.

We finally got on top of the mountains now we only had to go to this weird elevator, which took us to the highest point of Germany. And again the view was so beautiful. We could see to Italy and to Switzerland from there. My grandfather was so excited and happy to be there. So we stayed there for awhile, drank coffee and then went back down.

The rest of the day i spent shopping with my grandmother. This was one reason why I fell in love with Munich, the shopping opportunities were great. There were so many cool shops that we don’t have in Finland. I also fell in love with food.
The trip was awesome in every way and I hope that someday I can go back there.


My paradise in Rhodes

I was last summer holiday in Rhodes. I was there two weeks and I had to woke up at seven o´clock every day, because I wanted to see more of the day.

The weather was perfect on all days of my holiday. I did swam in the sea. The water was so warm and clear that the bottom of the sea could be seen even in deep water. I saw beautiful fish and jellyfish, in the water.

Rhodes is a mountainous island. Mining mentions made big impression on me mountain on top of a church to the top of the mountain led staircase of three hundred steps. From the top of the hill with beautiful panorama. Turquoise sea shone in the sun.

During my time at Rhodes, I received charge vitality, health and energy. I don´t regret a single day that I traveled to Rhodes.

Wonderful day!(c) Katja Turiseva

Wonderful day!
(c) Katja Turiseva



I went to Dubai with my family last winter holiday. We stayed at my old best friends family who we went to visit after five years when they moved there from Finland. We were there for a week and that trip was one of those experiences i will never forget.

Dubai is an amazing place with such a different culture that what we are used to! If you have a boy/girlfriend you are not allowed to kiss, hug or even walk hand in hand in public places. If you do, you might go to jail for that. Alcohol is also forbidden in public places. Even in restaurants they don’t serve alcohol. People there are also very rich. Everyone drives around in Ferraris, Mazeratis or even Bentleys. Women usually have a very big jeep or something like that.

Dubai-2012 1369

an info plaque outside of the Dubai Mall

My friend lives in a huge building on the 31st floor. You can imagine how cool the view was from there. From one window you could see the sea and the palm-tree-shaped island and from the other window you could see the huge skyscarpers. And it was only about 20o meters to the beach. We went to see the worlds most luxurious and expensive hotel Burj Al Arab. Although we couldn’t go in even 100 meters near it was so cool to stand there and stare at the hotel. The hotel has seven stars! We also went to the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. We were on the 124th floor standing on the balcony. It was very scary but the view was breathtaking. We also went on a desert safari ride, and it was really crazy! We went to the desert in big jeeps with a professional driver, of course. He gave us a really cool and scary ride on the sand dunes. We were in the desert all day driving around and of course sometimes we stopped so that no one would throw up or anything. In the evening they took us to a desert party where there was dancing and food. We ate there and got the opportunety to ride a camel. i really liked that day! We also went to a waterpark which was on the Palm Island and, by the way, I love waterparks! There were such big waterslides there and everything. On the second last day we went to shopping to the Dubai Mall. That was my favourite day. That mall was so big that i can’t even describe it! There were all the best stores and there were an ice rink inside of the mall. There was also a fashion avenue where all the very expensive stores were.

Dubai 2012 045

The view from the window.

Dubai 2012 043

View from another window. And the Palm Island.

Dubai 2012 186

The Burj Al Arab hotel.

Dubai-2012 354

View from the 124th floor.

Dubai-2012 482

Burj Khalifa

Dubai 2012 393

Driving in the desert.

Dubai-2012 051

The waterpark hotel from outside. (that was on the Palm Island)

Dubai-2012 1378

Oh, and the weather in Dubai is always warm or very hot. In the summer, the temperature can go over 40 degrees! When we were there, the temperature was between 25-30 degrees.

Dubai-2012 1415

Sunny view from the beach to the apartments. One of those were the building where we stayed!

Dubai-2012 1456

Me and my friend at the beach.

This trip was the best! Dubai is an awesome place and I would go back there any second if I get the chance.

Dubai-2012 1551


The Africa experience

It was getting dark. We had just landed on the surface with a small airplane, which we took to fly from Cape Town to Madikwe River Lodge in the african safari. We got to our final destination with a jeep that the Reserve’s staff had come with to pick us up and take us to the beautiful Madikwe River Lodge.

A picture from the entrance of the reserve.

A picture from the entrance of the reserve.

We stayed there 7 days waking up at 5am every morning to go see the wilderness and beautiful animals of the african safari, which was the best time as that’s when the animals are on the move and on sight. We saw lions, hyenas, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, and we even got to pat a cheetah!

Here's a picture of a cheetah from South Africa.

Here’s a picture of a cheetah from South Africa.

After being those 7 days at the safari, we moved to the capital city of Africa: Cape Town. We stayed there another one and half weeks to enjoy the rest of our christmas holiday. We took the cableway to the top of the Table Mountain; it is a significant tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top. The view from the top of the Table Mountain has been described as one of the most epic views in South Africa. We walked the way down through a small road after a while enjoying the view and taking pictures. It was horrible for our legs, as it was such a zigzag all the way down, but such a great experience! I would love to visit the safari again and spend even more time in maybe different parts of Africa as there’s still a lot to learn about the culture and the people!

The view to Cape Town from Table Mountain

The view to Cape Town from Table Mountain

By Alexi Mäkijärvi


A piece of my heart

I’ve always liked Stockholm, a lot. There’s something so attractive, and not just all the shops and good-looking boys, there’s something more. Couple years ago me and my family, went there, once again, and after that I’ve wanted to go back over and over again.

Those couple days which we spent in Stockholm, were beautiful, sunny summerdays. Our hotel was lovely, we had 3 separate rooms, thank God,  so my parents got  saved from fights between me and my sisters…

On our first day, we took a ferry to Djurgården, where are located some of the most popular tourist attractions. In the end of the day my face was on many Japanese tourists cameras, because they thought that I was Swedish… Flattering, i guess. So, back to business. Our first destination was Junibacken, Astrid Lindgren’s storyhouse. I was feeling skeptical about that, because I thought I was too old to go to some “childish playground”. I was a 12-year-old and thought I was so adult… But when we went inside, I forgot all my prejudices. That place was full of magic! All of my childhood time favourite characters were there, Peppi Pitkätossu, Vaahteramäen Eemeli, Melukylän lapset… I recommend Junibacken to anyone with little bit of childish, and for all the Astrid Lingren’s storyfans, of course!

After that, we continued to Skansen, to see some animals and enjoy of the beautiful nature. Well, we saw hardly any animals, because it was so warm that almost all of them were sleeping in the shadows, and I was hoping to do the same… At least landscapes were beautiful, and all the old houses very idyllic! We walked there patiently, and there it was finally, our final destination, Gröna Lund! Gröna Lund is popular amusement park, and I guess it was the most expected part of our day. And it was lot of fun! Time flew, night came, and I was happy. So happy.

The next following days we spent by visiting other Stockholm “must-sees”. We visited the Royal castle, and went to Globen, that huge arena, which reminded me of a golf ball! We went there by a tunnelbana, and it was much more cleaner and classier than our metros.  We walked around the old town, and all those cosy little streets and boutiques took my heart. At the center we visited many shops, and got some plastic bags with new clothes. Days passed way too quickly, and soon it was time to come back.

The last morning came, we ate delicious breakfast like all the other mornings, and then we packed our bags and left. I felt sad. I didn’t want to!  On or way to terminal, something funny happened. My shoe broke, the soil went off! We had a little bit hurry, so we started to look around and search some shoe shop…It was almost a mission impossible, there didn’t seemed to be any shops. Then we luckily found a shop, and i got new shoes… so not bad thing at all! Then we rushed to terminal and home run began. My daddy jocked that it was some kind of mark that my shoe broke, it tried to stop me from leaving!

That was the trip when I left a piece of my heart to Stockholm. It’s still there. I still remember how I was looking out of our hotelroom window back then, and how I thought, that some day I’ll come back. With a one-way ticket.


My christmas holiday

Here is a picture of the beach where we went a couple times.

Here is a picture of the beach where we went a couple times.

I visited the Canary Islands last winter. I went there with my friend Sanni and her father Timo. We were there for two weeks. We spent Christmas and New Year at Canary. It was my first Christmas away from Finland. I was very nervous because it was also my first trip without my parents. We left on December 23rd. It was a very cold morning and I was freezing. Our car was broken, so when we got to the airport I didn´t  feel my fingers because I had forgotten my gloves. Otherwise I was dressed very warmly. I had a quilted jacket and a fur hat.


 Our flight was on time and that was a very good thing because I didin´t want to wait any longer to get there. Then we got to the plane. We had our own row. I don´t remember anything about the flight because I slept all the way. I just remember that the captain announced that we had arrived. A few flight attendants laughed because I was still wearing that thick fur hat. I had to wear that all the way  up to the hotel because I had a bet with my stepfather. For sure. the local people thought I was weird.

Here is me and Sanni´s father Timo.

Here is me and Sanni´s father Timo.

We went to the hotel by bus. When we got to the hotel I couldn´t believe my eyes. The hotel was like a palace. There were at least four swimming pools. There was also a minigolf course, tennis court, basketball court and a lot of other activities. There was even a private market. The first thing we did was that we went to the balcony to admire the view. The air smelled of flowers and ocean. My skin felt the sun. I was on cloud nine.

There were parrots on the tree near our balcony.

There were parrots on the tree near our balcony.

Our first day went by lying around at the pool. On the second day we went to the beach. The sand was hot. In the evening we went to a restaurant. The food was very good there. Day three we went to a water park. It was fun there. Day four and five we just stayed at the hotel sun bathing. Day six we went shopping for the first time. There were many shops. It was very cheap there. Day seven we went on a boat trip which took six hours. We saw many fish. That was a nice day. Day eight and nine we were sun bathing  because we wanted to get a good tan. Days ten, eleven and twelve we woke up early and went swimming and shopping. We wondered why everyone called us sweetie. Day thirteen we went to a bigger city and there we went to a restaurant where waiters speaked finnish. Before we went to that restaurant I got a navel piercing. That was scary. But it didn´t hurt at all. The last day was sad because none of us wanted to go home and back Finland. So we had best holiday ever !


Ethereal Drymades

I spent 10 days of my summer in Drymades Beach with my family. We accommodate in Drymades Inn Resorts, which was instead of a big hotel so-called small cottage hotel.

We were tired of a long journey from Kosovo to Drymades. Trip was boring, because there were a lot of mountains along which we had to run. The route was also unsafe.

After we apporicate to the cottage, we went to the restaurant of the hotel, where we ate lunch. After lunch, we went to the beach.I was really surprised, because region was so gorgeous. The beach was so close to the mountains and place was very bright. It was so peaceful and clean. The sea was so lovely light blue and the sand was white, and just the whole beach was full of white stones, that I just thought that I am in heaven. The place was perfect place for a holiday.

When evening arrived we went back to the hotel and get ready for the dinner. Drymade’s summer season hadn’t yet begun so the place was quiet. Drymades is one of the most spectacular holiday destinations in Albanian.

We woke up every day at 7 am and we went to ate breakfast, after which we go to the beach to take sunbathe. I admired every day the wonderful nature and clean water and climate.

Hotel customer service was excellent and the food was also very delicious. The holiday was a great experience and worth it, so I persuade it to all.

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Beerfestival and Bundesliga in Stuttgart

We were in Stuttgart for 4 days on autumn 2012, but our trip basically started over a year earlier. I promised my parents that if i get to Viherlaakso Upper Secondary school we will go to Stuttgart for few days to watch a Bundesligamatch of VfB Stuttgart. Obviously I couldn’t get higher grades. My mother was not that happy but we still went there. YAY!
We woke up early on friday morning and flew to Stuttgart. First there we rented a car and drove to Metzingen. It’s a small city but its internationally known as a factory outlet city. It has giant outlets by Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Adidas, Nike, Puma etc. There are today over 80 outlet stores. It’s all based on the headquarters of Hugo Boss, which was founded in Metzingen. We bought lots of clothes, chocolate and other stuff from there.Metzingen
Next day, on Saturday night we went to Cannstatter wasen which is the second largest beer festival in the world with over 4 million visitors every year, right behind Octoberfest. We had fun there, but its a massive misunderstanding that people only drink beer there. It has many rollercoasters, ferris wheels and stuff like that. It’s basically a giant amusement park with giant beer tents. Cannstatter Wasen
On Sunday night was the Bundesliga match that I had been waiting for. VfB Stuttgart against Bayer Leverkusen in front of 47000 spectators. In German footballculture nearly every team has their own “hardcore” fans called Ultras. Stuttgart Ultras “Commando Cannstatt 1997” were singing chants for their team for the whole 90 minutes. They also used massive flags and drums to maximize the effect. In fact it was so loud, that if you wanted to say something, you had to wait for the halftime. The match was a great experience and ended 2-2.Ultras Stuttgart
On Mondaynight we flew home and were here at 3 at the morning.

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Bienvenue a Paris

I went to Paris with my family October 2012 for four days. I had heard that it is a wonderful and big city where everyone should go to once in their lives. I was really excited because I have always wanted to go there.

When we arrived I realized how big the city was. I didn’t know it was that big. Everywhere there were so many people, both black and white, many many more than in Helsinki. Our hotel was situated near by all the famous places and from our hotel window I could see the famous church called  Sacré Coeur.  On the first day, it was sunny and warm weather and Sacré Coeur looked huge and beautiful in the sunlight.

 A beautiful church Sacré coeur (c) Enja-Riina

A beautiful church Sacré Coeur (c) Enja-Riina

The next day, it was raining and that’s why we went to Louvre, which is an art museum. That place was really big like an airport. I saw Mona Lisa and it was quite a small picture. It took some time before I saw it, by the reason there were many people crowding around in front of the painting. I saw many other paintings and statues too.  After that we headed to Notre Dame. I was a little bit disappointed, because it wasn’t that big and it was repaired… But we met there our family member with her cute daughter who lives something like 80 km away from Paris. We ate delicious French dessert called Creme Bruleé in a nice cafe.

Entry of the Louvre  (c) Enja-Riina

Entry of the Louvre
(c) Enja-Riina

A random painter of inside the Louvre :D (c) Enja-Riina

A random painter inside of the Louvre 😀 (c) Enja-Riina

Our family member’s daughter is only four years old, but she still goes to school, which I think is hard at her age. But in France they don’t have school at Wednesday. I don’t speak French very well but I can understand it more than I speak. Our family member’s daughter doesn’t speak Finnish but she understands it extremely well. It was hilarious to talk with her, because I talked to her Finnish and she answered to me in French, but we understood what we were talking about . We spent the rest of the day with them walking along old and charming streets.

At  our Paris trip we also went to the Eiffel Tower. We climbed on to the second floor and I was a little bit afraid because the stairs were shaking when the lift went up and down. It felt like climbing in to the apartment house with no walls during a little earthquake. When we got up there it was magnificent view and it was windy.

 Eiffel Tower (c) Enja-Riina

Eiffel Tower (c) Enja-Riina

A view from the first floor (c) Enja-Riina

A view from the first floor (c) Enja-Riina

The last days we walked along Champ Elysée in the lovely weather. There were many luxury shops and rich Parisian people who walked around looking very busy. Everybody in Paris looked so stylish and I think they use much more time on themselves than people in Finland. I think we should do the same. All in all it was a great trip indeed  and I highly recommend  everyone to visit in Paris.

Enja-Riina K.


Merhaba from Turkey

The Horizon from an airplane just before landing Antalya airport.

Here is a small report on last summer trip in Alanya, Turkey!

My holiday stared early in the morning at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. It was nice to go Turkey for the tenth time. The flight was comfortable although food wasn’t very good… When I stepped out of the plane I felt warm wind on my face, and that was always on of the highlights of my holidays. The bus waited for us at the parking lot, and a boring trip from Antalya to Alanya started. Our hotel was quite big and the staff was funny and positive. The only problem was the slow elevator…

Many days of my holidays I spent on the pool or Kleopatra’s santle beach. Once we went on boat trip on the Mediterranean Ocean. It was possibility to climb on the cliffs, almost eight meters high and jump down in to the sea. It looked little bit scary

In Alanya, there are such good shopping possibilities and this is good for me, because I really like shopping. The Basar area is full of eccentric shops and many different ethnic restaurants. Going to different restaurants every evenings was one of the best memories of my holiday, because of the excellent food and cosy atmosphere. One of the main reasons for this unique atmosphere is the prayers echoing from the minarets every fourth hour. You can smell olive soap and spices in the air, which creates a special holiday feeling.
On of my most special memories is the Turkish Sauna which is called Hamam. At the Hamam are many different treatments from head to toes.
I  think this is my best holiday place and I can’t wait my next trip to the Alanya next summer.

Sunset seen from hotel balcony

Sunset seen from hotel balcony.

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My trip to London

The first time I went to London was autumn 2010. I went there with my father, stepmother, bigbrother and bigsister. We were there about four days. I fell in love with the city. There were everything you could imagine from city vacation; shopping, delicious food, experiences… List goes on and on… First thing what we did at London was finding our hotel. It was located near by the British Museum. After laying down at the hotel’s king size bed, we went to explore the city. That was the first time I got to see how multicultured place London really was, like a meltingpot. There was a very good chance for me to really get to know London’s food culture. It was amazing! There was chinese, indian food, arabian food and european food, almost everything you can imagine. I got crazy about sushi. It was totally insane! We ate sushi almost every day, at least once a day. It was so delicious!

What I also want to write about London, is the shops and street fashion. There were so many shops where I wanted to stop by. But that wasn’t an option because there were too many of them, and the clock was ticking. When we went to the Oxford Street there was many tourists also, intention to shop. The people at London were super stylish. There were so many different styles. That kind of dressing up I haven’t seen in Finland. Every pedestrian was personal and different.

The second time I went to London, was a year later, 2011. We had to go there again, because last four days were too short. At that time I went there with my father and sister and stepmother. My brother couldn’t come because of school. This time was a little bit different. We didn’t go to the museums. We ate, shopped and went to the O2 Arena, were was Titanic exhibition. It was so interesting and intriguing. Titanic has always been interesting thing for me. It was a shame, that there wasn’t allowed to photograph. But that experience always stays in my mind. In O2 Arena was also different kinds of exhibitions, such as Harry Potter animal-exhibition. There was Hermione’s real cat and Hagrid’s dog from the movies. There were also Harry Potter’s owl. They were so cute! We were amazed when we saw Back to the Future car, DeLorean DMC-12, which was so cool.

O2 Arena.

Photo: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2640178

All in all, expiriences at London has been positive and interesting. I warmly recommend London to all who loves shopping, good food and culture.

London bridge.

photo: http://startle3iv.deviantart.com/art/London-Bridge-Falling-Down-287489148

Lotta K.


London – a place I could live in

I was in London in October, 2011 for a weekend with my sister, father and stepmother. It was my birthday present. I had wanted for a long time to visit London because of the shopping abilities and the famous sights. When I arrived in London the first thing I noticed was that London Heathrow is an enormous airport full of people from different countries. I wanted to see more immediately.
Our hotel was small but cozy. It was an old house with a fitted carpet but it didn’t matter. We were always going somewhere. I visited for the first time in my life Hard Rock Cafe, Burger King and Starbucks. I liked them very much! We were on a bus tour where we saw Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, etc. We also walked to the Green Park, the Hyde Park and China Town where we ate lunch.
The best clothing store in London was Primark. From there we found most of the clothes that we bought. Everything was really cheap. We shopped a lot, especially in those stores that we don’t have in Finland. The department store, Harrods, in London is definitely the most luxurious store I have ever been to.
London is a cozy town where people are very friendly. I loved the atmosphere and that is why I am going to visit London again. London felt like home.

Big Ben, London

Big Ben, London


Sweden, football and something from Australia

I saw fireworks, heard screaming, 48 000 people were jumping around and I felt amazing. I was in the world biggest youth football tournament opening ceremony, in Gothia Cup. It’s held in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was an unforgettable experience, and what made it more exclusive, are my teammates, who are great and that’s one reason why I just loved to be abroad with them.

opening ceremony

Incredible opening ceremony!

     The trip started when we went to Stockholm by boat. The whole boat trip was kind of boring, but when we got to the bus, which took us to Gothenburg, we cheered up, and had a really good time. When I first saw our hotel, I couldn’t stop thinking how small and bad it was. But eventually I realized that it was very cute and cozy. It just kept getting better when we saw these really handsome Australian guys. They were funny and the same age as we so we got to known them well. We’re still talking occasionally on Facebook. Their accent was a little strange so sometimes it was very difficult to understand their speech. However, It’s great to have friends all over the world!

     Gothenburg is awesome city and I love it also because this really big shopping centre, where we used to go almost every day. We weren’t allowed to eat in McDonald’s, because we’re athletes, but we did it anyway, and I can tell that it has never tasted so good, and I think that’s because it was forbidden. Looking back on the trip, I don’t always remember that this glorious trip was a football tournament, because we did so many things not-including football. But of course there are also many wonderful memories of football. One of the best is when we got to the semi-finals and played against the British team. It was so fun and we all enjoyed it, even though it rained all the time. We lost the game but it was a nice experience and if we hadn’t lost the game, we wouldn’t have made it to the disco, which was so cool! To sum up, in the tournament we were third and got bronze. The whole trip was also very successful and I loved being there. If I still played football, Gothia Cup would definitely be the first tournament I would like to go again and again.


Happy bronze medalists after the tournament!


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My great journey in Turkey, Antalya

On September 2011 I went to Turkey with my friend Emilia and her family. I was very exited a few days before leaving there, because  I had never been in Turkey before.

The flight went well and it took about 4 hours. When we arrived to the Antalya’s airport, the heat was over 30 celsius. There was so hot that all of us were sweating when we get to  the bus that took us to our hotel. And the worst thing was, that the air conditioning was very bad in the bus, and the drive took about 2-3 hours. When we finally arrived at the hotel, we checked in to our rooms. The hotel was very clean and nice, the floors were shining and the rooms were pleasent. Also food was very good in there, luckily!

Most of the time we were just sunbathing and swimming in the pool and ocean. The hotel area was more for a small children, so there was not much to do. End of the week we went to Antalya’s city to shop and eat. The view was amazing there! We went to a restaurant where you can see clearly the mountains, and the sunset made them look beautiful.

As a whole, this was relaxing vacation and a great escape from everyday life! Turkey was nice country and people there were kind. I would go there anytime again! The best thing was that we get a great tan and everyone were jealous when we get back home 🙂

Turkki '11 111Turkki '11 209Turkki '11 396





My first trip to Atlantic beach !

Flag of Portugal.

Flag of Portugal.

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever been ! Nature looked like paradise, the food was so good, people were nice and from the Finnish point-of-view every thing was perfect. I went to Lissabon, Portugal into summer of 2011 with my football team.

At lisboa.

We visit at Lissabon.

I just had been in Bulgaria for two weeks which I also liked but Portugal was still a place to my taste. I could move there immediately ! It was the end of June when we traveled there. Of course, there was also midsummer and nature flourished and the was just awesome.

Palm tree.

Big palm tree.

Trees at Lisboa.

Nature was flourishing.

The sun shone everyday and it was at least +25 celsius. The water in the ocean was very clear but cold and it continued as far as the eye could see. The beaches were bright sand and if you walked there without shoes it burned the sole of your feet.


Our nearest beach.

I regret that i never had time eat any traditional portuguese food, I just settled for one euro cheeseburgers at Mc Donald`s and the tournament organizers manufactured food which wasn`t good ! I went to the store everyday with my friends to buy fresh fruit which were  so much better than Finnish fruit.

Mc Donald`s

Our standard eatery, Mc Donald`s.

Disgusting tournament food.

Disgusting tournament food.

Portuguese people were also much more out going than Finnish people. When we were eating, suddenly some random boys just came to sit with us and start talking. I have never met people as social as them in Finland. I made lots of new friends there from Finland and other european countries for example Norway and Poland. I could go back anytime ! That week I spent there is one of the most memorable week in my life !


The holiday in Rovaniemi

Last winter I was in Rovaniemi with my brother and two sisters. We travelled the whole day by car. Even if the trip was long we had very funny! We visited my sister’s home. When she was at school we went and watched different sights for example in Santapark and Santa Claus Village. There were a lot of tourists from Asia. We heard Christmas songs even though it was almost spring! I think that the place wasn’t so nice than I had believed.

The reindeer in Santa Claus Village.

The reindeer in Santa Claus Village.

We visit often in Rovaniemi and, as usual, we went also this time to Kuninkaanlaavu. There are the fantastic landscapes! And there has filmed some movie. I think that it’s nice to photograph and I have got a few wonderful photos. Sometimes we take something to eat and sit by campfire.

In Kuninkaanlaavu.

In Kuninkaanlaavu.

We went also skate almost every day even if it was cold. I didn’t skated because I forgot my skates home. I photographed when my brother and sisters played ice hockey. Before we travelled to home we stopped in Haaparanta to shop.

Rovaniemellä 294

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Beutiful Austria

I woke up to the smell of chocolate.It was my birthday.After my delicious breakfast we left to the beautiful mountain.When we got to the top we so the viengardens wits were full of green and black grapes.It was an magnificent saith and the smell of fresh ear at that moment everything was perfect.In the evening we left with the bus to the town and when we got there was a lot of people.Even the restaurants were full of people.But it was light because of the light outside of the restaurants.People were so nice to me it was weary different from finland.

anyone who would  go there would love it there!

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Just a quick visit, but always in my mind.

Two years ago me and my family went to Spain. But before that we have to land to Germany to Berlin because we have to change our plane. We had four-ours change time so my parents decide we go to the city. They wanted show to and my sister their old home were they had lived twenty years ago. So we tak a bus and go to the city. I was surprised how quickly bus arrived to the city. And I was amazed how green there was. Not just builds ant streets. There was trees and bushes everywhere! Berlin doesn’t seem to be a capital of Germany because of that. My parents were pleasure that nothing hadn’t change. Everything was a same like twenty years ago. Then they joked Germans didn’t like a reforms.

We went to see old home and my parents told us how good the apartment and was how it was well located. But they didn’t like the floor. They said living Germany was very different from in Finland. Actually they liked more living Germany.

After seeing the apartment, we went to lunch. We haven’t to walk very long because we find quickly a out-door restaurant. I might wonder my parents knew that already. We sat to the table where we could see a busy street. I noticed German people have a lot of electronic devices which were new. Even my sisters brand-new computer seemed old-fashioned against Germans computers. And they didn’t afraid to used them.

Second thing what I noticed were German boys. They were hot and cute at the same time. Couple of minutes I actually wanted to stay in Germany because the boys. Finnish boys didn’t look fine after that. After a while the Germans boys disappeared, I think, because we got a heavenly delicious food. My mother just said that even though the food was good, it was a lot of fat and calories. It’s a little depressed about my dream, that I might eat same food at home.

After dinner, we had to leave Berlin and rush back to the airport. We decided that we go again to Berlin again another year with a better time.

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my dream to go mecca ( holysite) one day

Mecca is the place that every muslim have to go once in life. Mecca is a dream for every muslim male and female.

Mecca is located middle-east in Saudi-arabia. there is visit every year four-five million muslim who had come worldwide.  I was interested when I was about 10 year old because I heard always people  spoke that place, but I understood later why people go there was about the religion. muslim people go there because  We muslim believe  GOD  will  wipes our sins when we visit once in Mekka to pilgrimage.

In our family my father was three time pilgrimage in mecca but me and my mother had never been there. my father was there three time because   he was working the   neighbor country in that time and it was easy to perform but me and my mother we was had to chance go there. Our plan is (if God willing ) me and  my mother  we will go next summer there to pilgrimage god.

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My happy family in Iran

I went to Iran last summer without my mother and sister.

For the first time in my life I was traveling alone far away from home. I was so nervous and I couldn’t eat anything at all but after a long flight and waiting it was good to be in my home country.

The feeling was great when I saw my relatives coming to pick me up from the airport. Oh my god! The trip from Teheran to Kurdistan, Sanandaj was so lonf and the heat in the car, almost killed me! The way all the Iranians drive is scary and dangerous and you should wear earplugs becouse of the beeping.

The next morning when I woked up there was nothing to compare to that feeling when you hear the prayer coming from the mosque, the smell of  fresh baked bread, The sound of the people in the streets and grandmother calling you to come and eat breakfest. Traditional breakfest in Iran is fresh baked bread, home made cheese and chai (tea)

My family is the kindest and most hospitable family in the whole city! My grandmother makes the best traditional food . My uncles are blacksmiths and the youngest uncle is working on university.Most of my cousins are studying in university and few of them are still lower level comprihensive school.

Traditions: Every friday night people are going to mosque for friday praying, after that every body is gathering together for a trip to the mountain where they are eating and having good time together.


My trip to Afghanistan :)

I will never forget my trip to Afghanistan. It was awesome. My family and I went to Afghanistan for our summer holiday. We stayed there for almost the month.

Even though i was born in Afghanistan, when i went back everything was new to me. When we first reached our destination, my cousin and uncle met us at the airport and then we went with my uncle by car to my grandma and grandpa’s house.

We did different things everyday.We visited a lot of  my relative`s houses and also we went with my family and friends to the park and to restaurants.We also went to Kabul City Center where we shopped.

My little sister is an animals lover and there was a lot of animals, of witch she liked e.g. horses, goats, sheep, peacocks, parrots and so she took a lot of pictures of them.

In Afghanistan there were many attractions that we visited and the weather was beautiful. I loved it!

All in all it was awesome experience in Afghanistan which i will never forget.


Unforgettable vacation

We recalled with my best friend Sara that summer when we were with her family in Madrid, Spain three years ago.  Then we got to know that we are going there again, this time in Marbella. That was last summer, just one of the first days of summer vacation. Every morning when we woke up there’s waiting for a warm beautiful day. We were able to land on the edge of the swimming pool sunbathing for several hours, but Sara get bored with it very quickly, and she lying under towels  the rest of the time. We changed the views when we were Marbella really quickly, we were there 10 days in five different hotel. At least we don’t had the time to get bored. And of course, we were shopping every day.
That feeling when we have hot and our legs was fire, but we still continue shopping for several hours, but it was all worth it. Most enjoyable of all was walking on the sandy beaches and able to feel the hot sand under feet and between toes, the sound of the sea and a refreshing ice-cold drink in hand. In the evenings we don’t stay up so late  as we tough. Especially I remember one thing on that trip. One evening when we were eating in the restaurant, and we ordered ice cream for dessert. Server accidentally let fall a big heavy glass bowl filled with ice cream, and that all drop on my dress.  Fortunately ice cream left from my dress and the server apologized hard. Experience was that, too. The most boring on the road, of course was departure back to the Finland. But it was really wonderful to get back home, cause I miss my family.  Suitcase was almost empty the way Spain and on arrivals completely filled. Unpleasant memory of homecoming was that  I had bought new shoes on the last day and I put those to return trip. I came home in the middle of the night, I left my new shoes downstairs and I went straight to the bed. When I woke up in the morning my dog was chew off big bit of my new shoes. I was annoyed.

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Skiing trip to Austria

I was skiing in Austria with my family a few years ago. It was awesome and the scenery was spectacular. I have skied almost my whole life, I was only two years old when i first time came down the slopes. This trip was the climax of my skiing career. The ski resort is called Mayrhofen, it is located in Tirol. So the trip began with a flight to Munich, where we rented a car and drove to Tirol. When we arranged to Mayrhofen it was night so we couldn’t see any scenery. But when I woke up early in the morning and opened windows, I saw the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

The most important thing to me in this was skiing. One day we went to glacier. Highest point of the glacier is 3,250 meters, so you could see the whole Alps from there. To get to the highest point you needed to take three different ski lifts.

Mayerhofen has Austria’s steepest slope, it’s called harakiri. Harakiri’s average incline of 78 percent. Of course I took a challenge and ride it! That was crazy, right next to me some skier crashed and he slided all the way to the end of harakiri. My dad bought me t-shirt that says I survived harakiri.

Overall this trip was excellent, I will remember this trip for my entire life time. I would like to go there again. I recommend Mayrhofen as a resort.