The Best Holiday At Thailand!

For me, the best journey was when me and my mom went to Thailand. Before the trip my mom asked me where I wanted to go for my summer holiday and the first place that came to my mind was Thailand. It has always been my dream. Later I heard that my mom had bought the tickets there and she told me that we were going to go there. I felt very happy and excited.

Phuket was so amazing. Just how I had imagined. Obviously we went there by a plane. We had a straight flight to Phuket. I liked everything about the place except, sometimes, the food. The food was usually too spicy and I am not a big fan of spicy food. We always tried to order mild food, but still I somehow always managed to burn my mouth. Our hotel was great. The view from our hotel was priceless. We also went to the zoo. There were so many species that Finland´s zoo doesn´t have, such as elephants, tigers and giraffes. The best part of being there was of course the weather and just chilling out on the beach. It were always very sunny and warm. Overall, the place was very enjoyable. I enjoyed every single minute there and if I had to now choose one place to go to I would go there again.


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Vacation in my homeland

In 2011 i went to visit my grandmother in Somalia. I never went to Somalia or seen my grandmother for real, so I was both nervous and exited. Our plane was going to leave in the evening in about 18.00 O`clock. The last day when we were in Finland  our mother told us to say goodbye to our friends  before we go to the airport so me and my brothers and sisters went say goodbye all to our friends. Of course after that we went to the airport. When we arrived there I got to now that we are going to stop in three whole airports before we  actually get to Somalia. It took us 2 days to get Somalia and after we finally arrived to our final destination I was told that were not in Somalia but we were in a small Country called Djibouti.We were not in Somalia so we got a ride to the Board. Unfortunately when me and my family were on the road we”d have to stop several times to pay to the customs guard to get through.

Finally after we arrived to Somalia me and my family met our dear Grandmother for the first time. The first thing that our grand mother was that she hugged all of us and gave us a big kiss to the four head. After we all got to know grandmother we headed to her huge house with no furniture, she told us that she rent the house just for us and the rest of  the furniture  are coming tomorrow. We spend 3 months in Somalia, it was two weeks before the school is going to start again so we prepaid to leave, after things were ready for us we returned to  back to Finland in time.


A journey full of experience

At 16th of February year 2014 we travelled to Gran Canaria. I wasn`t so excited because we use to travel a lot. Last year I was 5 times abroad. But now to the point. So we went to the airport at 6am in the morning our plane left. We did all the


My “stuff´´i bought from the shopping center.

normal stuff everyone does in the airport, like dispose our baggage and go through security and so on. Well the flight took 6 and a half hours but it went surprisingly fast because i had my best friend Tessa and my dad with me. As we arrived to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we could almost smell the Atlantic ocean. From the Airport we had to take a 30min bus drive to the hotel. It was boiling hot in the bus and there was some little kid feeling sick… Our hotel and especially our hotel room was fabulous we had a sea view, a balcony, a ground balcony, and me and Tessa got our own room. It was great. There was also a gift waiting for us in the hotel room from finnmatkat. We had been in the exact same resort so many times we got a present! Thats wonderful. I will not tell every single thing what happens next because everyone knows how the first day goes. But in this trip we had 3 special days. Well me, Tessa and my dad we got all our own days on witch we got to do our favorite stuff. Of course my Dad paid everything so we could do anything we ever wished! First Tessa`s day: In the morning we woke up and went to breakfast and there Tessa told us what we will do. We went drive water scooters! It was so fun without the exception of my broken nail. After that we stayed at the beach and in the evening we went to a really fancy restaurant. Next day was my dad`s day: My dad took us to the biggest waterpark of the whole island. It was called aqua park. We had a blast! He also went to a fish spa. In the evening we ate at a local steak restaurant. And at last my day.


The beach.

Well at my day we went shopping. I bought so much new stuff. My dad couldn’t be at the mall anymore so he left a bit earlier and left us still to the mall. When me and Tessa got back to the hotel my day wasn’t over yet. In the evening we went to a dinner musical which was fantastic! All the performers were scandinavian. They were singing  and dancing while we ate our gurme dinner. And the rest of the holiday we just laid on the pool and did some activities. It was a great holiday and i got so tanned.

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Camp Nou Experience

In October 2010 one of my life long dreams, to see my favourite football team FC Barcelona play, came true. My family and I were going to Camp Nou! I couldn’t have been more psyched about the trip!

When it was time to leave the rains of Finland and change it to the warmth of Spain, I tried to learn Spanish on the plane because I thought that I would get to know some of the locals. But of course that didn’t happen since I was very shy then. I remember everything being so different there, very big and crowded. I had never been in such a big city before because we had travelled so few times.

In Barcelona we first went to the hotel to check us in, and there we were standing in the reception. My dad tried to explain to the receptionist that we had booked and paid the rooms from this hotel. About half an hour later, it became clear that we, of course, were in the wrong hotel. Tired of the early wake up, we hit the streets of Barcelona to find our real hotel. Thanks dad!

The next day was one of the best of my life. We went to the stadium to collect our tickets to the game and got to know the stadium inside out. We also bought a lot, and I mean really A LOT of stuff from the fanstore near the stadium. In the evening, a couple of hours before the big game, my big brother and I had a pizza at a restaurant. Our fellow Barca fans, who were locals mostly, started chanting and cheering for the team. The atmosphere was incredible even in there.

The game started in the worst possible way when Valencia took the lead, but our team didn’t give up and rose to win 2-1.   With Barca’s captain Carles Puyol heading the winning goal, the crowd went berzerk.I chatted with a local Spanish couple during the game, which was a big achievement for me, since I was shy. But it was good practice for my English skills!

It was the best trip of my life and I will never forget it.

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Phenomenal holiday in Algeria

I was visiting my step-father’s homeland, Algeria on a summer holiday three years ago. Algeria is a big country in Northern Africa, between Egypt and Morocco, and most of the land is covered by Sahara desert.

We went there by plane, first from Finland to Barcelona, and From Barcelona to Alger, which is the capital of Algeria. The trip from Finland to Algeria was long and it made me tired, but after all, it was worth it.

When we arrived at my step-father’s sister’s apartment, I was surprised that the house was so clean and nice. And my step-father’s relatives, they all were absolutely stunning! I had heard that the Algerians are polite and kind people, but the way they treated me, it was just amazing. I had some problems with the language of course, because basically the people in Algeria speak Arabic and French, and I cant speak neither of these.

I really recommend a holiday in Algeria, because the people was so nice and the food was spectacular and the weather so warm and sunny!

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The United States of America

A couple of years ago me and my older brother flew to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We were both very excited because it was our first time flying without parents. We started at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. First we flew to Heathrow in London. After picking up something quick to eat, we took the American airlines and flew to Philadelphia. The flight was very long, but luckily there was a possibility to watch movies and play video games on the plane.

When we arrived in Philadelphia, my aunt and uncle came to pick us up. We drove 2-4 hours to Hershey. Its a small place in Pennsylvania. The next day we bought two seasons passes to Hershey park, which is a big amusement park. We went there almost every day. Our Linnanmäki in Finland is nothing compared to Hershey Park.

We also visited the Hershey chocolate factory. You might have heard of Hershey kisses and Reese`s peanut butter cups. They are made in the Hershey chocolate factory.

The hole trip was an exciting experience for me, and i was very sad to leave after four weeks of fun.

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Goodbye cold Finland, hello warm Greece

The first time when I heard that we’re going to Greece I wasn’t sure will I have that much fun since it was only my family going there and we don’t go on vacations that often. My family includes my brother, mother and a father. But I decided to go.

We left the first day of the 2013 autumn holiday at night if I remember correctly, I was tired as a sloth. when we arrived in Athens we had to get going  right away and change the plane to an island called the Naxos. But when I finally got out of the crowded planes I just felt the nice warm breeze to welcome me to my vacation.
Before we were able to go and fully enjoy our vacation we had to find a hotel to stay on for a couple of days before moving to explore more of the island. We ended up on a fairly good hotel that was right next to a beach and next to the harbor that had all the good restaurants and led roads to best views for landscapes. The smell next to harbor of course smelled fish but because of the sea food restaurant next to it mixed the smell with fried sea food that smelled delicious. The people were really nice and lively so I was always in a good mood.
Landscape of Greek islands different parts are absolutely amazing because of their magnificent mountains, beaches.

only downside that the trip had, was that it wasn’t the time of the year that all the restaurants etc, weren’t open because it was almost winter and the tourist crowds usually were there at summer so lot of restaurant had very limited menus. But overrall the vacation was really succesful,fun and very relaxing.




Once Upon In The Air To Mexico

It was the summer before the last when I made a trip to Mexico with my family. After I had done so much work at school by the time, I really sensed that it was just what I needed. As if it was a reward for hard work. It was a bit exciting to go there, since I had never been on the continent before.

If you think that a flight to Thailand is exhaustingly long, then you’d probably be surprised to be informed, that it takes approximately 14 hours to fly from Finland to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. That means of course that it lightly surpasses the time it takes to Bangkok for about 2-3 long hours. A funny, although in my case annoying thing happened to me during the fourth flight out of total four we had to take to reach the determination, Puerto Vallarta. First a 2 hours long flight to the Heathrow Airport, next up, quite a long flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Dallas, USA. Soon afterwards came the relatively short one to New Mexico. All the time I had to make sure not to fall asleep and wake up, when the plane lands, because my ears always get stuck while high in the air and then it hurts annoyingly afterwards when they start to open up. But after a 10 hours long flight having no problems at all in this regard, it was the last, 1,5 hours long flight when it happened. I can only recall we stepping in the plane, the flight attendant giving the snacks and then it was all black. I fell asleep and woke up  just as the plane touched the surface and my ears kept buzzing till the next day.

It was a fine holiday nevertheless  the ears, though and we had a blast.



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My Boat Trip!

My schools freshmen went to Sweden by ferry. First year boat trip isn’t something the school supports, but it doesn’t forbid it either, it’s like a tradition in every high school or at least in Finland.

The first day was very nice. We ate at the Silja Lines buffet and it was delicious, I mean it. After we ate we had our music and which we played in our rooms. It was like our own party and we invited some of the guys who we knew and were from the other high school. We went to sleep early that we could be cheerful in Sweden.

in the morning, we ate breakfast and arrived in Sweden. In Sweden we wanted to go to a mall center called the Gallery so we had to ask Swedish people for directions. When we asked for the directions, we sometimes asked in Swedish ”Ursäkta, var är Gallery?” and sometimes in English. It was nice to ask in English because I learned something new, but sometimes they really weren’t knew what to say, some guys weren’t really knew how to speak English.. When we got to the Gallery we ate again and bought some clothes. Of course we had to do some shopping!!

After all that, we left the Center and asked for directions back to the terminal, but they all said that it’s too far away and that we had to take a subway, we saw a subway sign and we bought our subway tickets, we went to the subway and left the subway. Then we boarded the ferry and we headed to Finland, our home .

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My Favorite Place

Last summer we decided to went to Spain. I have been there many times, but I still love it. This was my fifth time there and I was very excited to go there.
The morning of our flight was very easy, not such a panic, as always. We packed our last things and went to the airport. Because there was a little extra time after security measures, we decided to eat something. We went to a cafe and the coffee and the food tasted so good!
After the flight we went to our house in Spain and left our staffs there.

A view from our house

A view from our house

I just put my bikini on and went to the beach. Going to the beach is always the first thing every time. The smell of the salty sea and all the Spanish people there, it is just best thing, and it shows me what I really love about this country.
When I was leaving, I saw my old friend Antonio, who has been lived in Finland too. I think we first met in a club. I haven’t seen him for a long time, so I was very thankful to see him. We walked home together and planned to see each other some day in Spain. It’s lovely that someone really remembers you after all those months.
So in vacation I did all things I usually do. I went to shopping Plaza mayor which is large shopping center in Malaga. I saw my friends and Antonio of course. We went to the beach and clubs. And one thing that I don’t usually do, seeing sights. I always think that “yeah, I have seen them all because I have been there so much” but that’s not how it goes. It is very helpful to learn about a new culture. But in Spain, there is no place where you wouldn’t learn it. For example in restaurants all the food is just different and explains so much about the country. My trip was so nice and I hope I will come here back here soon as possible.

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Phuket A Popular Holiday Destination

Last winter me and my family went to Thailand for a two weeks. Our hotel locate in Phuket which is the largest island in Thailand. Phuket is a great place for family. The weather is always nice, lots of beaches nearby your accommodation and Phuket is also a very peaceful place. But when the night comes that peaceful island changes completely different. In Thailand the night live is very important for a local business. In Phuket you don´t have to walk too far to find a good restaurant because there are many different type of restaurants. Local food is excellent and cheap, thai food is suitable for all. You can choose spicy or not spicy. If you get bored laying down on your hotel swimming pool, I say that go to the beach and rent yourself a jet-ski and head to the wawes. When I was in Thailand me and my family wen to a fishing trip which was a pretty cool. Everybody had their own fishing lines an dif you catch a fish you could choose to keep it or locals can cook it for you inside the boat kitchen. Diving is very popular in Thailand. Thailand has lot of great corals. If you are not interested going to the sea, then you can visit in temples. In Phuket you can find one of worlds largest Buddha statue on top of the mountain. In temples you could see some monks praying and if you are a lucky one you can have a blessing for a monk. When you go inside a temple, you must have to take your shoes off. I don´t actually know why, but you have to do it. One of the coolest things in Thailand is are those vehicles called tuk tuk. Coolest thing about them is that the locals like to decorate their own vehicles. So if you are thinking where to spend your next holiday. I would highly recommend Thailand.


Estonia – the wonderland

It was a rainy morning. I woke up ate some breakfast and got ready for the trip. I took the bus to Helsinki and met with my friends in the center. We took the tram from there to Helsinki harbor. We were pretty excited because it was just the three of us.
We went to the check-in and got our tickets. I was surprised to see so many people there on a normal work day.
We boarded the ship and found ourselves a place to rest.
The ferry to Estonia took about 3½ hours but it felt like ages since we didn’t really have anything to do there.
Once we arrived, we went to a local fast food restaurant and ordered ourselves something to fill ourselves up. After that we went to a local store and got some beverages. Once we had done that we just walked around and enjoyed the magnificent country.
It was time to leave. We got aboard and tried to find a place to sit down, but it was pretty full. We searched around for a while but finally found a place to sit down. The journey back to Finland went pretty fast and we arrived at around 6 p.m.
It was a fun journey and I’d recommend visiting Estonia at least once. It’s very cheap too!

A picture of the marketplace.

A picture of the marketplace.

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unforgettable city vacation

My trip to Berlin stared when me and my parents and grandmother took a flight to Germany. I think that flight time is ideal from Helsinki to Berlin. When we arrived in Germany we took a bus and went to the hotel. The hotel was amazing. Hotels breakfast is amazing and the place where was it, it´s just wonderful. It was on the hotel´s top floor and there was a balcony, where you can see the city of Berlins and the view was unbelievable! It was nice to eat breakfast there and the food is also good.
The First day we just took a bus and went sightseeing all around the city. Food in Germany is good. If you ever go to Germany you have to eat pig hoof.

Second day we went to the Berlins Zoo. The zoo was so much bigger than korkeasaari zoo here in Finland and there were many more animals. We toured the whole zoo and I am not kidding when I say we went about three hours to before we had seeing all animals. There were many exotic animals that don’t exist in Finland . It would be nice to see a panda, but the house where the pandas were is was closed before we got there. After the zoo we just hung out in the city and went to a cafe.

Last day we just shopped, ate and wait that are flight would leaves. I have to say that I would visit Berlin again and it is wonderful city. Next time I go there i would like to go watch some football.

This is the images shows a piece of the Berlin wall.

This is the images shows a piece of the Berlin wall where we visiting.


From cold Finland to warm Spain

My trip to awesome Marbella was very fun. It was very hot, about 36°c every day. I almost died because I’m used to being here in cold Finland. My face and my shoulders were so red and they hurt. I burned in the sun, even though I used sun protection. I think, lying in the sun it’s not a good thing to my skin if I do it every day. People there keep out of the sun to avoid skin cancer.

My vacation in Marbella was such an excellent time. My hotel was next to the beach, which means it was so easy go to the beach. When I looked out of the window I saw beautiful sea side. Opposite of the hotel was a lot of a little shops were the locals sold clothes and different kinds of stuff. Tourists always shopping on this area. Me too and i bought some souvenirs.

I had my lovely big sister with me. She is 22-year-old. I’m lucky we were just together on this trip. A whole family would have been too much for me… Me and my sister love seafood, especially shrimps. Seafood and fish are popular in costal areas. One day we went to the seafood restaurant. At first we ate Spanish tapas. The Spanish tapa is a small dish of food served with a drink. Then we order salad with shrimps. We also like very much all kinds of desserts. The people of Spain have created hundreds of unique desserts. For dessert I order flan. It is famous dessert in Spain.

Sun was shining, the weather was sweet and my trip was great.

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Once Upon a Time I Explored France And The Ghettos Of Paris

It was 5 a.m. and my dad was driving like a crazy to the airport. Of course we were the only ones late. We all know what will happen when you push the snooze button several times, and my family is the master of it. At the airport all my classmates started clapping when we arrived and you could see the relief on their faces. After saying goodbye to my parents, we headed to the airplane and the journey began.

The sun hadn’t been shining in Finland for almost a month and we were so delighted to feel the warmth of the sun and actually seeing sunlight. We had a school project with a French school, which was in a city named Strasbourg, so we stayed there for a couple of days, and hung out with our new French friends and explored the city with them. Strasbourg was a small city but very colourful, cosy and beautiful. All the little French-looking restaurants, tiny streets and the river in the middle of city made it all so magical and breathtaking. It was the late night walking that I enjoyed the most after a finger licking good dinner with my closest friends and classmates, and of course free WiFi in our modern hotel.

So far our trip had been going amazingly, and it was time for us to explore Paris, the city of love. Our vibe got killed when we

Me taking a picture of well you know what.

Me taking a picture of well you know what.

saw our hotel, which was in a ghetto, by the way. My friends bed broke down when she placed her handbag on it, and you could hear everything from the first floor to the sixth. The orange juice smelled like piss, but we got to have WiFi and it wasn’t that bad in the end. The old and poorly designed hotel made it all more exciting. We got to see all the sights. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and the famous Mona Lisa. I remember the first time that I saw the Eiffel Tower with one of my closest friend. It felt so special. There it was the famous tower that I had seen in movies. We went to the top of the tower and saw the sun going down. It was icing on the cake to get to share the experience with my friends.

I learned a lot from France. People there are extremely kind and friendly. The food is cheap and delicious. All the sights are worth the money. It truly was one of the greatest trips that I have been on, even though it was only a school trip and lasted a week. Grab your partners hand and head over to France, if you’re looking for a fun and romantic trip! You can have fun as a single too, maybe you’ll find your own Prince charming on the bridge of love locks.

The ghettoness was real though. We had nice late night chats with classmates from the view of our hotel room windows.

The ghettoness of our hotel was real though in Paris. We had nice late night chats with classmates from the view of our hotel room windows.

Some pictures from Strasbourg

Some pictures of Strasbourg

Paris in few pictures.


What A Difference!

My family and I were in Egypt, in Sharm el Sheik five years ago and I still remember it very well. I really liked the hotel we were in. The food was wonderfull and I loved the pools.
Walking out of the hotel was immediately different, because there were street vendors everywhere and they almost forced people to buy their stuff. So I really didn`t like that. But other people and even some of the street vendors were nice. They were very open and talked a lot.

We went on an excursion to Cairo. It was about 15 people including us. We left the hotel at 5 am, by bus. I was very tired but excited too. I had heard stories of some robbers intimitading the bus driver with a gun and robbing everything during the trip in the desert.Well, fortunately that didn`t happen to us.

We stopped to eat a couple of times because the trip was long. I will never forget the cutest kittens I saw there. There were so many of them and I felt sorry for them because they had no home.

When we were heading to Cairo it looked extremely different from the hotel area in Sharm el Sheik. The traffic was quite much the same which was terrible. People drove everywhere. So it was definitely different than in Finland. But the biggest thing that I faced was the climate there. The sky was entirely full of gray pollution . I felt terrible about what it is like there night and day.  I think the main reason for that is that the people have old cars which emit a lot of  carbon dioxide. Only a few people have new cars which are a lot more environmentaly friendly.

To sum up Egypt was different but beautiful in many ways. I hope that they will start taking better care of the environment.

Emilia Kainulainen

 The Pyramids

We went to see the huge pyramids! The weather was wonderfull there.


A Hasty Day in Stockholm

Last summer I visited Stockholm, Sweden with my family. The trip seemed at first quite awful, but in the end it was rather nice. We went on a cruise to Stockholm. The ship left from Helsinki at about five o’clock and arrived in Stockholm in the morning next day.

We slept over night on the ship and in the morning we went to explore the streets of Stockholm. We had only a limited time before our ship was going to leave, so we had to visit places where we wanted to go quite fast. First we walked and explored the Old town of Stockholm, which was boring. After spending too much time in Od town we went to the Vasa Ship Museum. We 19had to stood in line for pretty long time before the line ended up indoors of the museum where we bought our tickets. The Vasa Ship was really big and mighty, and there was interesting information about the ship around the museum.

Then we started to search for a restaurant. We walked and searched around Stockholm, but we couldn’t decide where to go because everybody had their own opinions. Time was running out and we were still searching for a place to eat. Finally we found a vegetarian garden restaurant “Hermans“, which I wasn’t very interested in, but everyone agreed to go in because we also were very hungry. The Food was delicious as it was vegetarian food (though I would rather have eaten kebab or pizza) and the place was amazing. This restaurant was situated at the edge of a cliff and the view from there was spectacular. From there it was possible to see almost all of Stockholm! After we had eaten, we had to run with our full stomachs to the subway. Otherwise we would have missed our ship. Ouch!

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A Journey That Became An Adventure

Years ago I was in Greece alone with my friend. It was scary because our language skills weren’t positive. One day we decided to go somewhere we could sunbathe and to see Greece’s wonderful turquoise water. We were on the bus and there is other people going on a different trip. Then we heard our trip’s name and we went out of the bus. We went to a boat which should get us on the trip that we had come. Suddenly we didn’t see any people wearing bikini like us. We had come to the wrong journey!
We came to an island which was called Symi where was tremendous church there. There was warm outside and we were wearing dresses. We weren’t allowed to go in that church without scarves over our shoulders. The church was very different in comparison to Finland’s churches. The church was really interesting, but then we went to the other side of the island and that changed my whole opinion about Greece. We came to a small village and it was adorable and beautiful. It looked like a place that have only in movies. The houses were on slope. We had two hours to spend in that village and I wanted to be there a five more. I will always want to go back there because it was splendid trip and it didn’t messed up that we went on the wrong journey. I will always remember that amazing trip. One wrong turn can change your day for the good.



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my quick trip to paradise

Last summer my family and I packed our bags and headed our way for sunny Alcudia in Mallorca. We were there for one week and time flew by fast. The whole week was fun and spectacular, but I want to tell you about the one day we went to Cap de Formentor. Cap de Formentor is a mountain range and it forms the eastern end of Mallorca’s Formentor peninsula.

One day my parents decided to rent a car so we could visit Palma and Cap de Formentor. We left our hotel in the morning. It was a beautiful day, the sun shone and there were no clouds in the sky. My dad drove the car up through the hills. The road was small and tortuous. It was scary because we had to drive on the edge of the road. The view was beautiful, I was in seventh heaven. We saw the sea on one side and on the other side there were rocks full of mountain goats. Finally, after a long drive, we arrived at our destination. We were probably at one of the highest points of the Cap de Formentor. I stepped out of the car and I was shocked. It was gorgeous and stunning and the air, was or at least it seemed to be, so much fresher. We visited the Formentor Lighthouse and around it there were herds of mountain goats. I even took a picture with one next to me.

IMG_2033 (2)

View from the Formentor Lighthouse.

After an hour that we had spent there we decided to drive to Palma. On our way down the mountains I spotted a bay where the water was turquoise near the beach. It was breathtaking the water was radiant and splendid. I insisted that we have to go there and so we did. My dad parked the car. From the parking lot we had to walk down the hill and there was a small path there which was full of stones and it didn’t look safe. We walked about one kilometer and the walking was really hard because the path was more like an obstacle course than a path. After the long and tough walk it was refreshing to get into the water and it felt like the water washed everything off me, it was so pure.


The bay where we went swimming.

That place was a paradise for me. I loved every minute of it and I felt that I was on top of the world. One day I will take my own kids there with me.


The Cabin by a Lake

Many of my fondest summer memories are from our summer cottage. It’s a log cabin my family built by hand almost 20 years ago.There are no showers or electricity there and it’s also rather isolated, thus making it the perfect place to go relax and forget all the stress and worries of city life.

Last summer I went there with my mother and two little sisters. The first thing everyone always notices is the smell of the pine trees and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. The air is fresh, pure. Not a factory or even a store for miles. Also, every time I enter the cottage for the first time in the summer, the smell of the wooden walls just feels good.

Every day when we’re there, we go swimming. The lake water is much softer than that of a public swimming pool. I remember this one time when I was 6 or maybe 7 and some family friends of ours came to spend their vacation there with us. My dad, one of the friends and I went fishing. Our friend brought his dog with us and he swam while we stood on a smooth rock. The dog rose up from the water, snuck behind us and  shook the water out of his fur. This of course made the rock wet and my dad and I could see how our friend started to slide on the now very slippery rock towards the lake. He was so concentrated on the fishing that he didn’t realize he was sliding until it was too late, and fell straight into the water.

I didn’t really know what to do, but my dad was laughing his head off until tears came to his eyes. Our friend’s wife wasn’t very pleased with the incident since he had had his phone in his pocket during his dip into the lake.

Nevertheless, everyone who has ever stayed with us there has had a great time. It’s our little piece of paradise on Earth.

The Exterior of the cabin. It’s not too pretty, but it is ours and perfect for us



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An Incredible Vacation In Rome

Country where I visited is Italy. I was in Rome with my grandmother in last ski holiday. Flight there took about 4 hours. So it’s still comfortable travel compared to when I was in Florida. But our Rome trip was great! We saw a lot in there and got to visit a variety of attractions including the Colosseum. Because we were there in February it was quite cold about ten degrees warm. I love Rome and I want definitely go there again. The food there is heavenly! All those pizzas, pastas, mozzarella cheese and steaks! I was in heaven. So every day we woke up and went to breakfast. Then we went to walk around the beautiful city. We ate well and shop a lot. In the end of our journey I was gained weight a lot because of the amazing food. That was our trip. I would definitely go there again.


Italian spagetti with tomato sauce.


A Breeze From Crete

Four years ago we went on family vacation to Platanias, Crete which is one of the Greek Islands.

I can still remember the first breeze that came when I stepped out of the plane. The breeze was warm and full of excitement. The world outside the plane looked amazing and a little bit scary. It was sunny outside and there was a weird little noise that the crickets made. The sun was something amazing, I can still feel the sun burning my skin.
We stayed in a small apartment hotel in the Platanias. The apartment was chilly and quite dark inside. The rooms were small and made of stones. We had our room on the ground floor and luckily, the pool was right next to our patio. It was less than a two meters from our patio to the pool. The pool water was warm in the middle of the day.

We walked to the beach almost every morning. It was a short distance from the hotel. I can still see how we would walk amongst the houses to get to the beach. It was amazing and beautiful, the water was blue and clear. It was wonderful, until you got the water in your eyes. The water was so salty that when you walked out of the water and sited in the sun, you could feel how the water faded away leaving your skin white with salt. The sand was yellow as the sun in the sky and the sand felt like velvet under my feet. At the afternoons the sand would get so heated up by the sun that it was like walking on hot charcoals.

Kreikka 2011 eos 810_Fotor

At midday, the Greek’s had siesta and they stayed at home to escape the heat. We hiked on the hills and explored nature. There are many olive and wine gardens. Otherwise Greek nature was dusty and barren. There are some Rosa dumalis and some remains of old house. On the hills the sun was whipping my back. It was hot but the view was worth it. The view was magnificent I was able to see the ocean and the gardens. I remember that on top of the hill there was this little warm breeze and the smell on ocean.
The days in Greece were warm and full of the sounds that the crickets made and when the sun went down, so did the heat and the crickets with it.

Kreikka 2011 eos 725_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 088_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 053_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 044_Fotor

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an autonomous culture-rich country in the Middle East…

For those who do not know what Kurdistan is, Kurdistan is an autonomous culture-rich country in the Middle East. My family comes from Kurdistan Iraq, but us Kurds call it Kurdistan. Do not start arguing about that with a Kurd… You will lose! Why? Because us Kurds, we are very proud of our heritage, And can proudly call myself a Kurd. My sisters, my mother and I  went to Kurdistan in the summer in 2012. And boy was it hot! As I stepped out of the plane a hot wind slammed my face. ” We´re definitely in Kurdistan,” I thought to myself. After the hot wind slammed my face I immediately smelled gas, since there is so much of it in Kurdistan. I love that smell, as weird as it sounds…

I have to say, it was quite weird going weird going there because I was so used to the Finnish culture. After all, I was born and raised in Finland and needless to say the Middle Eastern culture is quite different from the Finnish culture. The people in Kurdistan are so hospitable! If you are invited to someone´s home for dinner, do not eat anything before that, because they will feed you till you can´t walk… I´m not over-exaggerating. I gained four kilos there!  And i even fasted! Nevertheless I really enjoyed my stay in Kurdistan.

We went up to the mountains by a car at night. My god, the stars in the night sky! it was breathtakingly beautiful. You could see the stars so clearly up there.

We went to my auntie´s summer cottage and camped up next to her house. We just lay on the grass, drank tea and admired the stars all night. In the morning we woke up to this unbelievable smell of the cardamom from the tea. Let me tell you something, that is the life. Although you are up in the mountains so do not be alarmed if a gout comes to you out of the blue.

Needless to say I enjoyed my trip to my homeland and I can´t wait to go back to Kurdistan!

A beautiful river up in the mountains in Kurdistan. (c) Nergs Abubakir


Lovely Barcelona!

It was summer vacation and I went to Barcelona with my mom, sister, one friend and her mom and brother. When we arrived at the airport in Barcelona we bought the bus tickets first and then we retrieve our house key, which was kilometers from the bus stop where we had come from. It was so hot and we were carrying our bags with us all the way. It was hard, but finally we got to the house with the key.
Everyday we moved around by metro. We had two days on the beach, the second day was Sunday and this is a day when almost everyone is on the beach. So it was crowded that day, but we found a good place anyway. The air and sea were so warm and the wind blew conveniently. Every day there was just like that, really warm and no rain. One day we just went shopping for the whole day and went to a big mall, where there were many shops.
Culinary experiences, not counting Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Starbucks, included some Spanish restaurant there was Spanish food there, a good pizza restaurant on the wall and one slightly finer restaurant there is spanish food too there.
The seafront was so beautiful. There were many people, restaurants and sometimes you could hear music. In the evening, the beach looked wonderful because it was twilight and there weren’t any people sunbathing anymore. This was our second time there, so we didn’t visit every tourists attractions this time. The Montjuic’s wonderful huge fountain was worth seeing and definitely in the evening. The show is like a colourful light show in the fountain with popular songs playing. It was amazing.
We walked a lot and just enjoyed ourselves. There were many street performers and street musicians. Barcelona’s main street La Rambla was full of people and commotion, but it isn’t bother us.


Disappointing City

In this blog post i’m going to talk about the negative and positive things in my trip to Naples. My family and I spent one month in the city of Naples back in the summer of 2013. We went into the city with bigger expectations than we should have. I thought of the city as a lovely tourist city. Oh well.

The city was all really dirty, big rats ran around even the rich part of the city. I could only imagine what it was like in the poor part of the city. I can’t forget the smell of the city, it was like spoiled food!

The city itself was a real disaster, luckily we didn’t travel all the way there to see the city, instead we traveled there to see sights like Pompeii and the famous volcano Vesuvius. A warning to people going to visit Vesuvius, you don’t want to go there in the morning because it’s going be hot. Instead go there after about 3pm.

The city was a mess, but the people in the city didn’t behave rudely or anything, mostly just people minding their own business.

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A Wonderful Trip To Gran Canaria Las Palmas

I finally made it to the place that I had dreamed about for a long time. The flight there took about 6 hours. When I stepped out of the plane a warm gust of wind blew in my face and the thermometer showed 26 degrees. The sun was shining and the sky was clear. There were a lot of people at the airport and there were a lot of different languages, Finnish, Spanish, English… An international atmosphere! I had been arrived in Las Palmas.


Hotel Imperial Playa

  The journey continued by bus towards  the hotel. I had chosen a hotel that was called Imperial Playa and was located on the beach of Las Canteras. In from my balcony there was a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. There were a lot of people on the beach, mainly Spanish. Many people sun bathed, some swam and some played football. The sea was reflected by the sail boats and the surfers. The sea smelled great. I was familiar with Spanish food culture and the food was outstanding! I found a restaurant which was called La Cabana Criolla. I have never eaten such a great steak. The place was nice and the waiters were friendly. I must go there again.

Las Canteras beach

I had booked tickets to a football match, UD Las Palmas against Sabadell. The match was played at Estadio Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Stadium. The atmosphere at the stadium was awesome. The home team and the away team`s supporters stood on opposite sides of the stadium. They waved their flags, played drums and encouraged own home teams. Win was important  for the UD Las Palmas because it ensured  access to the first division of the Spanish League which is called La Liga. At first, the visitors took the lead, but later the home team tied the match at 1-1. The atmosphere was exciting. Five minutes before the end of the match, Las Palmas Manuel Canpillo settled the match with a superb goal. The ball hit the goalkeeper`s hand in the upper right corner. The game ended. Las Palmas won the match 2-1 and made it possible to gain access to the La League. Great!

   After the game, Manuel Canpillo gave me an autograph and a photo. Of course I was going to put it in frames. I was missing the great restaurants, friendly and talkative people, the international atmosphere, the sunset, the sea and the warm climate. The trip was far too short!
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On the road in California!

13 152 miles by plane, 1663 miles by car, and 15 nights in California. It was unforgettable trip.

In June 2011, I went to California with my family. It was my second trip to the USA, but I was still really excited because America is like another world. First we flew from Helsinki to New York and then immediately to Los Angeles. We stayed in LA for three nights and we saw Hollywood Boulevard, The Hollywood Sign and Beverly Hills. Then we rented a car and continued our journey to Las Vegas. I have to admit that I didn’t like to travel by car, but after all, I’m glad we did so. I recommend to renting a car because the US is built for cars and the traffic is smooth. We saw a lot more than those who flew for example.

The Hollywood Sign  (c) Veera Vuorimaa

The Hollywood Sign (c) Veera Vuorimaa

We were in Las Vegas for three nigths and it was enough. It is all about the Strip at night time, which was a magnificent sight. Then we continued to San Francisco and stayed there for three nights. San Francisco suprised me and I really liked it. Even tought the weather was what it usually is, people were polite and the city was clean. And what must not be forgotten is the beautiful red bridge called Golden Gate Bridge,wich is one of the bridges which is leading into the city.

The Golden Gate Bridge (c) Veera Vuorimaa

The Golden Gate Bridge (c) Veera Vuorimaa

Las Vegas sign (c) Veera Vuorimaa

Las Vegas sign (c) Veera Vuorimaa

We drove back to LA and we were there for the rest of our time in CA. We went to the beach, shopping, a baseball game and visited Universal Studios. Then it was time to go home. I think that these three cities are worth seeing. They are so different and full of attractions!

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We are sailing across the sea

The year was 2013. We were heading to the airport with my scout group. The whole year we had collected money for a journey to Croatia. We were all seriously excited.

My scout friends are the best people I've ever met

My scout friends are the best people I’ve ever met

The flight went well and we landed safely in Split which is the biggest town of Croatian coast. We took a cab to the harbor where there was a Finnish captain waiting for us to get on board to amazingly big and gorgeous sailboat called the Mustamaija.

The Mustamaija is almost 20 meters long amazing sailboat

The Mustamaija is almost 20 meters long amazing sailboat

We sailed along the Adriatic Sea from island to island, sun was shining, birds were singing and we had a great time.
So this one day, we had just arrived to a beautiful island. Me and my friends lain on board of the Mustamaija and we just talked and listened good music. It was the boys turn to cook us all a meal.
The meal was ready and we all enjoyed it in peace and quiet. I have always been a little clumsy and of course I dropped a plate full food and it all spread along the floor. Everybody laughed at me including myself. I stood up to go get some paper to clean up the mess. It wasn’t such a great idea to walk backwards because the next thing that I noticed was that I had fallen down the skylight window right in to the inside of the sailboat. I got a huge bruise on my thigh and it still hasn’t completely fainted away.
Almost two years has gone by and I still get reminded of this clumsy accident on the Mustamaija.
The moral of this story is to always close the skylight windows when there are clumsy people around.


The crew

The happy crew

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The Great Alps Of Japan

Approximately a year ago I was sitting on an airplane heading to Japan. At first we flew to Nagoya and from there we had  rented a minivan with a driver. I remember being very enthusiastic about the trip because not only was it great to get to travel to Japan, but also we were going to go ski there. It sounds odd, I know, since skiing is not the first thing that comes up when thinking about Japan. Trust me, the slopes there are stunning.


The view from the top of the Alps.


Happily for us, almost every day spent there was a sunny day. The view was greater that I could ever have imagined. We were there for a week and every single day we skied and every single day you saw something new since the Alps are so large. The best day was probably the first day, since everything was so new. You could also see some monkeys there. Yes, you read correctly, there were monkeys on the trees while we were skiing.


A monkey sitting on a tree.

The food was the second best thing there. It was so different compared to Finnish food. The sushi that I ate there was wonderful. The pieces looked tremendous and you really tasted the wasabi. It was way more different there than here in Finland. Last but not least, the craziest thing I did there was eating puffer fish, which is deadly if cutted wrongly. It tasted satisfying, but at the same time it was scary to eat it.


Skiing slope.

To sum up my trip I learned a lot of new things about Japans culture. The Japanese people were very affable, even though many of them did not speak English well. We went to many different restaurants where I learned to eat other Japanese food than just sushi. As a matter of fact I’d love to visit Hakuba some day again.


The Great Food of Greece

It was Christmas. Our family gift was a trip to Greece. The flight was normal. We ate bad food and babies were crying. I was so excited about the trip. I had never been at Greece before. The flight took about four hours and I was tired. First we went to our villa. The villa was big. There were four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large kitchen and a living room. Outside there was a nice big terrace and a swimming pool.

I was excited about Greek food culture. I had heard that it would be good food in Greece. Greek food is diverse. In Greece, we ate a lot of pork, lamb and chicken and also a lot of vegetables. For example, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and olive oil. One of my favorite food in Greece is squid rings. There are also fish and clams. One night we went to a restaurant that was near our villa. The restaurant was the best. I ate food called mussaka. Mussaka includes eggplants and potatoes. The smell of mussaka is awesome. Food also looks great. I would like to there again. When it is summer, my mom will make me Greek food.


The Useless Navigator


In 2010, my mom and I traveled to Italy. We flew to Rome and rented a car at the airport. We were heading to the Alps. For the first time, my mom had brought a navigator with us. We had always navigated with old-school maps, but now we had a modern navigator with us.
  The drive to the Alps had gone well and half-way there our navigator just turned off. We drove to the side of the road and tried to fix it. Usually I am good with electronics but I could not fix it. We did not bring any maps with us and my mom was enraged.
  We kept on going and crossed our fingers that we would find a shop that sells maps. Well, after ten minutes of intense driving we found a blessing in disguise. It was a weird immigrant car shop. We went inside the shop and it smelled like kebab and cigarettes.The owner of the shop was very happy and kind to us. Fortunately they had 20 different maps on the wall.
  The road trip went well after that and we had a blast in the Alps. But what happened to the navigator was a mystery, it never turned on and I have no idea whatsoever where it is now and what happened to it.


My Trip With A Broken Leg

Last summer we went to Mallorca with my two best friends, my parents and my sister. I also had a broken leg, which made things a bit more difficult. I couldn’t swim and it was really hot because it was the middle of July and I also had to walk with the crutches. Despite my broken leg, those two weeks in Mallorca were the best weeks of my life!

The first week we stayed in Cala d’Or, which was a beautiful place. It was small, but there was still a lot to see and do. We saw some beautiful beaches and we could see the harbor from our hotel balcony.

The view from our hotel balcony

The view from our hotel balcony


We ate a lot of good food and we also went to a disco some nights. Trust me, dancing with a broken leg isn’t that easy, but it was a lot of fun! The whole week was great and sunny and we got to know some British and German people.

When the first week was over, we were supposed to take a bus to Palma, but the bus was almost two hours late and I was feeling really sick, so we decided to take a cab there. Palma seemed like a really big and busy town after Cala d’Or. There was so much people and noise, but the city life felt good after a week of relaxation in Cala d’Or. I was able to walk some distances without the crutches in Palma, which made things easier because we did a lot of shopping and other activities there.

The streets of Palma

The streets of Palma

The whole trip was amazing even with my broken leg and I would definitely go back any time!



A special trip


I traveled to Beijing two years ago.I went to Beijing with my family for the Spring Festival. Beijing is the capital of China. It is a famous, old and beautiful city. I like it so much. There is The Great Wall ,The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijng.The Great Wall is very long and high. I walked there for the whole day. There are so many people there.The history of The Great Wall is wonderful ,fantastic and sad. The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square are in the centre of Beijing.The great wall was built between 220-206 by Qing Shihuang. Little of the Great Wall remains.Since then, the Great Wall has been rebuilt on and off.The majority of the existing wall is from The Ming Dynasty.The size of Great Wall is 21196 kilometres.The Forbidden City was famous Chinese place from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.In the Forbidden City,there are some frescoes and caregiving on the wall,they are beautiful.There are so many people in front of the Tiananmen Square. In the festival. There are so many tourists in Beijing.There is a lot of delicious food in Beijing. There are many acrobats in the center. Acrobats often show some wonderful tricks. Many tourists like Chinese food ,because it is so different and delicious.Every food has its own history.Sometimes,there is a lot of special food in the restaurants.For example Baozi.If you go to Beijing during the festival, there would be some special program in the restaurant.For example special magic.If you live in a high building, in the evening you are able to see the beautiful view from the window.And you can see the colourful light.At the afternoon,if you go to the park, you can see some women dance in the playground.Sometimes you can see women take their grandchildren to dance in the playground.They also listen to the music as they dance.They are happy.At firsy I don’t know why they are so happy. i asked one of them. She answered ‘Because dance makes us healthy and we are old and we do not work,we has so much free time and dancing makes us happy.

Beijing is special and different from the other cities of China.Have you traveled there already?


delicious Chinese food

delicious Chinese food

The Tiananmen Square

The Tiananmen Square

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

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The Trip to Turkey That We Almost Missed.

At the beginning of the summer of 2013, my family and I decided to take a trip to the wonderful country of Turkey. It wasn’t going to be our first time there, but last time we visited a different city. We were going to Bodrum, which was basically 50 kilometers from Turkey’s neighboring country Greece.

The flight took off in the evening and before the flight, my parents decided to wait in the sports bar at the airport. At the sports bar we took a couple of drinks, but we didn’t eat anything. We weren’t looking at the clock and also the place was kind of noisy, so my family and I decided to go to the bathroom before the flight. Then we heard the announcement on the airport speakers that said our names and also that it’s the last announcement for the flight!

We ran as fast we could and we barely made it in time! In the plane we just laughed at ourselves! The flight went really good. There wasn’t any trouble on the plane except for some little kid, that was kicking my seat and crying, but everything else was nice!

When we got to the hotel, it was night and very dark. But the next morning when I went outside and looked out of the window, I was stunned by the view! The hotel was on the sea-shore and we were also about 100m above the sea. Also, the weather was as we expected, warm and sunny! The water wasn’t that warm because it was the beginning of the summer and it was a sea. We were at the hotel for a week and then we got home. All in all, Bodrum was a wonderful experience despite our difficulties getting there. We were lucky to have made it and it was all worth it in the end.

The View from the hotel room in Club Blue Dreams, Turkey

The View from the hotel room in Club Blue Dreams, Turkey (C) Casper Walden

View from the beach of Club Blue Dreams in Bodrum, Turkey

View from the beach of Club Blue Dreams in Bodrum, Turkey (C) Casper Walden


ArosCup – Football Tournament In Sweden


Last summer my football team EBK had a football tournament in Våsterås and the trip was ridiculous. Våsterås is located in Sweden and it’s about 100 km from Stockholm. Våsterås is the sixth largest city in Sweden. There are about one hundred thousand residents. Our trip started on Thursday afternoon when we went to Turku by bus. From there we took an evening boat to Stockholm. On the boat our whole team went to the buffet where we ate excellent food and had a good time. When the boat arrived in Stockholm we all were very happy and excited about what the future would hold for us, but we were also quite tired because the boat arrived very early in Stockholm. We had our own bus which followed and transported us wherever we wanted to go. I have never been outside of Stockholm so I was very enthusiastic when our own bus left Stockholm.

Våsterås’s location

The journey to Våsterås took an hour. Våsterås was bigger than I thought. When we arrived in Våsterås we went to the hotel straight away and we lived there for three days. We checked into the hotel and almost immediately we went to the football field because our first match was about to begin. We had six matches during the tournament and we won four of them. We placed seventh in the tournament. We lost our last match 1-0 to Brommapojkarna who come from Stockholm.
ArosCupen logo

ArosCupen logo

Våsterås center was tiny and cozy. There were a few little shopping centers and some fast food restaurants. The culture and the people were like us in Finns. The home trip we went to a huge “shopping paradise” near Stockholm. There were hundreds of outlet stores. Then we had to hurry to catch our evening boat to Turku and get back home. The whole travel was unforgettable and worth the money. We had so much fun there and I recommend Våsterås to everyone who wants some variation. Every player and parent liked Våsterås and the whole trip so I guess we will go somewhere next summer.
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A Unforgettable Trip

Last midsummer, I was Estonia with my mother, father, little brother and my uncle’s family. We had never travelled abroad together, this was a first time. I was so excited about the trip, I could not sleep. The last night before we would travel.

It is the tourism’s day is sunny day. We had breakfast early at home.

My father drove to the Viking Terminal. When we reached. The terminal, I saw a big red steamship stay in the harbor.

We boarded the ship and shortly after it left for Estonia. Less than four hours later  we were in Estonia. My uncle volunteered to be our guide because he has already visited Estonia once. We went to a church it was not open, because that day was a holiday. But from the outside. The church was amazing,I had never seen before.

I don´t know what this church name is.

I don´t know what is this church name.

We still bought some wine and alcohol from the  local shop. It was much cheaper there than in Finaland.

We soon had to go back to the ferry. It was sad because did not have enough time to visit this wonderful and historical country. I regretted having to return to the ferry.

On the ferry, we had a buffet dinner. There were hundreds of delicious dishes, I gawked at the food. After dinner, everyone was very satisfied. We took a little break before leaving the ship. 59After the arrival announcement, everyone crowded into the exit, resulting in poor vantilation and a warm atmosphere.  After the door opened the people flowed out of the ship.

I will never forget this trip, it is an important memory of my family together.                                                        words: 275

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Spanish Experience

Two summers ago we visited Spain for two weeks. The first week we stayed in Barcelona. In Barcelona we had rented an apartment. We had our own swimming pool and our apartment was quite big. The apartment had three rooms and luckily the air conditioning worked well because the weather outside was very warm and sunny. Our apartment was close to a subway station so it didn’t take long to go to downtown.

The food in Barcelona was actually quite good. There were some places I loved and at least one that I didn’t. For example the place I loved was Hard Rock Cafe and then there was one place on a downtown side alley that was awful. I ordered chicken and it was partly raw and it didn’t taste very good. My stepfather ordered some kind of local sausages and I have to say that even seeing it made me sick.

We rented a car in Barcelona and drove to Benidorm. Benidorm had huge skyscrapers, but some of them weren’t completely finished. Our apartment wasn’t very great. It was near the beach and it had a good view, but what it didn’t have was working air conditioner and it was very hot inside the room. The apartment was dirty and there was dust all over the place. You couldn’t sleep at night because it was terribly hot and the upper floor residents had a party and it was extremely noisy. Luckily the owner was kind enough to return our money so we could change the hotel.

The view from our hotel room balcony. (C) Pekka T.

The view from our hotel room balcony. (C) Pekka T.

The beach in Benidorm was huge and there were thousands of tourists and local people. The sand on the beach was extremely hot. You couldn’t walk there without shoes. The sea was crystal blue and very beautiful. There were many bars and shops full of tourists  along the beach. The shops in Benidorm really didn’t have anything worth buying, just tourist junk, but it was fun to see what the local shops were selling.

We also visited a local amusement park called Terra Mitica. It was huge and exciting and there were different theme areas, for example Roman and Greek, where the setting was similar to a Roman or Greek village. I went to several rides. Some of them were really scary. In Finland we don´t have nothing like that. The roller coasters went up and down in such a speed that after a while you felt dizzy.

Amusement Park Terra Mitica near Benidorm. (C) Pekka T.

Amusement Park Terra Mitica near Benidorm. (C) Pekka T.

All in all the trip was good and everybody in my family was happy we went there. For me the best part was laying on the beach drinking soda and taking a swim when it came too hot. I definitely would like to go back to Spain in the future.

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Flashback From Florida

I remember when I was kid and we went to Florida. We usually bought our food at walmarket, a giant American super market. Once when we were there some employee took my hat and asked me if the New York Yankees was my favorite baseball team. I was so scared and I didn’t know what was going on. I panic when the old man took my hat and I asked my brother to help me. After that we wanted to taste the Amarican donut. 

”The dunkin donut.”


We got the hat back and went to our holiday accommodation which we had rented from some strangers. We started to watch a Halloween movie and it was scary for me and that’s why I went bed early and cause I saw nightmares.


We wanted to go to Florida because the Universal Studios was there. There are all the classic rides. Hulk roller coaster and Spiderman roller coaster but I can remember only one thing clearly. There was a policewoman who had a six-pack on her back. The trip was powerful memory to me.


”The map of Universal Studios”



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Two Weeks In A Paradise

In June 2014, i went to Florida with my family for two weeks. It was the best trip of
my life. When we landed in Miami, I was surprised how warm it can be and the warm
gust of wind made it feel even warmer. The weather changed repeatedly from sunny
to rainy,even when it rained the weather was still warm. And as a matter of fact
the weather never went under 30 degree Celsius. But the weather in Finland is not even nearly as good as in Florida.

Kesä 2014 065
The nature there were quite different compared to here in Finland. There
were palm trees everywhere. And in Florida they take care of the nature much more
than here in Finland.

Our rented apartment was perfect. It was big and roomy. In
our backyard we had our own swimming pool. Behind our swimming pool there was a
river and in the river there were alligators. We saw alligators there all the time and it
was amazing.
Kesä 2014 069

In Florida there is so much to see and all kinds of stuff to do. For Example, shopping, swimming and Disney world. We visited in the Universal studios and it was unbelievable. It`s a theme park for Universal movies. If you are going on a trip to Florida, then you have to visit in Universal studio.However the whole trip was breathtaking

.Kesä 2014


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The Bizarre Taxi Driver In Italy

I traveled to Italy last year with my family. We went to Rome, the capital of Italy. It was my first time on an airplane in ten years. I was scared for the flight because I have watched so many airplane accident documentaries and movies. I just thought about all the bad things that could happen during the flight. Nonetheless, it went well.
We stood in front of the airport and waited for the taxi. After 10 or 15 minutes we got a taxi and we could get to our hotel. On the way to the hotel, the taxi driver wanted to tell us about Rome. It was a problem that the taxi driver couldn’t speak English so he used a translation app from his phone. It was quite bad, but we understood each other so it worked well enough.
The car stopped and I looked out of the window. We were not at the hotel. We were at a gas station and the taxi driver was refuelling car. After that we continued the trip to the hotel. I think it was a little bit strange that the taxi driver refueled the car when he had passengers with him. I have never seen something like that in Finland.
The end of the trip went well. The food was excellent and it was gluten-free. We went to see the Colosseum. It was awesome. It was the trip of my life! I really recommend travelling to Italy because it’s a beautiful country with excellent food and kind people.


A Dream House In Finland

A couple of years ago my grandmother got an idea. She would take my brother and I to a road trip to Eastern Finland.

The trip took about a week in total and here is a small summary of it. We went through a quite few places so I’ll just tell you the most memorable one.

We started the trip by taking a train to Nivala where we would see my grandmothers’ sister. Next morning we took a car and drove for the whole day. When we were finally close to our next stop, my grandma got a phone call. The caller was a employee from the company from which we had rented our apartment for the next day. They said that the house they were going to give us had been given to the wrong people by accident. Consequently, they gave us an address to a new house. We had no idea what the apartment would look like and when I first came out of the car I was astonished, the house was enormous.

When we at last got into the house after waiting for the keys, I was amazed. The house is built to be used for parties and such. It had all the necessary things for around ten people to spend the night there comfortably. Even the bathroom had three showers in it. The decoration was very modernistic there was lots of open space and almost everything was white. Too bad we only stayed there for a day.

If I could’ve chosen I would’ve stayed there for the whole vacation.


Boring Surprise Trip

My family and I were on a bus heading to Oulanka National Park with some friends of my mother. I didn’t know any of them and it was really awkward for me. I didn’t even know where we were going to because a friend of my mother who paid the whole trip wanted to keep it as a secret.

The bus drive was a nightmare! It took approximate 13 hours or more to get there. To make the bus drive even better there were some babies crying most of the time and some old people telling lame jokes. The worst part was when our bus just stopped working in middle of nowhere. Don’t worry, it was only -33 degree outside. I was freezing. But after 30minutes we got a new bud and it took only two hours to get there after that.

We spent our time in big cottage which name I can’t remeber. At the cottage, I didn’t know anyone, but I made some friends there. So good that I don’t remember their names anymore!

Nature was really beutiful and there was a lovely silence outside. However there was nothing to do. I spent my time playing board games with strangers and eating, of course.

When we went back home at 4am our bus got stuck on an uphill road because it was so icy. After 20minutes, we got our bus moving again and we went back home. Not such a good trip I’m afraid.


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My trip to fuengirola

I travelled to Fuengirola last Christmash with my friend Niklas. We stayed at a hotel which was very nice. The service and food where great. We stayed there for fifeteen days.

The weather in Fuengirola was very warm and sun was shining. Fuengirola was a beautiful place, but you shouldn´t walk around at night because there are a lot of criminals. At daytime, you don´t have to be worried about the criminals.

We did a lot of things there such as skateboarding which is an awesome extreme sport. There was very good skatepark which was made out of concrete. If you don´t like skateboarding there are other things you can do such as swimming or go to the zoo. Beaches where very beautiful and water was blue and very warm. In the zoo where a lot of rare animals such as white gorilla and Komodo Dragon which was three meter long and weight one hundred and fifty kilograms.

All in all, i loved that place. There were very nice people there and I would go there again.

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Year ago I went to the city of Dubai with my family to celebrate my father’s birthday. I didn’t know anything about the city until I made some resources. Dubai is one of seven emirates in the U.A.E. and is the most bi-polar. In one breath Dubai is a busy metropolis filled with riches, technology, development, palm trees and beauty.

When i was packing up my mum warned me not to take many shorts or tops because there is no use for them. Dubai is a police state that enforces Islamic law. Many people wear the traditional clothing of Abia (females coverings) and Candora( male covering) and also tourist might better to respect this.

First my main interests in Dubai were sun and heat, but you can´t really avoid the shopping culture since malls the size of Reykjavik. We went to one mall that had an ice skating rink and an aquarium in it. This wasn´t just a tank with some goldfish, but entire underwater street with sharks and sting rays in it.

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Crazy traffic in india

I went to India with my brother, mother and father during winter break, February 2008. The flight was exhausting, but as soon as we got there, I was already almost obsessed with seeing  everything and learning new things about the culture.

Right after we stepped out into the airport parking lot, I noticed the huge traffic-difference between India and Finland. It was chaotic! Cars were driving everywhere and people ride bikes among them like crazy. And the cows. Don’t know what to say. It was a shock to see them wandering there free and wild. That is beyond my comprehension, and in Finland that kind of traffic would be unacceptable.

It took me a while to grasp the fact, that you can’t across the street with your eyes shut. Also, those holy cows were one thing I wouldn’t probably get used to.

But don’t think it was all that dangerous, even tough it may sound like it . In busses they, have an extra ‘driver’ on the other side making sure that the driver won’t hit somebody on the road. And because everybody was used to driving like that, there was no panic. You just had to forget the traffic rules and drive with others, even tough I may not consider renting vehicle. Not since I would be a panicked tourist.

The trip was great, and quite funny, because my experiences there were so different than from other holiday! The funniest things came from comparing Indian people’s behaviour to Finnish people’s. As an example, in India you, your brother, mother, sister and father could all travel on the same scooter. Not forgetting the family’s dog and luggage. Once, I saw a man riding the scooter with a little boy, little girl and aquarium! It was something I may never see again. Anyway, I hope you get my point about the Indian traffic. Messy, insane, absurd… Just crazy.

Here’s a few tips I collect to make sure you can drive in India.

1. Understand that India, just like the U.K., has a right hand/left side drive. If you are from the US (or countries in which cars have a left-hand drive), this can be confusing for you.

2. Be careful while driving in any city. India is no exception.

3. Stay alert at all times. In most Indian cities, though there are lanes, people don’t use them and may cut in front of you without warning. Animals or children may come in your way. Whenever your foot is not on the accelerator, it should be resting on the brake.

4. Be aware that it is not uncommon to find drunk drivers after 10 PM, so be extra careful at nights.

5. Learn that a marriage party, minister or religious processions are regular and can hold up traffic. Don’t be shy in taking alternative routes in such situations, like driving on the side unpaved road (if it’s there) or cutting the traffic like others.

Some traffic


Indian buss

Indian buss

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My fantastic trip to Levi

It was last Christmas vacation that I had decided to make a trip with my friend Miko to Levi. Levi is in the NorthWest of Lapland and the idea of the trip was to ski and have as fun as possible. So we started the trip the day after Christmas Eve and we first went with my brother and his friend from Espoo to Tampere. So the train parted from Tampere to Rovaniemi and we had to be there on time with Miko. In Tampere we met Miko’s father Jaakko who was our wise trip leader. As we came to Tampere railwaystation Miko and I were so stoked to get back on skis because in the South there was no sign of snow this Christmas. And finally the train parted for Rovaniemi. So we arrived to Rovaniemi and from there we went on by car to Levi which took us couple of hours. It was ten o’clock in the morning as we arrived to Levi. It was so beautiful that you couldn’t even imagine because the trees were covered with snow and the slopes were just perfect and it’s always so lovely to be there! We started skiing right away on the first day and we kept on skiing for five days straight, just park and powder skiing which we love to do. The feeling that you get when you ski in powder is just amazing because you float on the soft snow and when you make curves in it the snow just dusts. In the park you can do whatever you want on rails and jumps. It’s a freestyle sport so you can do whatever tricks you want whenever you want. We also met other friends of ours and had a great time. It was New Year’s Eve at the time we were there so we also celebrated that holiday with our friends. We had an amazing time and we were so sad to leave Levi and head back to Espoo. We went back by train straight from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. In conclusion the trip was just perfect and unbelievable and the skiing was fantastic.

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Tips to a U.S traveller

The land of dreams. The land of burgers and fatness. The state of sexy lifeguards. The state of sun. What else could it be than U.S. Florida!

Here is some important notes that I made while my four-week visit to my warm host family in Jacksonville.

  • You must have a suv. Two is always better, but just remember that only poor people uses public transport.
  • If you love waiting hours in middle of sunny day – choose Disney World or Universal studios.
  • Remember that everything is bigger in States (even kitchen roll) so remember to order small drink with your burger meal
  • If you want to be healthy forget fast-food. Choose crisps for a snack, you can eat homemade pizza, eat jam with white bread and eat sour cream in every meal you have. Then drink much soda. Then you can just think that God bless America and their expensive health-care system which tells people how to eat healthy.
  • Remember to be afraid of alligators and smarmy boys
  • And wall-to-wall carpets are the only option in your interior
  • self-evident are not self-evident. Remember to turn right if a traffic sing tells you to turn right. And remember that your take-away coffee is hot, specially if the mug says so.
  • Remember to pray out loud before dinner.
  • And don´t say oh my God, that is blasphemy. Just say oh my gosh.

But after all, remember that United States is really amazing country and if you just get the change to go there, grab to it and go to experience something unforgotten. I love United States. I miss Florida. I miss my other family in there.




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Back to Italy

It was last summer in 2013 when I travelled last time. I travelled to Italy, like always, because I’m half Italian, and my family lives there. We live in Perugia, and from Roma it takes almost 2 hours of  travelling by a car.

I love travellng, especially when I travel by plane, because I love the meal that’s served on the airplane. Anyway like I was saying, I went to Italy because my family lives there. I usually go once a year, for 2-4 weeks, and last time, I was there for two weeks.

I’m always happy when I see my dad, sister, grandparents and everybody, but I’m always sad when I leave them. In italy, I do all kinds of things, but mostly I want to get tanned, so I’m always under the sun. I also love Italian food, because the food is like unique and the spices are deliceous! That’s why my family and I go out to eat at restourants and it’s very cheap. Speaking of low prices, I like to go shopping in Italy and buy all kinds of clothes. I always go to swimming pools because it’s definetely one of my favorite things to do, not to mention  the ocean or the beach! It may sound crazy to lay under the sun for 6 hours, but at the of the day, in my opinion, it’s all worth it and fun.

My dad had an own job in Tavernelle, which is a little village in Italy, where I had one of the my best friends of my childhood. So my dad and I wanted to see that little town, and believe it or not, I met him – my best friend from childhood! It was so awesome to see him after such long time and talking about how time flies and how things have gotten different. I look forward to my next trip to Italy.

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Last summer I was in Dubai and let me tell you, it was amazing I had so much fun being there. The people there and I can somehow relate because I wear a scarf and we have the same religion which is very nice compare to Finland not everybody has the same religion but just so you know mine is Islam. And most of all we  almost have the same culture. While being there we stayed at a very nice hotel . The next day, we decided to go to the beach and it´s called Jumeirah Beach Park. It seriously was breath-taking the Place me and my family we wee bit surprised. The weather was perfect, so nice that i didn´t want to leave the Place at all while swimming or sun bathing a random man came to us which was odd. But  he was working at the beach and he asked us if we needed anything on top of that he gave us smoothies because it enclosed in the ticket we bought when we came to the beach.

I forgot to tell you that when you arrive to Dubai you immediately see that nothing in there is little Dubai´s airport is the biggest airport in the world literally, there is almost every designer shop you know. But back to the trip

After the beach we were so tired that we decided to go back to the hotel. The next day we decided to go and see the biggest tower on earth and it´s a hotel also. So we went there and took a lot of pictures I recommend  going there and around the corner there was the biggest shopping mall I have ever seen with my own eyes when we went inside there was an ice skate INSIDE  now that is something and I also recommend to watch the performances there. However the stuff there bis very expensive.

This was one the top trips I´ve ever taken I hope  that one day in your lifetime you will get the chance to go to Dubai.

Burj Khalifa, world tallest building


Turkish People Are Friendly

It was Tuesday and my family and my cousin’s family were leaving to Turkey. It was when we came to the airport, so we all were really tired and sleepy. We ate some breakfast and drank cups of coffee. Then it was time to go trough the security check and chill couple of minutes until our flight leaves. Ten minutes before the takeoff my cousin decides to go into a bathroom and because of that we almost missed our flight but luckily we made it.

We got to Turkey a couple of hours after the takeoff and the first thing we all noticed was that there was hot, like really hot. No one really cared about that but still it was so hot that it was worth mentioning. We took a buss from the airport to get to our hotel. There was a water park right next to our hotel so that was a big plus, I mean who wouldn’t want to go to a water park when it’s like 40 degrees Celcius. 6 days straight we were just laying on the beach and swimming but the last day we wen’t to the city to buy some gifts and stuff for our friends or relatives. All the locals were so friendly there. They smiled and they asked about you and your country and all kinds of things. One guy even played us Finnish national anthem and that was really amusing. Over all it was a good trip. I recommend Turkey for everyone.