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Lights Off, Stars On

Santorini is a small but very lively island in Greece, but for one hour mostly everything was quit. There was a power outage on the whole island. Before the power outage came, we were all sitting in a restaurant next to the beautiful beach. After dinner, my best friend and I went back to small Greek hotel because it is boring to sit with you ‘old’ parents who talk all the time about politics or economy.

I w as in the room and suddenly everything was dark. At first, the silence and the darkness were really scary, a little bit like a horror movie. I was looking for matches to light a candle and sat down on the balcony. When I looked up into the sky, I saw something amazing. The atmosphere of the silence and the amount of stars which you could see then was incredible. Somehow the mood was really relaxing.

At the same time, our parents were still sitting in the restaurant eating a dessert. When the lights went off, the waiter had a little heart attack, but they found a solution. Every table had some candles. That is how a normal dinner turned into a romantic candlelight dinner next to the cosy beach.

However, for us the funniest situation was my best friend. He was also in the hotel room, but  he was on the toilet when the lights went off. For him, sitting in a completely dark bathroom was not funny at all. He kept asking because he was thinking that somebody went into the room. The problem was, nobody  answered, since there was nobody who could answer. I can imagine that he was a little bit scared. Wouldn’t you be a bit anxious?

At the end of the power cut we sat together in the hotel yard watching the amazing sky. After one hour, the lights came back and at the same time it felt like somebody putt out the light of the stars and put the volume of all sounds back to loud.

Fiona Witz

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