Peer evaluation

This blog can be commented by anyone in the world. Students have also been asked to evaluate their peers constructively according to the following criteria:


  • Is the title intriguing?
  • What do you think about the description? Are there any challenging adjectives?
  • Are there any recommendations?
  • Is the structure clear and comprehensible?
  • Has the author used all senses possible?
  • Are there any idiomatic expressions?
  • Is there a gist to the story?
  • Why do you like it / why not? Which details are the best?
  • How could it be developed?
  • Would you like to visit the country or have you visited already? What do you think about the travel destination?

For synonyms, please check the Thesaurus!

Media / Appearance

  • Are there links / videos / pictures? What about captions?
  • Are they relevant?
  • Has the author considered copyrights and used only pictures that he/she is allowed to use?
  • Do you like them and why?


  • Can you spot any mistakes and how could they be fixed?
  • Have the idioms been used correctly?

The teacher will comment the posts according to the same criteria on a scale of satisfactory / good / very good / excellent.


If you opponent has not posted anything by December 20th (COMMENT DEADLINE!), feel free to comment any other post to get your 10 points!

  • Chenchen – Enna-Kaisa
  • Patrik – Viola
  • Janika – Kuura
  • Catina – Miro
  • Pekka – Mikki
  • Vuki – Mikaela
  • Lassi – Juho
  • Ina – Matthias
  • Santeri – Santtu
  • Ida – Casper
  • Qifan – Nikita
  • Emilia – Marko
  • Semi – Jenny
  • Henri – Maria
  • Nina – Anton
  • Sami M. – Ella
  • Daniel – Mikko
  • Veera – Sami S.
  • Otto – Muhamed
  • Morva – Joel
  • Lauri – Arttu
  • Nergs – Jonas
  • Iiba – Joonas
  1. #1 by H. W CHEN on November 1, 2012 - 7:39 am

    Hello, there:

    I’m Hsu-Wan Chen from Taiwan, a graduate school student at National Taiwan Normal University. Currently I’m writing my master thesis which is entitled Applying Social Networking Sites to Teaching and Learning: from Teachers’ Perspective. Right now I’m looking for school teachers to be interviewed with their experiences of using social networking sites for educational purpose. If it is so, I would like to have a skype interview with you. Surely I will send you the interview protocol in advance and the interview will take about 20 minutes. Please feel free to contact me at: I really appreciate for your help!

    Hsu-Wan Chen

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