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The Trip to Turkey That We Almost Missed.

At the beginning of the summer of 2013, my family and I decided to take a trip to the wonderful country of Turkey. It wasn’t going to be our first time there, but last time we visited a different city. We were going to Bodrum, which was basically 50 kilometers from Turkey’s neighboring country Greece.

The flight took off in the evening and before the flight, my parents decided to wait in the sports bar at the airport. At the sports bar we took a couple of drinks, but we didn’t eat anything. We weren’t looking at the clock and also the place was kind of noisy, so my family and I decided to go to the bathroom before the flight. Then we heard the announcement on the airport speakers that said our names and also that it’s the last announcement for the flight!

We ran as fast we could and we barely made it in time! In the plane we just laughed at ourselves! The flight went really good. There wasn’t any trouble on the plane except for some little kid, that was kicking my seat and crying, but everything else was nice!

When we got to the hotel, it was night and very dark. But the next morning when I went outside and looked out of the window, I was stunned by the view! The hotel was on the sea-shore and we were also about 100m above the sea. Also, the weather was as we expected, warm and sunny! The water wasn’t that warm because it was the beginning of the summer and it was a sea. We were at the hotel for a week and then we got home. All in all, Bodrum was a wonderful experience despite our difficulties getting there. We were lucky to have made it and it was all worth it in the end.

The View from the hotel room in Club Blue Dreams, Turkey

The View from the hotel room in Club Blue Dreams, Turkey (C) Casper Walden

View from the beach of Club Blue Dreams in Bodrum, Turkey

View from the beach of Club Blue Dreams in Bodrum, Turkey (C) Casper Walden



Turkish People Are Friendly

It was Tuesday and my family and my cousin’s family were leaving to Turkey. It was when we came to the airport, so we all were really tired and sleepy. We ate some breakfast and drank cups of coffee. Then it was time to go trough the security check and chill couple of minutes until our flight leaves. Ten minutes before the takeoff my cousin decides to go into a bathroom and because of that we almost missed our flight but luckily we made it.

We got to Turkey a couple of hours after the takeoff and the first thing we all noticed was that there was hot, like really hot. No one really cared about that but still it was so hot that it was worth mentioning. We took a buss from the airport to get to our hotel. There was a water park right next to our hotel so that was a big plus, I mean who wouldn’t want to go to a water park when it’s like 40 degrees Celcius. 6 days straight we were just laying on the beach and swimming but the last day we wen’t to the city to buy some gifts and stuff for our friends or relatives. All the locals were so friendly there. They smiled and they asked about you and your country and all kinds of things. One guy even played us Finnish national anthem and that was really amusing. Over all it was a good trip. I recommend Turkey for everyone.


Merhaba from Turkey

The Horizon from an airplane just before landing Antalya airport.

Here is a small report on last summer trip in Alanya, Turkey!

My holiday stared early in the morning at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. It was nice to go Turkey for the tenth time. The flight was comfortable although food wasn’t very good… When I stepped out of the plane I felt warm wind on my face, and that was always on of the highlights of my holidays. The bus waited for us at the parking lot, and a boring trip from Antalya to Alanya started. Our hotel was quite big and the staff was funny and positive. The only problem was the slow elevator…

Many days of my holidays I spent on the pool or Kleopatra’s santle beach. Once we went on boat trip on the Mediterranean Ocean. It was possibility to climb on the cliffs, almost eight meters high and jump down in to the sea. It looked little bit scary

In Alanya, there are such good shopping possibilities and this is good for me, because I really like shopping. The Basar area is full of eccentric shops and many different ethnic restaurants. Going to different restaurants every evenings was one of the best memories of my holiday, because of the excellent food and cosy atmosphere. One of the main reasons for this unique atmosphere is the prayers echoing from the minarets every fourth hour. You can smell olive soap and spices in the air, which creates a special holiday feeling.
On of my most special memories is the Turkish Sauna which is called Hamam. At the Hamam are many different treatments from head to toes.
I  think this is my best holiday place and I can’t wait my next trip to the Alanya next summer.

Sunset seen from hotel balcony

Sunset seen from hotel balcony.

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My great journey in Turkey, Antalya

On September 2011 I went to Turkey with my friend Emilia and her family. I was very exited a few days before leaving there, because  I had never been in Turkey before.

The flight went well and it took about 4 hours. When we arrived to the Antalya’s airport, the heat was over 30 celsius. There was so hot that all of us were sweating when we get to  the bus that took us to our hotel. And the worst thing was, that the air conditioning was very bad in the bus, and the drive took about 2-3 hours. When we finally arrived at the hotel, we checked in to our rooms. The hotel was very clean and nice, the floors were shining and the rooms were pleasent. Also food was very good in there, luckily!

Most of the time we were just sunbathing and swimming in the pool and ocean. The hotel area was more for a small children, so there was not much to do. End of the week we went to Antalya’s city to shop and eat. The view was amazing there! We went to a restaurant where you can see clearly the mountains, and the sunset made them look beautiful.

As a whole, this was relaxing vacation and a great escape from everyday life! Turkey was nice country and people there were kind. I would go there anytime again! The best thing was that we get a great tan and everyone were jealous when we get back home 🙂

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Loving Istanbul!

My father is from Turkey and my mom is from here finland. So almost every year we go to Istanbul to meet our relatives and somewhere south near to the beach for a holiday. I’m going to tell you about my last summer there.

Our flight was at 1 pm from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and the flight took about 3,5 hours. The first thing that showed me that I was entering another world for a month and a half was the heat that hit me straight in my face at the Atatürk Airport when we stepped off the plane, it happens to me every time.

The first week went by getting use to the blazing sun, hanging out with cousins, tasting the food that we were looking forward to and the atmosphere of the busy and crowded streets Istanbul. There are many reasons why I’m impressed by Istanbul, for example the Bosphorus which connects the European and the Asian continents. The Bosphorus Area contains such colorful life especially when the sun sets down. There are many open 24/7 restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, shopping places and small boats by the shore where you can get fresh fried fish which is very delicious. You have to wait for quite a long time in the queue but, believe me, it is really worth it.

Some strange things are that you can see lots of homeless dogs and cats walking around and trying to get some food on the streets. Actually, they are harmless unless you disturb them. And I also noticed that the cars were honking as if they were communicating to each other, which is not even allowed by law in Europe.

We had so much fun and enjoyed every minute there, and after a month, the time to say goodbye arrived. It was so sad to take a look at all those places and people for the last time. It would be a year or more before we would return. Every time we set out in a taxi towards the airport, my aunts throw some water behind us onto the road to wish us a safe trip and in hope to seeing us again very soon, healthy.

Can’t wait to go back there next summer!


Traveling with two fossils

I was really excited when I found out that we are going to Turkey. I didn’t know what was waiting for me, I just tought I would do tanning on the beach, eat good food and swim a lot. Our flight did go well, despite that yucky planefood and that snoaring man in front of me.
When we arrived at the destination I was still super excited. We did go to the lovely beach for a walk in the sunset. The first days, or maybe the first whole week was fun but then I was bored. Still a week and a few days tripped in the same hotel with my mom and grandmother. Just think about it: over two weeks without your friends, telephone (mom would go crazy if I texted to all my friends because  the rent would be so big) and sharing the hotel room with two living fossils, your mother and grandmother.
 I can’t lay on the same sunbed for two weeks. I like to do sports and move from place to place, to learn from different cultures and so on. But my fellows just wanted to chill, and those times we went shopping I had to wait for them when they stopped at every little shop admiring some ugly rag.
I had packed all my stuff three days before leaving, because I wanted home so badly. Our flight home to Finland felt ten times longer that the flight to Turkey, the country of boredom. I tired to sleep in the plane but it was extremely uncomfortable. I even lay on the floor looking for a comfortable position. When we landed at Helsinki-vantaa airport I was relieved. I took all our suitcases myself and almost ran to the car. After 30 long minutes we were home and I was happier that I had been on two weeks.
When I was back home, living my everyday life I started to think about our trip. Did it really be that bad? I did go parasailing, there was good food, cheap clothes and the five stared hotel was cool. I think it was a nice experience, but I wouldn’t go there again. At least not with my mother and grandmother.

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Boiling holiday in Turkey

Last summer I was in Turkey with my good friend Meri and with my dad. It was a relaxing holiday just before high school started. I have been in Turkey two times now and in seven cities, but this was my first time in Marmaris.
Our hotel was really nice and people there were really friendly. They gave us free drinks and fruits, for example. The hotel was near the ocean so we didn’t have long way to go to the beach, but we liked our pool so we spent most of our time there. The other reason why we were at the pool so much was because the weather was really tropical and it felt like we were boiling. 60 degrees everyday! But heat or not we both got a really nice tan!
The first days we were excited about the heat, but it turns out it’s not that fun. Our skin burned, mine even worse than Meri’s and it was hard to to anything but be under water. Everyday we bought ourselves something nice and a couple of times we went night swimming. The water was still very very warm.
We spent the entire last day shopping with my dad. On the last morning, we were happy to go back to Finland where the weather had already become colder.

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Sunshine in Turkey

A few years ago, I went to Turkey with my family. It’s one of my unforgettable holidays and the first time I have visited in Turkey. It was typical Finnish cold weather when we arrived to the airport. Flight to the Turkey was extremely grueling and there was so many people in the plane who were so loud that I couldn’t sleep… Finally we had arrived! The feeling when I step out of the plane was breath-taking. It was remarkably sunny and warm and the sky was cloudless.

We went to the hotel by bus and the sights along the way were spectacular. The buildings and vegetation particular were so massive, we saw also so many different and impressive hotels along the way. It was really cool! When we finally arrived to the hotel the appearance was so attractive and I was so excited that we had finally arrived at the hotel. We step in to the great and mighty hotel and the people inside were very nice and so friendly. The smell inside the hotel was kind of exotic. We took the luggage to our room and we went straight to the beach.

Our hotel poolside, splendid!

The sun was shining and the beach sand was really hot. We swam all day in the sea and in the swimming pools that were gorgeous and admirable. In the evening, we went to dinner and there were so much food that I couldn’t decide what to eat. It was so great and I would say that I have never eaten so many different kind of food. The food was very tasty and spicy but overall it was so delicious!

Turkey beach! Water identical warm but actual salty

I noticed some differences between Finnish people and Turkish people. The Turks are so friendly and very outward-looking. It was funny when we went shopping in town and there was one seller who just came to me and said “Buy this, Buy this”, it was a little annoying, and the seller wasn’t only one who tried to sell some stuff to me. But however Turks are actual kind, helpful and also fun.

One of my holiday’s highlights was when we were hang gliding, it was so awesome! The feeling was so great in the air and the sea was bright blue. We hung in the air at least 15 minutes I would have liked to stay a little longer in the air but however it was really great experience and the landing was furious. My feet touched the sea water, it was really fantastic!  This experience was something I will never forget!

Hang gliding, awesome moment! I recommend this to all if you get the change!

It was time to return to home and it was so hard to leave Turkey because we had so much great time. The warm air, sunny beach and all the delicious food.. I will miss them. Overall it was my best holiday ever and it would be so fun to visit again in Turkey someday!

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The best moments in Turkey !

Turkish Baths


Last summer, I was in Turkey. Marmaris to be exact. The trip was chosen from a Finnish company called Aurinkomatkat, which reserved the hotels as well as the flights. I travelled there with my family in July. We left from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport at 4.30 pm. The aircraft was half an hour late, yet we still arrived in Istanbul on time. We then took a taxi to the city of Marmaris, which is known for its whitesand beaches. It was suprisingly hard to get a taxi to drive us to Marmaris as it is 40 km west from Istanbul and many of the drivers were very hesistant to drive for that long.

Eventually, we found a taxi driver, who agreed to drive us there and after one hour we arrived in the city of Marmaris. The weather was great, not too hot and not too cold. During our one-week stay in Marmaris, there was not a single day that was not sunny and about 30 degrees. Our hotel or resort was called Cactus. Weird name for a hotel, but it was very good.

Our rooms were on the second floor of the building and I was in the same room with my big brother. The resort was close to a paradise: it had two swimming pools, I am a swimmer so water is close to my heart and a kilometre long private whitesand beach. In addition the food was amazing. Our stay was all-inclusive and therefore we ate and drank a lot. Also Turkish food was delicious and I think I must have gained a few pounds during my stay! One day because of naiveness, I bought a shirt, which I thought that would last more than one wash which it did not. Thankfully, it was relatively cheap. However, I learned my lesson not to trust the retailers. And hey! you have to have a Hamam experience, its like Turkish “sauna” wehere men will scrup your skin up and wash your body, and after that the sun will get in to your skin so much better! It made you feel so good afterall and I recommend it. It were fantastic! All in all, the trip was in a any ways perfect. I really enjoyed it and I hope I can go there as soon as possible.

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There was a sun shine, sun shine pretty. I had a good time in place called turkey at the end of my last summer break. Even though my trip is a bit of a blur. It might have something to do with drinks that were part of all inclusive. I am sure that everyone who has been in all inclusive hotel has the same experience but we don’t have to get into that now.

What I remember about trip is the hotel, it was a big one I think it had like the biggest pool in the Mediterranean and it was right next to the sea. I remember crabby mornings when I woke up. And I can tell it wasn’t  pleasant and usually I didn’t even make to breakfast so I had to order roomservice.

After I had got out of my room I went to pool area and it was nice and warm. I also went scuba diving couple of times with my brother and I did other exhilarating activities. Like fighting on top of  flouting banana looking thing or jumping into the pool from a roof. And i got a great souvenier, they are the great looking scars in my back and the great thing about them is that they give me  a lot of street credit.


Girls on tour

My mom and I went to Alanya, Turkey last summer and I’m going to tell you something about our trip!

We had to woke up early and go to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. I was little shocked when we came in, it was full of traffic and it was like 6 am ! After check in we went for coffee before leaving. The airplane was actually nice and the flight went well.

The view from our hotel balcony (c) Martina

We took a taxi to our hotel which was really fancy! The hotel was near the Kleopatra Beach which was super cool, the sand was burning hot, the sea water was salty and the whole beach was beautiful. There was also funny huckster! The first thing I wanted to do was to change into my bikini and get tanned, so I did! The sun was shining, the water was warm but still refreshing, ooh loved it!

(c) Martina

We spent our ”girls week” shopping, worshiping the sun, eating well and just having fun! I miss the burning hot sun, tanned people and the feeling when you are on holiday.

There is also a nice video from the Kleopatra Beach!

(c) Martina