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Spectacular Sousse

I spent my whole summer 2010 in Tunisia. Most of the time of that summer I spent in Sousse, one of the tourist full city. I usually don’t like places that are full of tourists, but this one was kind of different. We drove to Sousse over 3 hours with my mum, his couple of friends and my cousin. After the hours of driving fields changed to city, that mean that we were arrived to our destination! We went directly to our hotel and it was wonderful! Hotels name is Tour Khalef Marhaba Thalasso with spa. I really loved it! It was like from the paradise.

Could you not fall in love with this? 

After we unpacked our stuff we went to the beach. The water was crystal clean and turquoise. All you heard there was laughing and little waves. Sun was burning us as alive, there was almost +45°c degrees! The atmosphere was calm and relaxed. Everybody seemed to have fun. Boys were playing beach ball, kids were playing by water, some were sunbathing. After the sun burned us we went back to the hotel and get ready for the night. In the evening when sun started to hide and wasn’t so warm like in midday we went out. We went to the restaurant pretty close to sea. Sky was dark and there was colorful lights in everywhere. People was talking, music was playing background. And of course food was delicious. We were having so fun, talking and laughing. Atmosphere was indescribable good. Good company, good food, everything was so perfect. Then I felt a little wind what really made me feel alive and lucky having this all good. After eating we went to shopping street and bought some stuffs like clothes and souvenirs. Then we went to snack bar in terrace having some drinks. Adults had a little bit alcohol but me and my cousin ordered smoothie. We was just enjoying our night there and then we went back to our hotel to have a good dreams.

That was one good day among the other.


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