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The United States of America

A couple of years ago me and my older brother flew to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We were both very excited because it was our first time flying without parents. We started at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. First we flew to Heathrow in London. After picking up something quick to eat, we took the American airlines and flew to Philadelphia. The flight was very long, but luckily there was a possibility to watch movies and play video games on the plane.

When we arrived in Philadelphia, my aunt and uncle came to pick us up. We drove 2-4 hours to Hershey. Its a small place in Pennsylvania. The next day we bought two seasons passes to Hershey park, which is a big amusement park. We went there almost every day. Our Linnanmäki in Finland is nothing compared to Hershey Park.

We also visited the Hershey chocolate factory. You might have heard of Hershey kisses and Reese`s peanut butter cups. They are made in the Hershey chocolate factory.

The hole trip was an exciting experience for me, and i was very sad to leave after four weeks of fun.


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On the road in California!

13 152 miles by plane, 1663 miles by car, and 15 nights in California. It was unforgettable trip.

In June 2011, I went to California with my family. It was my second trip to the USA, but I was still really excited because America is like another world. First we flew from Helsinki to New York and then immediately to Los Angeles. We stayed in LA for three nights and we saw Hollywood Boulevard, The Hollywood Sign and Beverly Hills. Then we rented a car and continued our journey to Las Vegas. I have to admit that I didn’t like to travel by car, but after all, I’m glad we did so. I recommend to renting a car because the US is built for cars and the traffic is smooth. We saw a lot more than those who flew for example.

The Hollywood Sign  (c) Veera Vuorimaa

The Hollywood Sign (c) Veera Vuorimaa

We were in Las Vegas for three nigths and it was enough. It is all about the Strip at night time, which was a magnificent sight. Then we continued to San Francisco and stayed there for three nights. San Francisco suprised me and I really liked it. Even tought the weather was what it usually is, people were polite and the city was clean. And what must not be forgotten is the beautiful red bridge called Golden Gate Bridge,wich is one of the bridges which is leading into the city.

The Golden Gate Bridge (c) Veera Vuorimaa

The Golden Gate Bridge (c) Veera Vuorimaa

Las Vegas sign (c) Veera Vuorimaa

Las Vegas sign (c) Veera Vuorimaa

We drove back to LA and we were there for the rest of our time in CA. We went to the beach, shopping, a baseball game and visited Universal Studios. Then it was time to go home. I think that these three cities are worth seeing. They are so different and full of attractions!

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Flashback From Florida

I remember when I was kid and we went to Florida. We usually bought our food at walmarket, a giant American super market. Once when we were there some employee took my hat and asked me if the New York Yankees was my favorite baseball team. I was so scared and I didn’t know what was going on. I panic when the old man took my hat and I asked my brother to help me. After that we wanted to taste the Amarican donut. 

”The dunkin donut.”


We got the hat back and went to our holiday accommodation which we had rented from some strangers. We started to watch a Halloween movie and it was scary for me and that’s why I went bed early and cause I saw nightmares.


We wanted to go to Florida because the Universal Studios was there. There are all the classic rides. Hulk roller coaster and Spiderman roller coaster but I can remember only one thing clearly. There was a policewoman who had a six-pack on her back. The trip was powerful memory to me.


”The map of Universal Studios”



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Two Weeks In A Paradise

In June 2014, i went to Florida with my family for two weeks. It was the best trip of
my life. When we landed in Miami, I was surprised how warm it can be and the warm
gust of wind made it feel even warmer. The weather changed repeatedly from sunny
to rainy,even when it rained the weather was still warm. And as a matter of fact
the weather never went under 30 degree Celsius. But the weather in Finland is not even nearly as good as in Florida.

Kesä 2014 065
The nature there were quite different compared to here in Finland. There
were palm trees everywhere. And in Florida they take care of the nature much more
than here in Finland.

Our rented apartment was perfect. It was big and roomy. In
our backyard we had our own swimming pool. Behind our swimming pool there was a
river and in the river there were alligators. We saw alligators there all the time and it
was amazing.
Kesä 2014 069

In Florida there is so much to see and all kinds of stuff to do. For Example, shopping, swimming and Disney world. We visited in the Universal studios and it was unbelievable. It`s a theme park for Universal movies. If you are going on a trip to Florida, then you have to visit in Universal studio.However the whole trip was breathtaking

.Kesä 2014


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Tips to a U.S traveller

The land of dreams. The land of burgers and fatness. The state of sexy lifeguards. The state of sun. What else could it be than U.S. Florida!

Here is some important notes that I made while my four-week visit to my warm host family in Jacksonville.

  • You must have a suv. Two is always better, but just remember that only poor people uses public transport.
  • If you love waiting hours in middle of sunny day – choose Disney World or Universal studios.
  • Remember that everything is bigger in States (even kitchen roll) so remember to order small drink with your burger meal
  • If you want to be healthy forget fast-food. Choose crisps for a snack, you can eat homemade pizza, eat jam with white bread and eat sour cream in every meal you have. Then drink much soda. Then you can just think that God bless America and their expensive health-care system which tells people how to eat healthy.
  • Remember to be afraid of alligators and smarmy boys
  • And wall-to-wall carpets are the only option in your interior
  • self-evident are not self-evident. Remember to turn right if a traffic sing tells you to turn right. And remember that your take-away coffee is hot, specially if the mug says so.
  • Remember to pray out loud before dinner.
  • And don´t say oh my God, that is blasphemy. Just say oh my gosh.

But after all, remember that United States is really amazing country and if you just get the change to go there, grab to it and go to experience something unforgotten. I love United States. I miss Florida. I miss my other family in there.




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Road trip in The USA

We travelled to The United States of America in summer 2012. Our first destination was Hollywood, Los Angeles, where we stayed one night. On the first night we went to Hollywood Boulevard to see Hollywood Walk of Fame and it stars. On the next morning we left Hollywood to drive to Las Vegas. Las Vegas was awesome and I would like to visit there again! There was so much people and lights etc. We saw city and its lights from a distance, because it was bright spot in the middle of desert. In Las Vegas, we spent three days and with in those days we had good time to walk around the city and see big and beautiful hotels and other buildings in a bright view and a night view.

After that we drove back to Los Angeles where we stayed one week. There we went to shopping, visited Universal Studios, Disney World at Anaheim, see some sports and went to concert. My favourite experience was Universal Studios, because it was amazing to see how movies are made and where they are made. We saw e.g. Jaws, Desperate Housewives, King Kong, Back to the Future and Psycho scenes. In addition to activities we spent a couple of beach days, which were nice.

A week went very quickly and the time came to go to New York City. In NYC we stayed three nights during which time we saw Empire State Building, World Trade Center memorial monuments, 5th avenue and Time Square. There was so much people in the streets and at the sights. That was so amazing city and I want to go back!

Las Vegas (c) Janina Paavilainen

Las Vegas sign (c) Janina Paavilainen

Time Square, NYC (c) Janina Paavilainen

Time Square, NYC (c) Janina Paavilainen

Universal Studios Los Angeles (c) Janina Paavilainen


My visit on Bank atlantic center

My trip to Bank atlantic center begin in December 27th, 2011. There was Florida Panthers game against Toronto Maple Leafs. That was panthers first game after christmas holidays and stadium was full fist time in regular season history. We get seats on top row with toronto fans. Unfortunetly panthers only finnish player Sean Bergenheim was injured after last game against Phoenix Coyotes.

Game himself was really good hockey by Panthers and visitor team Maple Leaf’s was the underdog  right from the start. At the stadium atmosphere was nothing like i been in so far in my life, it just was amazing how people empathize with the game.

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My dream holiday in Miami beach


I will always remember  my second day in Miami. I woke up as usual at 8 o’clock in the morning. The first thing i saw when i opened my eyes was the sun shining throught the curtains of the hotel room. It was amaizing, beautiful sight.

Finally, when i woke up, I did the usual morning things ( I ate, took a shower and changed into my bikini ) I waited for my sister and my best friend to get ready too, but they were, as usual, very slow… I always tried to get them to hurry up, which failed every time…

The morning and the day we spent lying in the sun ( which was very hot, it was almost 45°C everyday there), enjoying the wonderful sights and swimming in the ocean. We had a really great view of the sea ( and when i say great, I mean AMAIZING and EXTREMELY  beautiful view of the sea) from our hotel.

When we had sunbathed enough, we always went to get some snack and coffee from starbucks, which was actually in our hotel ( so cool ! ) It always smelled like of freshy-ground coffee and different cakes there. That smell was unbelievably wonderful, mouth watering ( i don’t even lie ! ) but again back to business. So when we had aguired our snacks from the Starbucks, we went back to our hotel room.

Our hotel room was big and very clean. There were two big beds ( my sister slept alone and i shared a bed with my bestfriend, but we did not care about that.) The room also had big terrace from where you could see lot of palm trees, shops and much more. In fact , if you’ve watched CSI miami as the series theme song is playing in the beginnig, you can see our hotel next to the big orange building.

When we were finished eating, we went shopping at a giant shopping mall. It was bigger than Sello+Jumbo+Stockman+Sokos+Lippulaiva ! I had never seen such a big shopping center…If only I could show you a picture of that…you would not believe your eyes. After many hours of shopping we went to eat, I ate Cesar salad, like my sister and my best friend too. The food was heavenly, so much better than here in Finland ! After food, we walked around a litlle and at the night we returned back to our big and fancy hotel ( It was next to Hilton. haha 😀 )

I think I remember that day so well, because it was the first full day in Miami and it was all so new and amaizing. I recommened the place to all of you !! The city was unforgettable !


Holiday in NYC

This is a little story about my trip to New York, USA.

It was skiing holiday when me, my mother and brother went to America for week. The year was 2009, the same time that Obama took the office of president.

We slept at hotel in New Jersey, near by Manhattan. It was only one path stop and we were at ground zero, so it was quite handy. The holiday last only one week so we didn´t had time to spend. Of course when you are in USA you must go around the places and see every single sightseeing as possible. Okay we saw few of them (example Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ground zero[ex WTC], Central Park), but most of the time we enjoyed to walk and shop at Time square which was bad for our money. Every time when we walked past by some shop it was minus from wallet after all. So I can say everybody who is going to USA: prepare enough money with you!

When the week was over it was bit confusing come back to snowy Finland where all architecture is small and not so high compared to USA.


Vacation in USA

In February 2011, i went to New York with my family for one week.  Unfortunately all the hotels at New York were fully booked, so we had to rent a house at Brooklyn. The house was nice and enough large for seven people. The city of Brooklyn was pretty old-fashioned and looked like a basic american ghetto.  Since we were living at Brooklyn we had to take a train to New York almost everyday and travelling in trains at America isn’t that kind of luxury. Imagine travelling in full loaded train where is no place to sit and with no air conditioning for 30 minutes.

When we first got to the Times Square we all were amazed how huge the place was! All the flashing huge LED screens and the street players and all the shops we could visit, we all were excited and all surprised about how many people there were!

First few days we were just looking around the city and shopping, time went faster than i couldn’t ever thought. At the third day we decided to go take a look at the Empire State Building and have a sightseeing. When we got to the tower i was shocked about the height of the Empire State Building because it’s the tallest building ive ever seen on live. Visiting the building wasn’t that cheap but we still went to the top floor of the tower and the view was indescribable!

© Jere Laitila

On the fourth day, my Fathers college buddy came to visit us with his family. We were all happy to see each other after few years. We talked for while and then we went to eat at this fancy Italian restaurant. Everything went fine until the food came.  The food must have been the worst food ive ever eaten. Well we all enjoyed time together and we had fun.  Last days we just had more shopping and were enjoying the last days in USA.


The most exciting experience

I was in Chicago 2010 summer. The reason why I go to Chicago because I have cousins in there and I want to visit in USA too. I had a nice trip with my cousins. We were  there 8 weeks and time go so fast! We ate so much in there and I gain like 8kg. It was so good food and cheap too. Every day we ate fast food. In down town they had massive building and lots of shopping place. This summer ’12 I’m going to Chicago again because my cousin graduate and this is my third time.

Six flags.

We went to six flags and it was crazy! It is a hundred times better than “Linnanmäki”. It’s an amusement park and water park together. The best device was raging bull roller coaster. Raging bull max speed is 117km/h, that’s crazy.

Donald Trump tower is in the middle of  the down town. In transformers 3(dark of the moon) they described the movie in down town and they destroyed Donald trump tower. It was so cool and saw their making the movie.

In Willis Tower (aka sears tower)

Some pictures in Willis tower. It was so cool and exciting to be in 108-floor. I saw the   entire Chicago. It was amazing and in there was as a transparent window where you can walk “out” of the tower and look down. Willis tower is the fourth highest tower in the world! So it was great experience and fun.

On plane

It was so tired, long trip in the airplane and I feel so sick always in the flight. The flight took about 10 hours. We got two stopovers. First one was in Amsterdam and second In Manchester. After flight I was so tired and I felt like I’m never going to flight again.

Navy pier (tourist place)

Navy pier is tourist place where they got Ferris wheel, funnel cake and lots of stuff of Chicago.

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Painful Decisions


There’s already a few posts about a holiday in the US so I’m going to tell you about my worst flight, a travellers nightmare.

Me and my family (except my sister and dog) were in Florida last year’s February for 2 and half weeks. My vacation started terribly, we had to wake up at 3am to catch the flight. I had a cold, and I hadn’t slept a single hour. We had to fly from Helsinki to Amsterdam and there we had a continuation flight to Florida. Luckily I slept an hour during the first flight.

When I woke up I had a horrifying pain in my cheek and started screaming like a lunatic. EVERYONE in the plane was staring at me, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life. After the plane had landed, we got help from an airport medic who couldn’t really do anything about the pain except tell us that it was because of my cold and the landing pressure. I even wanted to fly back to Finland by only thinking about flying 12 more hours with this pain.

I decided to go on with the help of some painkillers, because I really wanted to visit the US. With the help of the pills (lots of ibu and para) the flight wasn’t too bad, and when arriving in Florida I was happy that I didn’t fly back to Finland. The rest of the vacation was great.Few days in the warm climate, and my cold was gone.

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I spent my the holiday in Florida, West Palm beach with my family about one year ago. We went to some interesting locations as Disney World.  Holiday was very nice. The purpose of my holiday was diving different locations.

I will tell you what the best of location in Florida was for diving. It is Key West. There the water is not only blue, is BLUE! When we went to diving, I already saw the seabed and beautiful fishes. When we were diving there was so beautiful that I can’t even describe it .

I am diving in to the cave.


My trip to California, Palo Alto

Three years ago my dad took me, my 2 brothers and my cousin with him to visit Stanford University in Palo Alto. He had been offered to visit the campus and work there for a mont. We had to take first a plane to New York and after that fly to San Fransisco. The fly to New York was nice and went well, but when we got on the plane to San Fransisco, very annoying stuff came to my knowledge:  The plane had been booked so full that I had to sit on the other side of the plane than the rest of my travelling company. I was so feeble from the earlier flight that I fell a sleep right away. After few hours I woke up to a disgusting smell. I turned to my right and there sat a Chinese man really drunk ordering more and more drinks. He smelled so sickening I nearly decided to leave my seat. At this point I was so exasperated and tired that I took my headset, turned away and holded a hoodie against my nose. In no time I was sleeping again.

The next morning I woke up in our apartment and looked out of  the window. The sun was shining. I was so glad we had left the cold and depressing Finland! After my brothers and my cousin woke up, we decided to go explore the area. We went to the bike rental and rented bikes. I was so amazed that it was illegal for someone to drive a bike without a helmet if he/she was under age. Stanford University’s campus was only one kilometer away so we drove there first. I could feel the jet-lag while driving. I had never imagined that it could feel so exhausting!

After few days from arriving my dad took us to visit the school we would be going to  for the next three weeks. The school was for the children who’s parents were visiting Stanford, so it was located at the campus area. How lame was going to school on a vacation! In other hand the school days lasted only for few hours and we got an opportunity to experience the american school system. After all it wasn’t even bad.

One weekend dad decided to take us to San Francisco. He thought it would be fun and memorable to go by train so we took our bikes and drove to the railway station. I fell in love with San Francisco! The city was so amazing and beautiful. We saw the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge. I was  shocked when i saw the surfers  surfing underneath the Golden Gate, because there were big rocks all over and the waves were enormous.the Golden Gate

the Golden Gate

The Golden Gate and you can see the surfers also

After three and a half weeks in California we went to Gillroy shopping center to buy clothes and christmas presents. We bought a massive amount of stuff which obviously came a problem when we were leaving to the airport. We had rented a car for 5 people so of course the stuff couldn’t fit in the car. So my dad had a genius idea! We put the front seat full of luggage and the four of us, me, my brothers and my cousin, went to the backseat. After that dad started piling the rest of the stuff on top of us. I promise that 30 minutes to the airport was the worst of my life! I could only dream of seeing out of the window because there was so much stuff on top of me. It was so narrow that I could barely breathe and when we finally got to the airport I was so glad to get out of the car. I could finally feel my legs again.

Even though I had a great time in California I was happy to get home to my family and friends. Our trip was unforgettable and I loved my time in California. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to  go back!

our car

leaving to the airport

our car


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California dreamin’


California. Oh yes, California! It IS and it WAS incredible! I can tell you that California is a rousing place. The smell you can taste when you are walking on the beach… The sounds which hail from the sea… All the good-looking people on the streets you can see… Sounds like California is the perfect place, but well it sure is!

California has such a great beach. That beach is full of surfers! California is also one of the world’s best places to surf! Combes are big so that’s why many surfers like to surf there!

People in California are very friendly and pleasant! Everyone comes to speak to you, asking ”How are you doing?” and are, for example, interested in knowing where you come from. That’s really nice, I think!

I didn’t notice any celebrities. What a pity! People usually think that they could meet some celebrity there. But I have to say that’s not true! Celebrities disguise themselves so well that no one could recognize them.

Okay, so my opinion of California is, in a nutshell, magnificent! I love that place and I really want to visit there again!

(c) Google

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