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Shopping in London

It was just like in the pictures I had seen. I had never seen anything like that before. London was such a beautiful city. It’s so different from any other cities. I had always wanted to visit there and then my dream came true at the summer in 2012. I was so excited that I finally had a change to go there. I love shopping and London is a perfect city to shop.

The best store I went was Hollister. It was the only store I wanted to visit so bad that I couldn’t have left the country without visiting there before. It was my first time there and I fell in love to that store. I only bought one t-shirt from there, because I had spent all my money earlier. There was a Hollister model in front of the store so people could take pictures with him. He was standing there without a shirt on. My sister and I took a picture with him. I can definitely say that everybody should go to Hollister if they visit in London. Well not everybody, because they only sell clothes to young adults, but if you’re 14-30 year old, then you have to go there!

The photos are taken by me.


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My trip to London

The first time I went to London was autumn 2010. I went there with my father, stepmother, bigbrother and bigsister. We were there about four days. I fell in love with the city. There were everything you could imagine from city vacation; shopping, delicious food, experiences… List goes on and on… First thing what we did at London was finding our hotel. It was located near by the British Museum. After laying down at the hotel’s king size bed, we went to explore the city. That was the first time I got to see how multicultured place London really was, like a meltingpot. There was a very good chance for me to really get to know London’s food culture. It was amazing! There was chinese, indian food, arabian food and european food, almost everything you can imagine. I got crazy about sushi. It was totally insane! We ate sushi almost every day, at least once a day. It was so delicious!

What I also want to write about London, is the shops and street fashion. There were so many shops where I wanted to stop by. But that wasn’t an option because there were too many of them, and the clock was ticking. When we went to the Oxford Street there was many tourists also, intention to shop. The people at London were super stylish. There were so many different styles. That kind of dressing up I haven’t seen in Finland. Every pedestrian was personal and different.

The second time I went to London, was a year later, 2011. We had to go there again, because last four days were too short. At that time I went there with my father and sister and stepmother. My brother couldn’t come because of school. This time was a little bit different. We didn’t go to the museums. We ate, shopped and went to the O2 Arena, were was Titanic exhibition. It was so interesting and intriguing. Titanic has always been interesting thing for me. It was a shame, that there wasn’t allowed to photograph. But that experience always stays in my mind. In O2 Arena was also different kinds of exhibitions, such as Harry Potter animal-exhibition. There was Hermione’s real cat and Hagrid’s dog from the movies. There were also Harry Potter’s owl. They were so cute! We were amazed when we saw Back to the Future car, DeLorean DMC-12, which was so cool.

O2 Arena.


All in all, expiriences at London has been positive and interesting. I warmly recommend London to all who loves shopping, good food and culture.

London bridge.


Lotta K.


London – a place I could live in

I was in London in October, 2011 for a weekend with my sister, father and stepmother. It was my birthday present. I had wanted for a long time to visit London because of the shopping abilities and the famous sights. When I arrived in London the first thing I noticed was that London Heathrow is an enormous airport full of people from different countries. I wanted to see more immediately.
Our hotel was small but cozy. It was an old house with a fitted carpet but it didn’t matter. We were always going somewhere. I visited for the first time in my life Hard Rock Cafe, Burger King and Starbucks. I liked them very much! We were on a bus tour where we saw Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, etc. We also walked to the Green Park, the Hyde Park and China Town where we ate lunch.
The best clothing store in London was Primark. From there we found most of the clothes that we bought. Everything was really cheap. We shopped a lot, especially in those stores that we don’t have in Finland. The department store, Harrods, in London is definitely the most luxurious store I have ever been to.
London is a cozy town where people are very friendly. I loved the atmosphere and that is why I am going to visit London again. London felt like home.

Big Ben, London

Big Ben, London


My first time in London

My first time in London, England was in June in 2007. We were came to London for vacation and to discover attractions. Our hotel was in central of London. On our first day we went to the Wembley football stadion and then we checked out the London underground and headed for Big Ben and London eye. In the London eye you can see the whole London. On our second day we discovered Buckingham palace, place where queen lives. After then to Thames river. We also visited in British Museum. After the day we ate delicious food in restaurant which was near Thames. On the third day morning we leaved London and fled to Finland.

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We will rock you!

If you are in London (and you have enough money) you need to go to see a musical! In my opinion it was the best thing in my trip to London so I’m going to tell you more about it.  At first I was actually a little skeptical when my mum told me that we are going to see a musical. I’m not sure why, maybe I had some kind of a mental image that musicals are old fashioned and boring.

So, the name of the musical we went to see was “We will rock you!” and it told about time when only computers were allowed to make music. And that means that playing instruments and singing is illegal. It might not sound so horrible at first but if you think about it more you understand that all emotions are missing when music is made by computers. But then a group rises against the law and things are starting to happen…

We were early at the theater with my mum and brother so we had to wait a little before the musical started. The name of the theater was Dominion and it’s one of the London’s oldest theaters.  It was big and the atmosphere was totally different than in normal movie theater.  Everyone in the theater was excited and waited impatiently the musical to begin. The show was all about Queen’s music so songs was of course Queen’s. Music was pretty loud but we got used to it after a while. But the feeling was definitely the most impressive thing. It was so genuine and everyone lived with the story. Like I said, totally different than in a movie theater. There was real people at the stage so it made the whole feeling so much more intensive and it was also much more interesting than staring at screen. And the actors were excellent. You could tell at the first sight that they loved acting and enjoyed every second they spent at the stage.

So I really recommend musicals for everyone. It’s an amazing experience. And there is many, many of different musicals so you can choose what interests you the most.



My holiday in England

I’m going to tell you a story from my trip to England!

I went on a trip with my parents. We flew there by an airplane.

My holiday trip was exciting and interesting. I’m not telling you all the details about my trip, but i am going to tell you lot of my visit to England and all the fun adventures that i had gone through at the time i spend in England.

When we land to London i was shocked because the city was so large and the people there was so kind and helpful.

I have never flown on an airplane, that was pretty much frightful but i got through it. The architecture and the high buildings was a part of London and the moment when we went to see a football game was terrific. The crowd and all that noise was worth of paying for.

I had an amazing experience and a fun holiday in London. I want to go back!


It’s London Baby!


We were all really excited and happy because this was our first trip there. I went to London with my mum and little sister for a few days. We saw a lot of sights, places and got new experiences. For example, when we went from the airport to the hotel by underground, we had to change the train twice because it was broken. I think it happened because London’s underground is so old. Our hotel was little and shabby but it was OK because we didn’t spend so much time there.

Oxford Street

The first day went to shopping. Yay! I am a shopaholic. I love to find new nice items like clothes and shoes for myself or somebody else. My mum and sister don’t think exactly like me. They wanted to see all the attractions. And yeah, me too, but most of all I wanted to shop. And I really shopped. I bought everything that I wanted. Shoes, dresses, jewellery,  hoodies… Everything!

On the second day we went to see the sights. We saw all the hottest attractions like Big Ben and London Eye. We went to Madame Tussaud’s where there are famous people made of wax like artists, actors and jocks. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Barak Obama where there. The dolls looked almost exactly like their models. And we went through some alley where there were people who were masked to look like zombies. And I was so scared! I’m afraid of zombies and ghosts. I just screamed and trembled like crazy.

The trip was really exhilarating and a memorable experience. And I am definitely going to travel there some day again! I liked London’s cute houses and little shops side by side. London is a really international city and people are friendly. Sometimes it was a little hard to remember to say “PLEASE”. But all in all I loved it!

Big Ben



I was eight year old when I was inEngland with my mom, dad and my little sister. It was my second time when I was travelling in a plane. I can remember how exiting it was and it was cool to watch clouds under myself.

When we arrived InEnglandwe went to see my parents friends and family members and after that we went to our hotel which was kind of old and scary. The Next morning we all woke up and ate a big British breakfast. It was very greasy maybe because of the eggs, sausages, beans, toast with marmalade on it and with many other delicious things.

In our trip we went to see all kind of sight-sings like Blackpooltower, all kind of cities and villages, an old castle ruins where I ate apple pie and cream in a Restaurant near by and we also went to see the ocean and we drove a lot in English country side. When I was in the coast watching the ocean I saw a lot of starfishes and crabs. We also went to see museums and circus but I don’t remember a lot of them.

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We’re now approaching… England!

My time in Hastings, England, was the best time of my life! I was there for three weeks last summer. We visited London and a few other cities.

I had the best host family! They were so nice and always teaching us! My host dad’s name was Alan and my mom’s was Hilary. They had three cats and the name of the oldest and sweetest one was Sam. He was so cute and acted like a dog. If you were awake late at night, you could hear Sam’s oh-so-cute ”meow” and you had to resist going downstairs and hugging him.

Of course, because we were on a language trip, we had to study English. I’m not a study kind of girl and my favourite moment was after school. I loved when our host dad made us egg-mayonnaise sandwitches and sent us to school every morning (literally sent because we couldn’t get the door open).

In the same family with us there was three German girls. We watched movies together and everything you can imagine! But unfortunately they had to leave before us and we had two other German girls after them.

One day, we were shopping in Hastings and we decided to go watch Harry Potter part two. I literally jumped up and down in the theatre seat because I was so excited to finally see the last movie of my favourite book series (yes, I’m a Harry Potter geek). And as always, the movie was bad because I love the books and the movie doesn’t do justice to them.

With us Finns there were a bunch of Italians. They were so sweet and really good dancers. One girl, Elena, I still speak to on Facebook.

But good times don’t last forever and as sad as the leaving was, I was a bit homesick and I was so excited to give all the presents to my parents and friends.

The last night in Hastings everybody went to the beach together and we hugged the Italians and said goodbye to them. And the next morning we headed to the airport and back to Helsinki (but first my friend lost her flight ticket and I think we looked in every rubbish bin at the airport).

We arrived in Finland on August 2nd just after midnight. The flight was too short and I would liked for it to last longer.


Lads on a trip

Me and my friends had just landed at Heathrows’s airport on our only week of vacation in August, and were going outside to look at the weather cause we had no window seats on our flight from Helsinki. Eventualy when we got out of the plane we observed around the airport and noticed that it was completely grey and cloudy.

I made a promise to myself, promising that I would not let anything ruin my holiday so I decided not to care about the weather and go take a swin. The water  was actually warmer than i was used to back in Finland.

Here is a picture of The London Bridge and The River of Thames.

Me and my friends visited and old English pub on the evening, A great relief for a long day of traveling.

We wanted to stay in London for atleast a week, it seemed like 4 day wasn’t enough!

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