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Year ago I went to the city of Dubai with my family to celebrate my father’s birthday. I didn’t know anything about the city until I made some resources. Dubai is one of seven emirates in the U.A.E. and is the most bi-polar. In one breath Dubai is a busy metropolis filled with riches, technology, development, palm trees and beauty.

When i was packing up my mum warned me not to take many shorts or tops because there is no use for them. Dubai is a police state that enforces Islamic law. Many people wear the traditional clothing of Abia (females coverings) and Candora( male covering) and also tourist might better to respect this.

First my main interests in Dubai were sun and heat, but you can´t really avoid the shopping culture since malls the size of Reykjavik. We went to one mall that had an ice skating rink and an aquarium in it. This wasn´t just a tank with some goldfish, but entire underwater street with sharks and sting rays in it.


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Last summer I was in Dubai and let me tell you, it was amazing I had so much fun being there. The people there and I can somehow relate because I wear a scarf and we have the same religion which is very nice compare to Finland not everybody has the same religion but just so you know mine is Islam. And most of all we  almost have the same culture. While being there we stayed at a very nice hotel . The next day, we decided to go to the beach and it´s called Jumeirah Beach Park. It seriously was breath-taking the Place me and my family we wee bit surprised. The weather was perfect, so nice that i didn´t want to leave the Place at all while swimming or sun bathing a random man came to us which was odd. But  he was working at the beach and he asked us if we needed anything on top of that he gave us smoothies because it enclosed in the ticket we bought when we came to the beach.

I forgot to tell you that when you arrive to Dubai you immediately see that nothing in there is little Dubai´s airport is the biggest airport in the world literally, there is almost every designer shop you know. But back to the trip

After the beach we were so tired that we decided to go back to the hotel. The next day we decided to go and see the biggest tower on earth and it´s a hotel also. So we went there and took a lot of pictures I recommend  going there and around the corner there was the biggest shopping mall I have ever seen with my own eyes when we went inside there was an ice skate INSIDE  now that is something and I also recommend to watch the performances there. However the stuff there bis very expensive.

This was one the top trips I´ve ever taken I hope  that one day in your lifetime you will get the chance to go to Dubai.

Burj Khalifa, world tallest building


The United Arab Emirates: Dubai

 I will never forget my trip to Dubai which is located in the United Arab Emirates.
i went Dubai when I was 14 years od. It was my second time out there, but on the first trip to Dubai, I was still a baby. When we traveled to Dubai, my expectations were high, But Dubai was a great place, better than I thought.
Mom, Dad and my three brothers were with me in Dubai.
Hotel rooms were really fantastic. It’s very luxurious and modern. My bed was big and super soft.
The buildings in Dubai were awesome. Burj al-arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world.
The world’s third largest shopping center in Dubai, it’s a huge and very modern building. The shopping center is very weird, because skiing center is on the mall. Outside was +35 degrees and inside could seen snow. I was skied with my family in shoppig center. It cheered my day because the outdoors was really hot.
When we walked in the city, I saw the Burj khalifa. It’s tallest building in the world. Dubai is great place, because everywhere you looked you would see something luxurious.
One memory in the dubai is it when one day we were cruiding in the sand dunes, it was great! We had a guide with us and he drove the car.
One beatiful day me and my family going to water park. The water park lie next to hotel Burj al-arab. The Water park were very special and this place was fantastic. I remember how the water slides were much better than anywhere else ive been. On the water park, I drank first time coconut milk, I don’t like it. The coconut milk taste was very strange.

Burj Khalifa, world tallest building

Burj Khalifa, world tallest building

Burj a-arab.

Burj a-arab.



I went to Dubai with my family last winter holiday. We stayed at my old best friends family who we went to visit after five years when they moved there from Finland. We were there for a week and that trip was one of those experiences i will never forget.

Dubai is an amazing place with such a different culture that what we are used to! If you have a boy/girlfriend you are not allowed to kiss, hug or even walk hand in hand in public places. If you do, you might go to jail for that. Alcohol is also forbidden in public places. Even in restaurants they don’t serve alcohol. People there are also very rich. Everyone drives around in Ferraris, Mazeratis or even Bentleys. Women usually have a very big jeep or something like that.

Dubai-2012 1369

an info plaque outside of the Dubai Mall

My friend lives in a huge building on the 31st floor. You can imagine how cool the view was from there. From one window you could see the sea and the palm-tree-shaped island and from the other window you could see the huge skyscarpers. And it was only about 20o meters to the beach. We went to see the worlds most luxurious and expensive hotel Burj Al Arab. Although we couldn’t go in even 100 meters near it was so cool to stand there and stare at the hotel. The hotel has seven stars! We also went to the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. We were on the 124th floor standing on the balcony. It was very scary but the view was breathtaking. We also went on a desert safari ride, and it was really crazy! We went to the desert in big jeeps with a professional driver, of course. He gave us a really cool and scary ride on the sand dunes. We were in the desert all day driving around and of course sometimes we stopped so that no one would throw up or anything. In the evening they took us to a desert party where there was dancing and food. We ate there and got the opportunety to ride a camel. i really liked that day! We also went to a waterpark which was on the Palm Island and, by the way, I love waterparks! There were such big waterslides there and everything. On the second last day we went to shopping to the Dubai Mall. That was my favourite day. That mall was so big that i can’t even describe it! There were all the best stores and there were an ice rink inside of the mall. There was also a fashion avenue where all the very expensive stores were.

Dubai 2012 045

The view from the window.

Dubai 2012 043

View from another window. And the Palm Island.

Dubai 2012 186

The Burj Al Arab hotel.

Dubai-2012 354

View from the 124th floor.

Dubai-2012 482

Burj Khalifa

Dubai 2012 393

Driving in the desert.

Dubai-2012 051

The waterpark hotel from outside. (that was on the Palm Island)

Dubai-2012 1378

Oh, and the weather in Dubai is always warm or very hot. In the summer, the temperature can go over 40 degrees! When we were there, the temperature was between 25-30 degrees.

Dubai-2012 1415

Sunny view from the beach to the apartments. One of those were the building where we stayed!

Dubai-2012 1456

Me and my friend at the beach.

This trip was the best! Dubai is an awesome place and I would go back there any second if I get the chance.

Dubai-2012 1551

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My trip to the luxurious Dubai

I’ll never forget my trip to Dubai which is located in the United Arab Emirates. It has been listed as one of the richest countries in the world, and yes… I noticed that. When we arrived at the airport we took a taxi to our hotel. The taxi trip was amazing, there were skyscrapers everywhere you looked  just few miles away from the desert.  We even saw the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, being built. And finally when we arrived to our hotel it was beyond all my expectations.  We checked in to the hotel and went to see our room. The view from the balcony was amazing.  You could see the Burj al Arab, the only 7 star hotel and known to be the most luxurious hotel in the world, only by walking to the balcony! After we got settled to our room we went to the city.  Everywhere you looked you would see something fancy and luxurious,  cars, buildings etc. We even saw Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoums (prime minister and the vice president of Dubai) castle which was huge! After coming back to our hotel we decided to relax for a bit and go to the beach. The water was crystal clear and sand felt like walking on ashes without sandals. My mom went to get a massage while me, my dad and my brother went to the water park nearby. I remember how the water slides were much better than anywhere else ive been. After meeting up with my mom we decided to go eat some dinner. My dad asked the receptionist that if he could book us dinner at the Burj al Arabs restaurant which is actually located under water at the basement of Burj al Arab. After the receptionist told us that we need to wear tuxedos and the reservation would cost 500 euros we decided to skip it. We spent one and a half weeks in Dubai and that was my best trip so far.

Burj al Arab at the top left corner, our hotel at the right. (c)

Medinat Jumeirah (Our hotel)

Burj Khalifa, worlds tallest building. (c)

Al Mahara, restaurant located at the under water basement of Burj al Arab. (c)

Central Dubai