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Middle-Europe Trip

A few years ago we took a trip to Middle-Europe with my brother, mother and father. We Were there for about a month. First we went to Germany by boat. We had our car with us and that that lasted for three days. It was pretty cool and exiting to travel on the sea such a long time. Our traveling purpose was that I would go to a football tournament in Denmark with my football team. We were in Germany with our relatives for a week and we did lots of german every day activities such as drinking cafe with some friends and chilling out at the market place. Then we went to Belgium across Luxemburg and other lands. Belgium was a strange country because there everybody speaked france and there were trash bags on the streets. In the morning the bags were gone so somebodys job is to collect all the rubbish at night. After few days we went to Netherlands witch was a beautiful country because there were lots of windmills and smooth land. At the city, there were many rivers and there were raining a lot. Then we went to Denmark to play the tournament and there were sunny and warm all the week. When the tournament was over we drove to North-Denmark and we travelled to Sweden with a lorry. Then we drove around Sweden and slept in motels which was really exciting. At last, we went to Stochholm and we sailed home. It was the longest trip of my life.