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The Best Holiday At Thailand!

For me, the best journey was when me and my mom went to Thailand. Before the trip my mom asked me where I wanted to go for my summer holiday and the first place that came to my mind was Thailand. It has always been my dream. Later I heard that my mom had bought the tickets there and she told me that we were going to go there. I felt very happy and excited.

Phuket was so amazing. Just how I had imagined. Obviously we went there by a plane. We had a straight flight to Phuket. I liked everything about the place except, sometimes, the food. The food was usually too spicy and I am not a big fan of spicy food. We always tried to order mild food, but still I somehow always managed to burn my mouth. Our hotel was great. The view from our hotel was priceless. We also went to the zoo. There were so many species that Finland´s zoo doesn´t have, such as elephants, tigers and giraffes. The best part of being there was of course the weather and just chilling out on the beach. It were always very sunny and warm. Overall, the place was very enjoyable. I enjoyed every single minute there and if I had to now choose one place to go to I would go there again.


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Phuket A Popular Holiday Destination

Last winter me and my family went to Thailand for a two weeks. Our hotel locate in Phuket which is the largest island in Thailand. Phuket is a great place for family. The weather is always nice, lots of beaches nearby your accommodation and Phuket is also a very peaceful place. But when the night comes that peaceful island changes completely different. In Thailand the night live is very important for a local business. In Phuket you don´t have to walk too far to find a good restaurant because there are many different type of restaurants. Local food is excellent and cheap, thai food is suitable for all. You can choose spicy or not spicy. If you get bored laying down on your hotel swimming pool, I say that go to the beach and rent yourself a jet-ski and head to the wawes. When I was in Thailand me and my family wen to a fishing trip which was a pretty cool. Everybody had their own fishing lines an dif you catch a fish you could choose to keep it or locals can cook it for you inside the boat kitchen. Diving is very popular in Thailand. Thailand has lot of great corals. If you are not interested going to the sea, then you can visit in temples. In Phuket you can find one of worlds largest Buddha statue on top of the mountain. In temples you could see some monks praying and if you are a lucky one you can have a blessing for a monk. When you go inside a temple, you must have to take your shoes off. I don´t actually know why, but you have to do it. One of the coolest things in Thailand is are those vehicles called tuk tuk. Coolest thing about them is that the locals like to decorate their own vehicles. So if you are thinking where to spend your next holiday. I would highly recommend Thailand.


Got Kissed by an Elephant

I was laying next to The pool on my beach chair at Patong beach, thailand  with an ice cold Coca-Cola in my lap which i was sipping from while trying to cool myself But It didnt’ help much since it was almost 40c degrees in The sun.

I decided to take a swim in The ocean which was blue and really warm. I dived trough a Wave and got a mouthful of salt water which was nasty. Some of it got in my eyes as well, so i got out of The water and began to walk towards our Hotel pool and my beach chair whilst rubbing my eyes because of The saltwater.

I was practicly blind and then someone grabbed me on my shoulder from behind.. I was scared that some one was trying to kidnap me since i was a little kid back then, maybe 10 years old, but i was lucky.

The kidnapper which i thought it was, was really a tiny elephant which was just a little higher than i was back in The day. The elephant gave me a big kiss on The cheek which felt like it was sucking my face of with its long nostril. The elephant was a pain in The ass for The people at The beach but it was The cutest thing ever. It was running around giving backrubs, trying to pull everyones swimming suits to The ground, and giving kisses to people. The elephant was a nice cheer up to The holiday which was actually getting really boring just laying on The beach But i still would definetly go there again.

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Trekking with Elephants and Fish

In Thailand there are so many things that you can do, for example go to a boat trip or ride with the elephants. I did so. In winter 2010 my mum, dad, little brother and I  took an incredible trip to Thailand, Phuket. We rented a house for two weeks which had a swimming pool and beautiful yard with three cottages. The weather was warm everyday and sometimes even so hot that it was terrible.

One day, when it was a brilliant weather we took a boat trip to two islands, PhiPhi and Koh Khai Nai.  The boat trip was awesome because of the weather and the beautiful views and the experience. The boat stopped  a few times so we could snorkel in the ocean. In the islands we took photos, watch the views, chilled and swum. In the ocean, where we snorkel the underwater was amazing, beautiful and colorful fish and corals. I saw also one little jellyfish. The boat trip was very nice and it went well.

We also had nice elephant ride one day. The elephants were cute and the elephant’s skin was rough, which did feel funny. It was a hot day when we had the elephant ride. In the ride we sat on a small bench on the elephants back and the elephant walk in the jungle. Of course there was a staff person to control the elephant, and he sat on top of this neck.  Luckily the trees hid the sun so it wasnt burning hot. The ride took about 45 minutes, which went quickly.

Our Thailand trip went well, except a few days sickness which I had, but that didn’t disturb our trip at all!


Baby elephant playing. (c) Ellen O.


View from the islands beach. (c) Ellen O.

Ellen Ojala

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Different Kind Of Ride

Have you ever been on an elephant ride? I was once with my mom six years ago. We rode in the rain forest and the elephant was very big and slow. My mom and I were scared of some snake dropping high from the trees on to us. Anyway, the rain forest was beautiful and colorful. After the ride, we fed pineapple pieces to the elephant. My mom, the elephant and I were very happy after that!

Some photos of the elephant ride.

Some photos of the elephant ride.

I will never forget that time in Thailand because it was the best trip ever! It was so hot, sunny and beautiful there. The air smelled salty and musty. It was because of the sea which is near to the place where we were at. The sea was very warm and transparent, but it looked turquoise or blue like the sky. I was really young, so I liked to swim all the time. Once, I almost swam for three hours without I getting out of the water. Thailand was a beautiful and lovely place. People was very friendly, helpful and they smiled all the time. The food was always delicious and mouth-watering.

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my trip to Thailand

I went to Thailand with my little brother, stepmom and dad. I went there about four years ago. We staid there about four weeks in april. We went there with airplane. The flight took at least ten hours. In the plain i had so boring time. We went in Thailand begause my dad and stepmom had just went to married. My stepmom was born in Thailand and we wanted to see her family. We spend most of the time of our trip in Pattaya and Alania Phatet which is country side of Thailand. We spend olso couple days in Bangkok which is a capital city of Thailand. In holiday we spend lot of time swimming and relaxing in a pool or beach. One sunny and hot day we went to visit on an iland named koh lahn. There was over 50 decegree. We spend nine hours in the koh lahn. Even i purned so badly, it was my favorite day of the holiday. The holiday was awesome because we ate lot of thai-food which was exotic and so spicy. We also went to shopping a lot because there was very cheep. On the flight to home the plain was one hour late because unfortunately one old man died at heartattack after he stept in to plain. That was a sad end of happy holiday.


My exotic trip to Thailand

I went to Thailand last winter with my mom and my grandparents. The entire trip was very exhilarating.

Thailand is an exotic country and the people there seem so nice! When I walked on the streets I could smell all the fruits and different food they were selling, and the people who came by just started talking to me which was quite weird because I’m not used to it here in Finland!

One of the craziest things I experienced was elephant riding. We went in to a jungle far away from the city and rode on elephants. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it, even though at first it seemed kind of scary. On top of the elephant there was a basket where I sat and in front of me a man who directed it. I got to touch the elephant’s skin and it felt very hairy and odd. This experience I am going to remember.

I really think this trip was unforgettable and I recommend everyone to visit Thailand !


Under the southern sun

My family and I went to warm and beautiful Krabi in Thailand on December 2011. We went there to stay for Christmas and New Year. Krabi is one of the biggest tourist attractions in southern Thailand. We left Finland behind us on the 21st of December and headed towards Thailand. The flight took 14 hours and was extremely boring, just sitting still in a crammed airplane. But the waiting was worth it; The second I stepped out of the plane, a hot breeze rolled towards me. The feeling was awesome, straight from the air-conditioned plane to +35°C.

The climate in Thailand is interesting, its not dry at all, in fact it’s moist and the air smells exotic; It smells like all the spices you can imagine. I’ve been also earlier in Thailand, in Phuket and Khao Lak . I would say that Krabi has been the most beautiful place in Thailand that I’ve ever visited. I could almost bet that the nature in Krabi is one of the finest in the world. The sea is as turquoise as it can be, there are wild monkeys on the beach playing with tourists and half of the rainforest is growing in the sea, it looks breathtaking!  There are at least one hundred monkeys on the beach daily. The monkeys leave the beach and head up to the rainforest at a specific time, if I remember correctly it happens about six o’clock or something like that.

Staring monkey in Krabi, Thailand

The monkey babies were really energetic and cute . They were playing with some coconuts and swimming.

   People in Thailand are sure enough extroverted and really speechful. They are smiling all the time which makes the atmosphere certainly relaxed and chilled. Its easy to get familiarized with the people in there. Most of the people talk  good English. I think that the best food is the local food. Food in Thailand is great, it’s really cheap (You can eat a whole dinner with one euro), it’s well seasoned and the ingredients are super fresh. There are a lot of moped restaurants where the locals serve different grilled meats, fishes and vegetables.

Moped grill © Otto Lindstrom

 The feeling that the trip left me was very positive; nature was beautiful, people were great and the food was really tasty. I could suggest Krabi to pretty much everyone whose going for a trip abroad. As said the climate is  perfect in my opinion and the water temperature is optimal. If you’re going to Thailand don’t forget your snorkel, because the underwater world is amazing!

Poda island © Otto Lindstrom

Otto Lindstrom


My first trip to Far East!

I visited Thailand at Christmas 2 years ago. We were there for 2 weeks and it has been the best holiday so far. Our flight left Helsinki-Vantaa Airport at midnight. The flight was very long and dull. Finally the plane arrived at the airport. The local climate was so moist and warm that I felt sweaty and warm, at first. But after a while I got used to the tropical climate of Thailand. The travel agency’s bus took us to the Hotel called Orchid-Resort.

That hotel was the most beautiful hotel I’d staged at. Poolside was wicked and the food was yummy! Luckily the Hotel was located 50 meters from the sea. The days went by fast, because there was so much to do in 2 weeks! One day we went on a boat trip to different islands and cool places. The boats were very fast, I think something about 50 knots, that’s quite fast for a boat.

The local food was exciting and spicy. Of course, because of tourists, you can eat “ordinary” food from western countries. Nightlife in Thailand was wild n’ crazy, there were so many different bars and pubs for everybody.  Coming home was quite a challenge for me. Because I just got sick the last day of the holiday. I was sneezy at the plane so it wasn’t very exciting to be sick on a 9 hour flight to Finland. When we finally got home there was at least 30cm snow in our garden path.

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a day in Thailand

I visited Thailand couple of years ago. The trip was nice and we just were enjoying the sun and beaches. In Thailand almost every local person had smile on their faces.

We should learn from them how to smile and stop mope. I expected that there are just gooks and noodles everywhere, but Thailand has lot more, for example there was mcdonalds right front of our hotel. I ate cheeseburgers almost every day. Thailand is very beautiful country, its golden-sand beaches and crystal-clear water are very unusual. When the earthquake hit Indian Oceon on december 2004, it took thousands of peoples lives in Thailand and other countries. Rest in peace. Nowadays  they have warning alarms if there`s gonna hit again. People are safe. Maybe worst thing in Thailand is that there are too many tourists, but i dunno if that`s a problem. I want to go there again, it´s paradise on earth believe me. I noticed that the money is not important for thailanders, family and people are. I really respect that. We visited Thailand´s probably most famous tourist resort phuket. We also visited the phang nga, famous better known as james bond island. Scenes from the film “007 and the man with golden gun” were filmed there.


Phang Nga, Thailand,'James Bond island'


The largest weekend market in Thailand


Chatuchak Weekend Market

The special place for me is the largest weekend market in my country. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand is called the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Though there are many markets throughout Bangkok, Chatuchak weekend market is still pretty much the undoubted king of them all.


Chatuchak Weekend Market is a very popular shopping centre in Thais and has become a popular place for tourists and foreigners who stay in Bangkok. It has over 200,000 visitors each day, 30% are foreign. It is a particularly good place to buy all sorts of stuff because almost everything can be found there for a local bargain price and most vendors actually come from local factories that specialize in antique wood carving, clay handicrafts, local souvenirs from every parts of Thailand, Buddhist amulets, wooden funiture, hand-made decorated flowers, plant, ceramic wares, dools, Thai Bejarong, Chinese wares, graden decorated plants, stones, trendy fashions, silk, hill-tribe outfits, fluffy dogs and more miscellaneous, etc.

The first time I went to the market, I was so surprised because I hadn’t seen the big market like that before. There were many zones in this market. It depends on what you want to buy there. for example, If you are finding clothes like T-shirt, trousers or thai dress. You are supposed to go to the clothes zone. There are signs that describe the way how to go to whatever zone you want. That’s why you don’t have to worry about whether you will lost or not. The market surrounded with lots of trees. So, this is a reason why I felt relaxed when I was there. Before I went there, I didn’t know why most of Thai people like to go to that market. But now I know what attract us. I will give you several reason why we love there. The first reason is that It makes us joyful. I mean it is like a good place where you can hang out with your friends. If you go on your own, it is the excellence place to find some wonderful things to buy. The market have not only the stuff which are interested you, but also the national park where you can sit and do some stuff to relax. Secondly, lots of things are cheap for Thai people. We have a different price from foreigners. That’s why it is comfortable for us to buy. There was something that I didn’t like and I would never like it was that the hot whether in Thailand. Try to imagine, If you were in the market ,where is so crowded, finding something to buy. It’s easy to make you moody. Anyway, The Chatuchak weekend market will be the market that I love forever.

I like shopping so much. I always go to the market when I have free time after my Chinese lesson because that place is quite near my Chinese lessons. It takes just 10 minutes from my Chinese lesson to the market. So I can go whenever I want. I always buy whatever I want without thinking. It doesn’t mean that I’m an extravagant person because I like buying a cheap stuff and it is good quality. As I told you, almost everything there is quite cheap. That’s why the Chatuchak Weekend Market is my favorite place.



My trip to Thailand

I was a couple of years ago in Thailand for the winter holiday. Thailand was a very beautiful country with exotic plants ad palm trees. Thailand had the most beautiful beaches ive ever seen but the sand was so hot that it was impossible to walk on it bare footed. The weather was astonishingly warm and i got sunburnt on the first day.

When we arrived in Thailand, everyone was tired because of the different time-zone. It took 12 hours by plane to get there and no one could sleep on the airplane. Every morning when we woke up we walked to the poolside where we had our breakfast. There were two long tables full of different kinds of fresh fruit, pancakes, bread and stuff. It really was like living in a dream sadly the dream lasted only one week. Everyday after the breakfast we walked to beach and swam in the ocean. The water was very warm and you could have stayed there for the whole day but it was also very salty if you dove without closing your eyes it hurt a lot and it wasn’t fun when you got water in your mouth. One day on our holiday we borrowed diving equipment from some old man and went diving to the coral reefs. We saw many different coloured and shaped fish. The water was very clear and you could easily see down 20 meters under water. Coral reefs were full of underwater plants but I could easily see that the reefs were damaged and they all didn’t look so healthy because of dynamite fishers.


Thailand, the land of warm weather and hot food

Thailand is definitely the most beautiful place where I have been so far. Sunny and warm weather with some occasional rain showers. Elephant rides, rivers that flow through tropical forests next to cliffs which are almost 500 meters tall.
                              And the local cuisine. So delicious, full of flavour and the fresh ingredients make it perfect. The people are amazingly kind and always smiling. The sunrises and sunsets are stunningly gorgeous when you are watching them from the white-sand-beaches while eating a lobster dinner. 
                    Once in a while it’s a good idea to take a break from the hotel’s spas and head out into the city and explore Thai culture at its best. The best places for new experiences are the markets. There is just so much to see and eat. It is best to take a tuk-tuk from the hotel and share it with somebody.
                    Remember to put on lots of sun lotion to protect from the heat and when you are swimming you need to watch out for the jellyfish because if one stings you it sure doesn’t feel nice.


Trip to paradise

Last spring I was in Thailand. I was waiting our trip eagerly! There is a very nice and friendly people!
 Our trip lasted two weeks and it was our third or fourth time out there. Our flight took thirteen hours so it made me exhausted! When we came to the airport we took a bus to our hotel.

For the few days, we just hung out at the pools and sunbathing. I love the feeling when the sun shines and it’s very hot! 🙂
In the evening, it was a little bit cooler but still pretty hot!

In the evening we went to restaurants and shopping. There is a very many of international restaurants! But we would rather went to the local restaurants. I loved the food in Thailand, it is kind of the same as Chinese food. Some of the food was pretty spicy!

 I think everybody should go there and get new experienses! 🙂

Karon beach