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My Boat Trip!

My schools freshmen went to Sweden by ferry. First year boat trip isn’t something the school supports, but it doesn’t forbid it either, it’s like a tradition in every high school or at least in Finland.

The first day was very nice. We ate at the Silja Lines buffet and it was delicious, I mean it. After we ate we had our music and which we played in our rooms. It was like our own party and we invited some of the guys who we knew and were from the other high school. We went to sleep early that we could be cheerful in Sweden.

in the morning, we ate breakfast and arrived in Sweden. In Sweden we wanted to go to a mall center called the Gallery so we had to ask Swedish people for directions. When we asked for the directions, we sometimes asked in Swedish ”Ursäkta, var är Gallery?” and sometimes in English. It was nice to ask in English because I learned something new, but sometimes they really weren’t knew what to say, some guys weren’t really knew how to speak English.. When we got to the Gallery we ate again and bought some clothes. Of course we had to do some shopping!!

After all that, we left the Center and asked for directions back to the terminal, but they all said that it’s too far away and that we had to take a subway, we saw a subway sign and we bought our subway tickets, we went to the subway and left the subway. Then we boarded the ferry and we headed to Finland, our home .


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A Hasty Day in Stockholm

Last summer I visited Stockholm, Sweden with my family. The trip seemed at first quite awful, but in the end it was rather nice. We went on a cruise to Stockholm. The ship left from Helsinki at about five o’clock and arrived in Stockholm in the morning next day.

We slept over night on the ship and in the morning we went to explore the streets of Stockholm. We had only a limited time before our ship was going to leave, so we had to visit places where we wanted to go quite fast. First we walked and explored the Old town of Stockholm, which was boring. After spending too much time in Od town we went to the Vasa Ship Museum. We 19had to stood in line for pretty long time before the line ended up indoors of the museum where we bought our tickets. The Vasa Ship was really big and mighty, and there was interesting information about the ship around the museum.

Then we started to search for a restaurant. We walked and searched around Stockholm, but we couldn’t decide where to go because everybody had their own opinions. Time was running out and we were still searching for a place to eat. Finally we found a vegetarian garden restaurant “Hermans“, which I wasn’t very interested in, but everyone agreed to go in because we also were very hungry. The Food was delicious as it was vegetarian food (though I would rather have eaten kebab or pizza) and the place was amazing. This restaurant was situated at the edge of a cliff and the view from there was spectacular. From there it was possible to see almost all of Stockholm! After we had eaten, we had to run with our full stomachs to the subway. Otherwise we would have missed our ship. Ouch!

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ArosCup – Football Tournament In Sweden


Last summer my football team EBK had a football tournament in Våsterås and the trip was ridiculous. Våsterås is located in Sweden and it’s about 100 km from Stockholm. Våsterås is the sixth largest city in Sweden. There are about one hundred thousand residents. Our trip started on Thursday afternoon when we went to Turku by bus. From there we took an evening boat to Stockholm. On the boat our whole team went to the buffet where we ate excellent food and had a good time. When the boat arrived in Stockholm we all were very happy and excited about what the future would hold for us, but we were also quite tired because the boat arrived very early in Stockholm. We had our own bus which followed and transported us wherever we wanted to go. I have never been outside of Stockholm so I was very enthusiastic when our own bus left Stockholm.

Våsterås’s location

The journey to Våsterås took an hour. Våsterås was bigger than I thought. When we arrived in Våsterås we went to the hotel straight away and we lived there for three days. We checked into the hotel and almost immediately we went to the football field because our first match was about to begin. We had six matches during the tournament and we won four of them. We placed seventh in the tournament. We lost our last match 1-0 to Brommapojkarna who come from Stockholm.
ArosCupen logo

ArosCupen logo

Våsterås center was tiny and cozy. There were a few little shopping centers and some fast food restaurants. The culture and the people were like us in Finns. The home trip we went to a huge “shopping paradise” near Stockholm. There were hundreds of outlet stores. Then we had to hurry to catch our evening boat to Turku and get back home. The whole travel was unforgettable and worth the money. We had so much fun there and I recommend Våsterås to everyone who wants some variation. Every player and parent liked Våsterås and the whole trip so I guess we will go somewhere next summer.
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A piece of my heart

I’ve always liked Stockholm, a lot. There’s something so attractive, and not just all the shops and good-looking boys, there’s something more. Couple years ago me and my family, went there, once again, and after that I’ve wanted to go back over and over again.

Those couple days which we spent in Stockholm, were beautiful, sunny summerdays. Our hotel was lovely, we had 3 separate rooms, thank God,  so my parents got  saved from fights between me and my sisters…

On our first day, we took a ferry to Djurgården, where are located some of the most popular tourist attractions. In the end of the day my face was on many Japanese tourists cameras, because they thought that I was Swedish… Flattering, i guess. So, back to business. Our first destination was Junibacken, Astrid Lindgren’s storyhouse. I was feeling skeptical about that, because I thought I was too old to go to some “childish playground”. I was a 12-year-old and thought I was so adult… But when we went inside, I forgot all my prejudices. That place was full of magic! All of my childhood time favourite characters were there, Peppi Pitkätossu, Vaahteramäen Eemeli, Melukylän lapset… I recommend Junibacken to anyone with little bit of childish, and for all the Astrid Lingren’s storyfans, of course!

After that, we continued to Skansen, to see some animals and enjoy of the beautiful nature. Well, we saw hardly any animals, because it was so warm that almost all of them were sleeping in the shadows, and I was hoping to do the same… At least landscapes were beautiful, and all the old houses very idyllic! We walked there patiently, and there it was finally, our final destination, Gröna Lund! Gröna Lund is popular amusement park, and I guess it was the most expected part of our day. And it was lot of fun! Time flew, night came, and I was happy. So happy.

The next following days we spent by visiting other Stockholm “must-sees”. We visited the Royal castle, and went to Globen, that huge arena, which reminded me of a golf ball! We went there by a tunnelbana, and it was much more cleaner and classier than our metros.  We walked around the old town, and all those cosy little streets and boutiques took my heart. At the center we visited many shops, and got some plastic bags with new clothes. Days passed way too quickly, and soon it was time to come back.

The last morning came, we ate delicious breakfast like all the other mornings, and then we packed our bags and left. I felt sad. I didn’t want to!  On or way to terminal, something funny happened. My shoe broke, the soil went off! We had a little bit hurry, so we started to look around and search some shoe shop…It was almost a mission impossible, there didn’t seemed to be any shops. Then we luckily found a shop, and i got new shoes… so not bad thing at all! Then we rushed to terminal and home run began. My daddy jocked that it was some kind of mark that my shoe broke, it tried to stop me from leaving!

That was the trip when I left a piece of my heart to Stockholm. It’s still there. I still remember how I was looking out of our hotelroom window back then, and how I thought, that some day I’ll come back. With a one-way ticket.


Sweden, football and something from Australia

I saw fireworks, heard screaming, 48 000 people were jumping around and I felt amazing. I was in the world biggest youth football tournament opening ceremony, in Gothia Cup. It’s held in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was an unforgettable experience, and what made it more exclusive, are my teammates, who are great and that’s one reason why I just loved to be abroad with them.

opening ceremony

Incredible opening ceremony!

     The trip started when we went to Stockholm by boat. The whole boat trip was kind of boring, but when we got to the bus, which took us to Gothenburg, we cheered up, and had a really good time. When I first saw our hotel, I couldn’t stop thinking how small and bad it was. But eventually I realized that it was very cute and cozy. It just kept getting better when we saw these really handsome Australian guys. They were funny and the same age as we so we got to known them well. We’re still talking occasionally on Facebook. Their accent was a little strange so sometimes it was very difficult to understand their speech. However, It’s great to have friends all over the world!

     Gothenburg is awesome city and I love it also because this really big shopping centre, where we used to go almost every day. We weren’t allowed to eat in McDonald’s, because we’re athletes, but we did it anyway, and I can tell that it has never tasted so good, and I think that’s because it was forbidden. Looking back on the trip, I don’t always remember that this glorious trip was a football tournament, because we did so many things not-including football. But of course there are also many wonderful memories of football. One of the best is when we got to the semi-finals and played against the British team. It was so fun and we all enjoyed it, even though it rained all the time. We lost the game but it was a nice experience and if we hadn’t lost the game, we wouldn’t have made it to the disco, which was so cool! To sum up, in the tournament we were third and got bronze. The whole trip was also very successful and I loved being there. If I still played football, Gothia Cup would definitely be the first tournament I would like to go again and again.


Happy bronze medalists after the tournament!


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My first and unforgettable trip abroad

I’ll tell you now for my first trip abroad. I had just started primary school so i don’t remember much about the whole journey. But don’t worry I’ll tell you all about what I can remember..

My whole family woke up early to eat breakfast so we could go to the port on time. Our ship left the harbor at ten o’clock if I remember correctly.  The boat trip lasted for one night and the next morning we were in Sweden. The white ship looked really big from the outside and we are really excited with my sister. When we walk inside the ship we were really surprised how nice there seemed. All of the hundreds doors we had to find our one. It took time but eventually we made it from the door jungle to the right place. After we had taken the luggage from cabin we went to eat. The restaurant was very guiet and the food was really really tasty. When we finished eating we walked around the boat with my sister. In the evening we went listen to the adult karaoke.

Next morning we arrived in Sweden and we order a taxi which took us to our hotel. When we were there we took our luggage in a hotel room and we went to look for an amusement park. Me and my sister wanted to find amusement park as soon as possible because our friends has already been visited there and they have told us that there is a lot more fun than any Finnish amusement parks. We spent a wonderful day with our family and I almost got my mother to come roller coaster with me.

We returner to the hotel in the evening and the next morning at twelve o’clock our ship left the Swedish harbor towards the Finland. We spent one more night on ship and I don’t remember much about it. But I remember that there was beautiful red sunset. Then I was even a little bit sad about that trip was so short but now when I think that I’m just glad for that because if the journey had been longer I don’t probably remember almost anything.


Trip to Sweden

About a half year ago me and my dad made a trip to capital of Sweden, Stockholm. If you live in Helsinki, Finland and you want to visit in Sweden there is two options: By airplane or by ship. We traveled by Silja Lines ship (Silja line is one of the biggest finish shipping companies) even though I prefer more Viking Line.

We met lots of drunken finish ice-hockey fans at the ship and heard from them that in Stockholm will be EHT ( European hockey tournament) game between Finland and Czech Republic. So when the ship landed, we jumped into bus witch was full of  finish people and headed to the Stockholm’s and Sweden’s largest indoor ice rink called Globen.

We bought about 20 euros tickets in Globen´s  entrance. Globen was by the way lot smaller than what it looks from the outside. The game began at  14 pm.  When the first round was over, the numbers in the scoreboard were 4-0 for Finland.  The game ended 7-1  and in hilarious feelings we took  subway  and headed back to the ship.


A day in Sweden

I woke up in the ship. I was going to Stockholm with my football team. In this cruise we were suppose to chill out but we also had a football game agents Hammarby IF.

We med at breakfast and everybody was a bit tired because we stayed up for too long last night. I ate some bacon, ham, and bread, I also ate some fruits and drunk some orange juice. Our coach told us about the details for the game and after that we went to our cabins to pack up our things because the ships is going to be in the harbor soon.

When we arrived to Stockholm we walked to the football field. The weather was same as in Finland. In the night the temperature was below zero and that’s why the roads were slippery. We had two hours until the game starts, before that we did some running and stretching. We saw Hammarby IF players coming to the field and wondered how good they will be.

The game started, we had a bad start. Hammarby IF kept the ball better than us. After bad star we waked up and started to play our normal way. Some guy passed the ball to the goalkeeper and I ran after the ball and the goalkeeper missed his pass. I used that moment and got the ball and then I scored. We were in the lead and that tasted very good. When the halftime came my coach said to me that I must go to the defense, that didn’t surprised me at all because when our team was having a lead with one goal the coach always moves me to the defense. At the middle of the second half my teammate scored our second goal then I believed that we can win the game and we did that. We won Hammarby IF 2-0 and I did one goal and that felt awesome. We were pleased by our selves and started to go back to the ship with a smile in our faces.

At the ship we went to our cabins and relaxed for a while. After one hour we went to do some shopping to the tax free. I bought some candies and coke. After that we went to play some games and we had a lot of fun. We had so much fun that the time fled by and it was time to go and have some dinner. At the dinner I ate so much that I almost split up. The food was very good. After dinner we had couple hours of free time and after that we had a meeting about the whole season. The coach will tell us what went well and what we have to do better next season. At the meeting the coach told us who was the best trainer and who made the most of the goals. I wasn’t the best trainer but I did the most of our goals. The meeting ended and we went have some fun because it was a last night to gether  as a team. Some of us, including myself are going to play in a new team next season.

When the evening came we wanted to have some fun. We played some games and after that we went to the night club to see the show. Rest of the night we just chilled out.

It was a great cruise and we had a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures.


My trip to Sweden – Erik

I went to Sweden with my family last September. We went there by ship . It was called Silja Serenade. When I was walking on a bridge to the ship I noticed a photographer. He was taking pictures of the passengers. I didn’t want any pictures of me so I passed him. Our cabin was comfortable. There were 4 beds, a table and a tiny bathroom. During my voyage I ate some exotic foods. They were all pretty expensive. But it is nice to eat in a restaurant instead of eating at home.  I spent all my money on gameconsoles and drinks. I was very pleased but mom wasn’t. She nagged the whole trip. It was a sunny day in Sweden. There were many great sights in Stockholm, for instance the King’s castle and Old Town. I bought some marvelous clothes and just walked around the city. During my journey back to the ship, I was extremely tired and nearly fell asleep in the subway. After a short afternoon nap I had enough energy to watch the midnightshow. After all, the journey was very pleasant and successful but it was really nice to come back home.

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Middle-Europe Trip

A few years ago we took a trip to Middle-Europe with my brother, mother and father. We Were there for about a month. First we went to Germany by boat. We had our car with us and that that lasted for three days. It was pretty cool and exiting to travel on the sea such a long time. Our traveling purpose was that I would go to a football tournament in Denmark with my football team. We were in Germany with our relatives for a week and we did lots of german every day activities such as drinking cafe with some friends and chilling out at the market place. Then we went to Belgium across Luxemburg and other lands. Belgium was a strange country because there everybody speaked france and there were trash bags on the streets. In the morning the bags were gone so somebodys job is to collect all the rubbish at night. After few days we went to Netherlands witch was a beautiful country because there were lots of windmills and smooth land. At the city, there were many rivers and there were raining a lot. Then we went to Denmark to play the tournament and there were sunny and warm all the week. When the tournament was over we drove to North-Denmark and we travelled to Sweden with a lorry. Then we drove around Sweden and slept in motels which was really exciting. At last, we went to Stochholm and we sailed home. It was the longest trip of my life.



Football tournament in Örebro

Last summer my teammates ans I went to exciting football tournament to Örebro. It was my first games abroad. We went there without any clue about how good those Swedish teams would be. The journey started from Helsinki and continued to Stockholm. From there we drove 3 hours to Örebro city. It was a bit smaller than i was thought. We settled down to our hotel and headed to our first game. Our unlocal bus driver was a bit confused because there were 15 different play areas. We made it to the right place with only 15 minutes to the start of the game. Our other goaltender played that game. The game was very evenhanded. The game was solved at the last 10 minutes. Lost is never nice way to start the tournament. We didn’t let it push us down. At the hotel our coach had a small inspirational speech.

Next morning we were all ready to fight with finish sisu and beat those “swedes”. It was early morning game. The field was stunningly foggy and air was a bit humid.  Our opponent players were all longer than any of us. But sill we played like it would be our last game and i was like a wall on the goal. We won 2-0 and everybody were so happy. Days passed by and finally we were 3rd at our starting group. It meant that we are at the B-Finals knockout.

Finally when the Final day was starting we kinda knew that we are going to get this prize to home. The last game was a bit easy for us because we were won the semi-final on the penalties. I saved 2 shots of 4. We won the final easily 3-1 so we were B-Winners. Heres picture of our winning team.

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My funny trip to Sweden

It was june 17th 2010 when we went with my family and 23rd we came back.

We went to Sweden two years ago and we were there for six days, because there was the royal wedding. At start we went by ship from Finland to Sweden. When we were is Sweden, we took hotel room and rested a few hours. Then we decided to go to an amusement park, that was near our hotel. For some reason, my little sister was crying like crazy and I thought: ”Why, we are going to an amusement park”. So we waited for a while and then my little sister stopped crying so we went to park. We were in an amusement park for a few hours. In the evening we went back to the hotel and rested rest of the day.

Next morning was the royal wedding day and my family wanted go five hours before the wedding, that we would get good places. I waited two hours and then I said:”I go to hotel to rest”. I rested two hours and walked back to our places. I needed to wait only one hours. When the procession came, it was really long but it took only ten minutes. And that was one day.

Next day we left our hotel and we went by train to Kolmården. There is very big zoo and we took hotel from there. We looked different animals and we did many things in zoo. Next day we went again to zoo. We watched dolphin show. After show we went to safari drive. We drove close to the animals who were free. Ostrich suddenly came in front of our car and didn’t move away. So we waited half past hour and it moved away.  We also met a monkey who came on to my sister’s hat.  Afternoon we went back to the Stockholm and took hotel room close to the harbor and rested rest of the day.

Next day we spent all time to went shops and at 17.00 our ship left from Stockholm.

Crocodile at zoo


One of the most beautiful country ;)

It was a new beautiful day and I was really excited because I was going to sweden.I woke up at 7 am I was nervous ,since the ship left at 5pm.Before getting to the ship .I had to go to school.Im not going to tell you about the school day because , like you all now ,school is school.My school ended at 2.30pm and after that I went home to prepare for sweeten.The feeling on the ship was Christmas and the people  were friendly and amusing.After finding our cabin, we settled down and then we went to get some bite. The food was amazing. Since it was a buffet we ate as much as we could. They served Christmas food, like mashed potatoes and carrot casserole. But I didn’t like it. I prefer sea food like shrimps. When we were done eating, we went to a bar there was a girl singing. She was from Sweden and she sang smoothly. She made the whole audience to sing with her. After a bar we went to disco. We were dancing there and we had a lot of  fun.

Tickets (Silja Serenade), (SM Galaxy)

Tickets (Silja Serenade) (SM Galaxy)

When the ship was in Sweden ,we went shopping and bought beautiful clothes. I bought jeans, and a cute top. We were supposed to be in Sweden for 6 hours, so after shopping we went to a restaurant to eat.The food was delicious. After eating we went to an old town coffee shop.We sat there about 2 hours,because we were so tired. We had so much fun, that we forgot to watch what time it was and so we missed our ship back to Finland. It felt really stupid to missed a big ship, but afterwords we laughed at it. My sister’s husband bought us new tickets and then we got back to Finland with another ship. It was really fun to hang out with my sisters and Danny but like you all know what happen on the ship stays on the ship