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A journey full of experience

At 16th of February year 2014 we travelled to Gran Canaria. I wasn`t so excited because we use to travel a lot. Last year I was 5 times abroad. But now to the point. So we went to the airport at 6am in the morning our plane left. We did all the


My “stuff´´i bought from the shopping center.

normal stuff everyone does in the airport, like dispose our baggage and go through security and so on. Well the flight took 6 and a half hours but it went surprisingly fast because i had my best friend Tessa and my dad with me. As we arrived to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we could almost smell the Atlantic ocean. From the Airport we had to take a 30min bus drive to the hotel. It was boiling hot in the bus and there was some little kid feeling sick… Our hotel and especially our hotel room was fabulous we had a sea view, a balcony, a ground balcony, and me and Tessa got our own room. It was great. There was also a gift waiting for us in the hotel room from finnmatkat. We had been in the exact same resort so many times we got a present! Thats wonderful. I will not tell every single thing what happens next because everyone knows how the first day goes. But in this trip we had 3 special days. Well me, Tessa and my dad we got all our own days on witch we got to do our favorite stuff. Of course my Dad paid everything so we could do anything we ever wished! First Tessa`s day: In the morning we woke up and went to breakfast and there Tessa told us what we will do. We went drive water scooters! It was so fun without the exception of my broken nail. After that we stayed at the beach and in the evening we went to a really fancy restaurant. Next day was my dad`s day: My dad took us to the biggest waterpark of the whole island. It was called aqua park. We had a blast! He also went to a fish spa. In the evening we ate at a local steak restaurant. And at last my day.


The beach.

Well at my day we went shopping. I bought so much new stuff. My dad couldn’t be at the mall anymore so he left a bit earlier and left us still to the mall. When me and Tessa got back to the hotel my day wasn’t over yet. In the evening we went to a dinner musical which was fantastic! All the performers were scandinavian. They were singing  and dancing while we ate our gurme dinner. And the rest of the holiday we just laid on the pool and did some activities. It was a great holiday and i got so tanned.


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Camp Nou Experience

In October 2010 one of my life long dreams, to see my favourite football team FC Barcelona play, came true. My family and I were going to Camp Nou! I couldn’t have been more psyched about the trip!

When it was time to leave the rains of Finland and change it to the warmth of Spain, I tried to learn Spanish on the plane because I thought that I would get to know some of the locals. But of course that didn’t happen since I was very shy then. I remember everything being so different there, very big and crowded. I had never been in such a big city before because we had travelled so few times.

In Barcelona we first went to the hotel to check us in, and there we were standing in the reception. My dad tried to explain to the receptionist that we had booked and paid the rooms from this hotel. About half an hour later, it became clear that we, of course, were in the wrong hotel. Tired of the early wake up, we hit the streets of Barcelona to find our real hotel. Thanks dad!

The next day was one of the best of my life. We went to the stadium to collect our tickets to the game and got to know the stadium inside out. We also bought a lot, and I mean really A LOT of stuff from the fanstore near the stadium. In the evening, a couple of hours before the big game, my big brother and I had a pizza at a restaurant. Our fellow Barca fans, who were locals mostly, started chanting and cheering for the team. The atmosphere was incredible even in there.

The game started in the worst possible way when Valencia took the lead, but our team didn’t give up and rose to win 2-1.   With Barca’s captain Carles Puyol heading the winning goal, the crowd went berzerk.I chatted with a local Spanish couple during the game, which was a big achievement for me, since I was shy. But it was good practice for my English skills!

It was the best trip of my life and I will never forget it.

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My Favorite Place

Last summer we decided to went to Spain. I have been there many times, but I still love it. This was my fifth time there and I was very excited to go there.
The morning of our flight was very easy, not such a panic, as always. We packed our last things and went to the airport. Because there was a little extra time after security measures, we decided to eat something. We went to a cafe and the coffee and the food tasted so good!
After the flight we went to our house in Spain and left our staffs there.

A view from our house

A view from our house

I just put my bikini on and went to the beach. Going to the beach is always the first thing every time. The smell of the salty sea and all the Spanish people there, it is just best thing, and it shows me what I really love about this country.
When I was leaving, I saw my old friend Antonio, who has been lived in Finland too. I think we first met in a club. I haven’t seen him for a long time, so I was very thankful to see him. We walked home together and planned to see each other some day in Spain. It’s lovely that someone really remembers you after all those months.
So in vacation I did all things I usually do. I went to shopping Plaza mayor which is large shopping center in Malaga. I saw my friends and Antonio of course. We went to the beach and clubs. And one thing that I don’t usually do, seeing sights. I always think that “yeah, I have seen them all because I have been there so much” but that’s not how it goes. It is very helpful to learn about a new culture. But in Spain, there is no place where you wouldn’t learn it. For example in restaurants all the food is just different and explains so much about the country. My trip was so nice and I hope I will come here back here soon as possible.

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From cold Finland to warm Spain

My trip to awesome Marbella was very fun. It was very hot, about 36°c every day. I almost died because I’m used to being here in cold Finland. My face and my shoulders were so red and they hurt. I burned in the sun, even though I used sun protection. I think, lying in the sun it’s not a good thing to my skin if I do it every day. People there keep out of the sun to avoid skin cancer.

My vacation in Marbella was such an excellent time. My hotel was next to the beach, which means it was so easy go to the beach. When I looked out of the window I saw beautiful sea side. Opposite of the hotel was a lot of a little shops were the locals sold clothes and different kinds of stuff. Tourists always shopping on this area. Me too and i bought some souvenirs.

I had my lovely big sister with me. She is 22-year-old. I’m lucky we were just together on this trip. A whole family would have been too much for me… Me and my sister love seafood, especially shrimps. Seafood and fish are popular in costal areas. One day we went to the seafood restaurant. At first we ate Spanish tapas. The Spanish tapa is a small dish of food served with a drink. Then we order salad with shrimps. We also like very much all kinds of desserts. The people of Spain have created hundreds of unique desserts. For dessert I order flan. It is famous dessert in Spain.

Sun was shining, the weather was sweet and my trip was great.

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my quick trip to paradise

Last summer my family and I packed our bags and headed our way for sunny Alcudia in Mallorca. We were there for one week and time flew by fast. The whole week was fun and spectacular, but I want to tell you about the one day we went to Cap de Formentor. Cap de Formentor is a mountain range and it forms the eastern end of Mallorca’s Formentor peninsula.

One day my parents decided to rent a car so we could visit Palma and Cap de Formentor. We left our hotel in the morning. It was a beautiful day, the sun shone and there were no clouds in the sky. My dad drove the car up through the hills. The road was small and tortuous. It was scary because we had to drive on the edge of the road. The view was beautiful, I was in seventh heaven. We saw the sea on one side and on the other side there were rocks full of mountain goats. Finally, after a long drive, we arrived at our destination. We were probably at one of the highest points of the Cap de Formentor. I stepped out of the car and I was shocked. It was gorgeous and stunning and the air, was or at least it seemed to be, so much fresher. We visited the Formentor Lighthouse and around it there were herds of mountain goats. I even took a picture with one next to me.

IMG_2033 (2)

View from the Formentor Lighthouse.

After an hour that we had spent there we decided to drive to Palma. On our way down the mountains I spotted a bay where the water was turquoise near the beach. It was breathtaking the water was radiant and splendid. I insisted that we have to go there and so we did. My dad parked the car. From the parking lot we had to walk down the hill and there was a small path there which was full of stones and it didn’t look safe. We walked about one kilometer and the walking was really hard because the path was more like an obstacle course than a path. After the long and tough walk it was refreshing to get into the water and it felt like the water washed everything off me, it was so pure.


The bay where we went swimming.

That place was a paradise for me. I loved every minute of it and I felt that I was on top of the world. One day I will take my own kids there with me.


Lovely Barcelona!

It was summer vacation and I went to Barcelona with my mom, sister, one friend and her mom and brother. When we arrived at the airport in Barcelona we bought the bus tickets first and then we retrieve our house key, which was kilometers from the bus stop where we had come from. It was so hot and we were carrying our bags with us all the way. It was hard, but finally we got to the house with the key.
Everyday we moved around by metro. We had two days on the beach, the second day was Sunday and this is a day when almost everyone is on the beach. So it was crowded that day, but we found a good place anyway. The air and sea were so warm and the wind blew conveniently. Every day there was just like that, really warm and no rain. One day we just went shopping for the whole day and went to a big mall, where there were many shops.
Culinary experiences, not counting Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Starbucks, included some Spanish restaurant there was Spanish food there, a good pizza restaurant on the wall and one slightly finer restaurant there is spanish food too there.
The seafront was so beautiful. There were many people, restaurants and sometimes you could hear music. In the evening, the beach looked wonderful because it was twilight and there weren’t any people sunbathing anymore. This was our second time there, so we didn’t visit every tourists attractions this time. The Montjuic’s wonderful huge fountain was worth seeing and definitely in the evening. The show is like a colourful light show in the fountain with popular songs playing. It was amazing.
We walked a lot and just enjoyed ourselves. There were many street performers and street musicians. Barcelona’s main street La Rambla was full of people and commotion, but it isn’t bother us.


A Wonderful Trip To Gran Canaria Las Palmas

I finally made it to the place that I had dreamed about for a long time. The flight there took about 6 hours. When I stepped out of the plane a warm gust of wind blew in my face and the thermometer showed 26 degrees. The sun was shining and the sky was clear. There were a lot of people at the airport and there were a lot of different languages, Finnish, Spanish, English… An international atmosphere! I had been arrived in Las Palmas.


Hotel Imperial Playa

  The journey continued by bus towards  the hotel. I had chosen a hotel that was called Imperial Playa and was located on the beach of Las Canteras. In from my balcony there was a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. There were a lot of people on the beach, mainly Spanish. Many people sun bathed, some swam and some played football. The sea was reflected by the sail boats and the surfers. The sea smelled great. I was familiar with Spanish food culture and the food was outstanding! I found a restaurant which was called La Cabana Criolla. I have never eaten such a great steak. The place was nice and the waiters were friendly. I must go there again.

Las Canteras beach

I had booked tickets to a football match, UD Las Palmas against Sabadell. The match was played at Estadio Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Stadium. The atmosphere at the stadium was awesome. The home team and the away team`s supporters stood on opposite sides of the stadium. They waved their flags, played drums and encouraged own home teams. Win was important  for the UD Las Palmas because it ensured  access to the first division of the Spanish League which is called La Liga. At first, the visitors took the lead, but later the home team tied the match at 1-1. The atmosphere was exciting. Five minutes before the end of the match, Las Palmas Manuel Canpillo settled the match with a superb goal. The ball hit the goalkeeper`s hand in the upper right corner. The game ended. Las Palmas won the match 2-1 and made it possible to gain access to the La League. Great!

   After the game, Manuel Canpillo gave me an autograph and a photo. Of course I was going to put it in frames. I was missing the great restaurants, friendly and talkative people, the international atmosphere, the sunset, the sea and the warm climate. The trip was far too short!
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My Trip With A Broken Leg

Last summer we went to Mallorca with my two best friends, my parents and my sister. I also had a broken leg, which made things a bit more difficult. I couldn’t swim and it was really hot because it was the middle of July and I also had to walk with the crutches. Despite my broken leg, those two weeks in Mallorca were the best weeks of my life!

The first week we stayed in Cala d’Or, which was a beautiful place. It was small, but there was still a lot to see and do. We saw some beautiful beaches and we could see the harbor from our hotel balcony.

The view from our hotel balcony

The view from our hotel balcony


We ate a lot of good food and we also went to a disco some nights. Trust me, dancing with a broken leg isn’t that easy, but it was a lot of fun! The whole week was great and sunny and we got to know some British and German people.

When the first week was over, we were supposed to take a bus to Palma, but the bus was almost two hours late and I was feeling really sick, so we decided to take a cab there. Palma seemed like a really big and busy town after Cala d’Or. There was so much people and noise, but the city life felt good after a week of relaxation in Cala d’Or. I was able to walk some distances without the crutches in Palma, which made things easier because we did a lot of shopping and other activities there.

The streets of Palma

The streets of Palma

The whole trip was amazing even with my broken leg and I would definitely go back any time!



Spanish Experience

Two summers ago we visited Spain for two weeks. The first week we stayed in Barcelona. In Barcelona we had rented an apartment. We had our own swimming pool and our apartment was quite big. The apartment had three rooms and luckily the air conditioning worked well because the weather outside was very warm and sunny. Our apartment was close to a subway station so it didn’t take long to go to downtown.

The food in Barcelona was actually quite good. There were some places I loved and at least one that I didn’t. For example the place I loved was Hard Rock Cafe and then there was one place on a downtown side alley that was awful. I ordered chicken and it was partly raw and it didn’t taste very good. My stepfather ordered some kind of local sausages and I have to say that even seeing it made me sick.

We rented a car in Barcelona and drove to Benidorm. Benidorm had huge skyscrapers, but some of them weren’t completely finished. Our apartment wasn’t very great. It was near the beach and it had a good view, but what it didn’t have was working air conditioner and it was very hot inside the room. The apartment was dirty and there was dust all over the place. You couldn’t sleep at night because it was terribly hot and the upper floor residents had a party and it was extremely noisy. Luckily the owner was kind enough to return our money so we could change the hotel.

The view from our hotel room balcony. (C) Pekka T.

The view from our hotel room balcony. (C) Pekka T.

The beach in Benidorm was huge and there were thousands of tourists and local people. The sand on the beach was extremely hot. You couldn’t walk there without shoes. The sea was crystal blue and very beautiful. There were many bars and shops full of tourists  along the beach. The shops in Benidorm really didn’t have anything worth buying, just tourist junk, but it was fun to see what the local shops were selling.

We also visited a local amusement park called Terra Mitica. It was huge and exciting and there were different theme areas, for example Roman and Greek, where the setting was similar to a Roman or Greek village. I went to several rides. Some of them were really scary. In Finland we don´t have nothing like that. The roller coasters went up and down in such a speed that after a while you felt dizzy.

Amusement Park Terra Mitica near Benidorm. (C) Pekka T.

Amusement Park Terra Mitica near Benidorm. (C) Pekka T.

All in all the trip was good and everybody in my family was happy we went there. For me the best part was laying on the beach drinking soda and taking a swim when it came too hot. I definitely would like to go back to Spain in the future.

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My trip to fuengirola

I travelled to Fuengirola last Christmash with my friend Niklas. We stayed at a hotel which was very nice. The service and food where great. We stayed there for fifeteen days.

The weather in Fuengirola was very warm and sun was shining. Fuengirola was a beautiful place, but you shouldn´t walk around at night because there are a lot of criminals. At daytime, you don´t have to be worried about the criminals.

We did a lot of things there such as skateboarding which is an awesome extreme sport. There was very good skatepark which was made out of concrete. If you don´t like skateboarding there are other things you can do such as swimming or go to the zoo. Beaches where very beautiful and water was blue and very warm. In the zoo where a lot of rare animals such as white gorilla and Komodo Dragon which was three meter long and weight one hundred and fifty kilograms.

All in all, i loved that place. There were very nice people there and I would go there again.

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Our quick trip to Sierra Nevada mountains.

In the summer of 2012 we lived with my family in Spain in a place called San Javier. We decided to go see our finnish friends who had gone to Spain too, to Almeria, a little bit of Southern Spain.

We had driven from Germany to Spain in the beginning of the summer, so a little time sitting in the camper wasn’t a new thing. But that time we drove to Almeria, it was so hot, and i really didn’t like the whole camper experienceso it was even more painful. Luckily, our friends were already near us. They had rented a convertible so my brother and i went into their car and it was much more fun to be there than in the camper. The weather was so hot that we couldnt even drive with the roof open because we would’ve burned.

In the evening, we got to the camping grounds. It was a very beautiful place because it was high in the mountains. We drove our camper there and almost right away went to sleep. Altough that was quite hard because it was so hot there even at night.

The next morning, we packed our stuff into the car and started to head for the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It wasn’t a long ride altough the roads were very steep and like serpentine. The views were spectacular because we were so high.

Altitude 1.750 m (c) Linda Paju

When we got to the top of the mountain range, there was a really adorable ski village full of hotels and houses to rent. It was summer so there wasnt any snow at that time, it was colder though. We parked the camper and walked trough the village.It was really beautiful with all the colourful houses and all kinds of restaurants. We walked to a ski lift that took us even higher into the mountains. It was magnificent because the views were awesome and in the hills there were cows or some other animals grazing.

The ski village of Sierra Nevada. (c) Linda Paju

The ski village of Sierra Nevada. (c) Linda Paju

Lifts going up to the mountains. (c) Linda Paju

When we got to the top of the mountain it was cold and very windy there. The views were amazing again but we really didnt enjoy them for very long because of the wind. We went back down with the ski lifts and down in the village we went to drink some coffee to a restaurant.

A restaurant middle of the mountain. (c) Linda Paju

A restaurant middle of the mountain. (c) Linda Paju

Top of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. (c) Linda Paju

Top of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. (c) Linda Paju

After coffee time, we had a long trip back down from the mountain. When we got down we drove to the Almeria Beach and spent the evening swimming in the ocean and enjoying ourselves. We stayed there for a few days and headed back home to San Javier.

Before the trip i was super exited and i really tought it would have been more interesting and fun, but i was little disappointed in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I expected that there would have been something more because there really wasnt nothing, just cold wind and rocks. I think it would be more fun for me in the winter.  But it was a good trip tought and now i have seen what it is like.

From the beach of Almeria. (c) Linda Paju

From the beach of Almeria. (c) Linda Paju


Unlucky Trainingcamp

I have been to many different countries but the greatest trip ever was a swimming camp with my swimming team in Spain, Calella. I was so excited about the camp and I really looked for to it

When I first stepped out of the plane, I sensed the warmth that Finland didin’t have in April. The warmth wasn’t like Finland’s dry midsummer warmth, it was like being in a sauna but much lighter. Another thing that I noticed in Calella was that the people there were so nice. It wasn’t like everybody came to talk to us, it was more like everybody was so vivid and happy even though they lived in really poor conditions.

After a few days of the camp I was so exhausted. At first I thought that it was because of the heavy training and tight program. The fourth night I was really under the weather. At the night, I had had a high fever. When I woke up, I felt awful. My throat was swollen, I felt dizzy and I felt like somebody had beaten my head with a hammer. Luckily, after one day of rest and lots of antibiotics and I was swimming like a healthy young.

The camp’s last practice was the hardest. It required a lot of force and strength. But when I did my best and almost died in the end, it was worth it because when I got home I could say to myself, I had really advanced and reached my goals and that was the greatest feeling ever.

The beautiful beach in Calella cost, where we did visit a lot.

The beautiful beach in Calella cost, where we did visit a lot. (c) Kiira Karvonen


Two Weeks In Spain

I absolutely love Spain. Last summer I spent two weeks there with my family, another family we know and one of my best friends. We stayed near Barcelona, which is one of my favorite cities ever. We decided to rent a house since there were so many of us. And it was a great decision. I liked it much better than staying at some hotel with all the other tourists around.

The trip didn’t start so well though. At first we had troubles with the rental car, and then, when we finally got the car, we almost couldn’t find the house. And when we at last arrived there, it was really late and for some reason the house seemed weird and a little scary in the dark. We were all a bit reserved. I remember thinking that there’s no way I could sleep there for thirteen nights. Also I was half deaf because of the flight from Helsinki to Barcelona.

But it got better. I didn’t sleep a lot the first night, but when I woke up the next day I went outside and saw what everything looked like in the daylight. And it was really beautiful and peaceful. All of my doubts suddenly went away. And I could hear again, yay. We fell in love with the house and decided that we’ll go to the exact same house again some year.

Of course we didn’t spend all of our time at our little “home”. With the car it was so easy to move from place to place so we took the best advantage of it as we could. Some days we just drove through cities and cute little villages and stopped to do something every once in a while. I felt like living a dream. I think that and visiting Barcelona were my favorite things in our trip. The most boring day was the day we went to a water park and I forgot to take my bikini with me… So I kind of just walked around the park the whole day listening to music, trying not to get a sunstroke. I didn’t even get the whole point of going to a water park when there already were so many perfect beaches out there.

And the people. I got a little tired of getting so much attention because of my blond hair. Enough is enough. But mostly people were just very nice and fun and I enjoyed chatting with them. The conversations were quite simple though because Spanish people don’t really speak english… And I most definitely am not fluent in spanish, but I could handle the small talk fine.

We also shopped, sun bathed and swam a lot. Typical things to do on vacation. We got lost a few times, but I don’t think about that as a bad thing. There’s this song that was playing at the moment we were panicking in the wrong side of the road – now every time I hear the song that memory comes to my mind and actually makes me smile a lot. I really miss Spain!

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My christmas holiday

Here is a picture of the beach where we went a couple times.

Here is a picture of the beach where we went a couple times.

I visited the Canary Islands last winter. I went there with my friend Sanni and her father Timo. We were there for two weeks. We spent Christmas and New Year at Canary. It was my first Christmas away from Finland. I was very nervous because it was also my first trip without my parents. We left on December 23rd. It was a very cold morning and I was freezing. Our car was broken, so when we got to the airport I didn´t  feel my fingers because I had forgotten my gloves. Otherwise I was dressed very warmly. I had a quilted jacket and a fur hat.


 Our flight was on time and that was a very good thing because I didin´t want to wait any longer to get there. Then we got to the plane. We had our own row. I don´t remember anything about the flight because I slept all the way. I just remember that the captain announced that we had arrived. A few flight attendants laughed because I was still wearing that thick fur hat. I had to wear that all the way  up to the hotel because I had a bet with my stepfather. For sure. the local people thought I was weird.

Here is me and Sanni´s father Timo.

Here is me and Sanni´s father Timo.

We went to the hotel by bus. When we got to the hotel I couldn´t believe my eyes. The hotel was like a palace. There were at least four swimming pools. There was also a minigolf course, tennis court, basketball court and a lot of other activities. There was even a private market. The first thing we did was that we went to the balcony to admire the view. The air smelled of flowers and ocean. My skin felt the sun. I was on cloud nine.

There were parrots on the tree near our balcony.

There were parrots on the tree near our balcony.

Our first day went by lying around at the pool. On the second day we went to the beach. The sand was hot. In the evening we went to a restaurant. The food was very good there. Day three we went to a water park. It was fun there. Day four and five we just stayed at the hotel sun bathing. Day six we went shopping for the first time. There were many shops. It was very cheap there. Day seven we went on a boat trip which took six hours. We saw many fish. That was a nice day. Day eight and nine we were sun bathing  because we wanted to get a good tan. Days ten, eleven and twelve we woke up early and went swimming and shopping. We wondered why everyone called us sweetie. Day thirteen we went to a bigger city and there we went to a restaurant where waiters speaked finnish. Before we went to that restaurant I got a navel piercing. That was scary. But it didn´t hurt at all. The last day was sad because none of us wanted to go home and back Finland. So we had best holiday ever !


Unforgettable vacation

We recalled with my best friend Sara that summer when we were with her family in Madrid, Spain three years ago.  Then we got to know that we are going there again, this time in Marbella. That was last summer, just one of the first days of summer vacation. Every morning when we woke up there’s waiting for a warm beautiful day. We were able to land on the edge of the swimming pool sunbathing for several hours, but Sara get bored with it very quickly, and she lying under towels  the rest of the time. We changed the views when we were Marbella really quickly, we were there 10 days in five different hotel. At least we don’t had the time to get bored. And of course, we were shopping every day.
That feeling when we have hot and our legs was fire, but we still continue shopping for several hours, but it was all worth it. Most enjoyable of all was walking on the sandy beaches and able to feel the hot sand under feet and between toes, the sound of the sea and a refreshing ice-cold drink in hand. In the evenings we don’t stay up so late  as we tough. Especially I remember one thing on that trip. One evening when we were eating in the restaurant, and we ordered ice cream for dessert. Server accidentally let fall a big heavy glass bowl filled with ice cream, and that all drop on my dress.  Fortunately ice cream left from my dress and the server apologized hard. Experience was that, too. The most boring on the road, of course was departure back to the Finland. But it was really wonderful to get back home, cause I miss my family.  Suitcase was almost empty the way Spain and on arrivals completely filled. Unpleasant memory of homecoming was that  I had bought new shoes on the last day and I put those to return trip. I came home in the middle of the night, I left my new shoes downstairs and I went straight to the bed. When I woke up in the morning my dog was chew off big bit of my new shoes. I was annoyed.

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My Holiday in Spain

 I went away from Finnish rainfall towards the spanish sun with my brother, sister, granny and cousins. We rented own house which included the main house, guest house with a rooftop balcony and swimming pool. House was located in the village of ordinary. Nearby was the shops, cafes, restaurants, and schools.

There, I was able to see an ordinary life of the spanish. The village was a good traveling distance to larger cities.  We spend couple days just hangig up on the swimming pool and tanning. Other days we circled shopping centers and tourist attractions. Spaniards are temperamental and loud but very friendly people.

 We also tasted the Spanish traditional dishes as cheeses and hams especially ham called ´serrano´ was really good. We were able to taste the famous churros with chocolate sauce.

Spain was truly a beautiful country and there was a lot to see.  I’m going to go there again some day!!

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Sunny beach and football in Barcelona

Me and my mother took a trip to Barcelona year ago in august. We had a lot of fun and ate lots of delicious food. The weather was wonderful and sunny all the time and we got to enjoy from the hotness of the sun.

Traditional Spanish food is tapas. Tapas are small tastings and usually something exotic like octopus. Maybe the best place we went dining was a small place in La Rambla, which is the place you want to go if you wanna find the best food and most stylish clothes.

The highlight was of course the football match Barcelona against Real Madrid. It was my first ever game at the scene. It was great to see one of the best football players in the world in action.

We visited many cool places, but because my groin was torn we could not roam around the city as much as we wanted. However the holiday was marvelous and we both think it would be great to visit Barcelona again in the future…



My family decided one year age that we would travel to spain. We travelled to spain in  January. I travelled to spain with my brother, sister, mother. We travelled to spain with a plane. The trip to spain took 2 hours. When we were at spain, we took a taxi to our hotel. The hotel in spain was wonderful. We had a 5 star hotel and it was awesome . we had a swimming pool in our hotel. The first day in Spain we were taking the sun. The second day we were palying minigolf, and then we went eating. the 3 day we went to a restaurant and the food was really good. The 4 day we were jsut in the hotel because it was really rainy. The 5 day we went shopping. After that we went to our hotel and we went sleeping wery early because we had to woke up aerly becasue our plane was leaving back to Finland very early. When we were at the pålane, we all tought that we had to go back next year because the Spain trip was really nice !


My trip to Tenerife

Tenerifes sunset

I went to Tenerife last year, in Autumn. In Finland it was already snowing, so the timing was great for a vacation.
I stayed with my sister and grandparents in a small, cosy hotel, about 100 meters far from the long and white beach. The first days we only stayed near the hotel and its pools, but on really sunny days we went to the beach where we spent the whole day.

On the third day we went shopping. There was a big shopping street and it took us several hours and many drinks before we reached the last store. By the time we got to the hotel I was exhausted, but I got new clothes! Who cares about the sun if you can go shopping? 😛

We spent the fourth day in the capital city of Tenerife. There we went to this huge zoo called Loro Parque. There were these magnificent creatures called sea lions. They had this adorable show where I got a kiss from one of the sea lions. Here you can see a video of them. There were also some dolphins, killer whales and lots of parrots. It was a fun day!

These are the cute sealions

On our second last day we went to a water park called Siam park. They had these awesome water slides and the biggest of them took over a minute to get to the end of it! The wave palace was though the best if you ask me. It had machines which created huge waves nearly 10 meters high. I could almost imagine it was the tsunami coming! We played with my baby sister there until my grandfather jumped in and almost drowned us with the even bigger wave he made with his giant belly while jumping in the pool. 😀

On the final day we had the chance to go and learn flamenco. I suck at dancing and the dancing wasn’t fun. My grandparents even bought me a flamenco dress… but I haven’t used it since then, wonder why?! On the flight back we had good luck with the movies on the plane. We watched The proposal and it was so good. And the main character was so handsome! So in conclusion; A great vacation with the shopping, sun and the trips to the parks =)



I went to Tenerife in 2010. It was my first trip to Canary Islands and it wont be the last one.  I travelled with my mom, little brother, big brother and his fiance. The flight was about 5 hours long and it went well. When plane arrived I saw lovely sunshine coming through the window. After collecting our baggage we went to our hotel which was in Puerto de la Cruz. The hotel room was big enough and it was modern. When we walked on the streets of Puerto de la Cruz I could smell the salt of the Atlantic ocean. We went to local restaurant, because everyone was hungry and thirsty. When I saw the food menu I spotted the paella and ordered it. It was paella for 2 person so it was pretty big. After eating we just walked around the city

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My trip to Barcelona

I travelled to Barcelona in Spain, with my team. We were there in April. This trip was the first time my team and flew such a long way from home. We stayed at hotel. Hotel was called Htop Planamar. Planamar is a small and nice hotel, because it is located near beach. We stayed there for one week. In Barcelona was quite warm. When we didn’t have a game, we were in hotel, shopping in Santa Susanna or sun bathing

When our games in tournament were over, some of us went to see Barcelona on Thursday.  All my team went to Barcelona shopping on Saturday. Shop street’s name is La Rambla. When we were there so there were a lot of people from different countries. La Rambla is big  and long street. There is a big statue or fountain near harbour at the end of La Rambla. Barcelona centrum has a church that has been built for about 100 years.

We got many new friends. They are from Portugal, France, Italy and Spain. Some are boys and some are girls. We haven’t been very much in contact.

This statue is at La Rambla shop street (c) Nella Helminen

This church is in Barcelona centrum (c) Nella Helminen


Beautiful Mallorca

Our flight arrived in Mallorca at 2 am. It was a warm June night and I was tired. But the journey didn’t end at the airport. Our hotel was in east Mallorca so we had to drive there and it took an hour! On the next day, we slept a little bit longer. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. After breakfast we took a walk. The sea was close but the beach was a couple of hundred meters away. Of course there were lots of restaurants and little shops. The food was good and I ate a lot.

On two days we were on the beach. It was fun because the waves were so big and almost dangerous!  And the weather was almost hot… One day we drove to Palma de Mallorca, Palma for short. It’s Mallorcas capital. Everything was really expensive so we didn’t shop so much. But I didn’t mind it, I had lots of fun there.

The end of the week we went to a water park. There weren’t so many people because it was raining. It didn’t bother me. The water park was big, and we spent almost the whole day there. The evening was beautiful and warm. Flowers smelled good and looked gorgeous. I noticed how stunning nature was. I was sad when we left Mallorca and I decided to go back!

Dawn at Mallorca

Dawn at Mallorca. I took this picture at our balcony.

The ground was very mountainous!

The ground was very mountainous.


Glamour life in Marbella

It was middle summer 2011. I had waited for this trip so much. I could see my sister in Marbella.

Finally our flight arrived to Malaga airport first thing what i did i ran to the toilet because i dont want to use airplane toilets. Next evening we started our car and drove to Marbella.  When we arrived to Marbella we saw hundreds of sport cars: Ferrari, hummers, Bugatti, Lamborghini and all kind of expensive cars. The cars were fascinating and so gorgeous. The food was amazing it tasted a little bit of heaven and dessert woah!  Girls were astonish too! They all are brunettes and so social persons, they were having party costumes and party masks.  You can make friends very fast. Now when i am in finland i realize how shy people in finland are. Nobody never wears party mask and walks trough the downtown of Helsinki or asks you to take a picture with them. Now i  wish people in finland would be more social and be more sparkling.



Central of puerto banus Marbella