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my dream to go mecca ( holysite) one day

Mecca is the place that every muslim have to go once in life. Mecca is a dream for every muslim male and female.

Mecca is located middle-east in Saudi-arabia. there is visit every year four-five million muslim who had come worldwide.  I was interested when I was about 10 year old because I heard always people  spoke that place, but I understood later why people go there was about the religion. muslim people go there because  We muslim believe  GOD  will  wipes our sins when we visit once in Mekka to pilgrimage.

In our family my father was three time pilgrimage in mecca but me and my mother had never been there. my father was there three time because   he was working the   neighbor country in that time and it was easy to perform but me and my mother we was had to chance go there. Our plan is (if God willing ) me and  my mother  we will go next summer there to pilgrimage god.


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