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My first trip to Atlantic beach !

Flag of Portugal.

Flag of Portugal.

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever been ! Nature looked like paradise, the food was so good, people were nice and from the Finnish point-of-view every thing was perfect. I went to Lissabon, Portugal into summer of 2011 with my football team.

At lisboa.

We visit at Lissabon.

I just had been in Bulgaria for two weeks which I also liked but Portugal was still a place to my taste. I could move there immediately ! It was the end of June when we traveled there. Of course, there was also midsummer and nature flourished and the was just awesome.

Palm tree.

Big palm tree.

Trees at Lisboa.

Nature was flourishing.

The sun shone everyday and it was at least +25 celsius. The water in the ocean was very clear but cold and it continued as far as the eye could see. The beaches were bright sand and if you walked there without shoes it burned the sole of your feet.


Our nearest beach.

I regret that i never had time eat any traditional portuguese food, I just settled for one euro cheeseburgers at Mc Donald`s and the tournament organizers manufactured food which wasn`t good ! I went to the store everyday with my friends to buy fresh fruit which were  so much better than Finnish fruit.

Mc Donald`s

Our standard eatery, Mc Donald`s.

Disgusting tournament food.

Disgusting tournament food.

Portuguese people were also much more out going than Finnish people. When we were eating, suddenly some random boys just came to sit with us and start talking. I have never met people as social as them in Finland. I made lots of new friends there from Finland and other european countries for example Norway and Poland. I could go back anytime ! That week I spent there is one of the most memorable week in my life !



My ordinary trip to Portugal

My first foreign trip with my football team.. I Still remember how excited I was!
Usually you have to pack bikinis, towels and flip-flops with you, but this time it was different, my bags were full of football stuff like football shoes, ball, our team uniforms, shin-guards etc.
I have to say even though I know im a strong muscular girl, the bags were a little bit too heavy even for me..
But anyway, the whole team was so excited on the plain in our way to Portugal’s capital city Lissabon.

Lissabon’s airport

We all had watched the hotels pictures on their website, and the landscape pictures at Lissabon in google, the view and the hotel were so beautiful!
Or was it….. The reality punched us right to our faces… The hotel was terrible! There were creepy bugs in our room running across the floor, our door had wholes in it, so any little creature could come in at the middle of the night, the room didn’t even had a air-conditioned as the website promised.. It was so disgusting and I have to say that it was close, actually a little too close for us to throw up. But well, what can we do, we must just try to live with it, it would be only a week, it wont be so bad, wouldn’t it?

But let’s get to the point, we went to Portugal to a tend to a football tournament Lisboa Cup. Our few first games went pretty well, we won them both. So the feelings were pretty high and everybody were happy, the sun was shining, it was hot, so of course the free time went to tanning. At the middle of the week the most challenging games started. We got beat up by all of them, but it didn’t affect our mood. The games were done, so there were plenty of time to go shopping and stuff. So everybody were happy even though the games didn’t go that well, we placed sixth out of 8 teams, oops.. But the trip included lot of football, sun, shopping and fun times with my buddies, so what more can you ask for?

The Stadion where we played our few games

Our team during our game against Portugal’s team.

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Warm Portugal

I was with my family and friends in Portugal about two years ago. The weather in Portugal are really warm. We lived in there lovely terrace a house which had a big swimming pool in the yard. Close to our house there was also a big sea, which had lovely big waves it was nice to swim there! The sea water was very cold to the touch at first but when you swim a lot, you started to get used to.

I also liked to hang out with my family. It was really fun.

there were really good restaurants in Portugal, where the food was wonderful. we also visited a beach restaurant, where people ate all kinds of seafood.Personally i do not like seafood much or actually not at all, but the place was really nice restaurant.

Acquaintance lived in that city in Portugal. We Went with him to eat good food, and he showed us a lot of different places, such as the “end of the world.” It was really great and cool on the rock, and it was very windy. There, the waves were so high that people surfed there. Sometimes I hear the waves there are so big that they extend over the whole rock. The rock itself was a really big one.

The end of the world


Incredible trip to Azores

My trip to Azores was awesome !

First I’m gonna tell you little bit about Azores.  Azores is the group of islands which belongs to Portugal and it is located in atlantic ocean. We visited one of the island of Azores called São Miguel.

I love photos so I took photos almost about everything. First thing that I did when we landed at the Ponta Delgada’s airport which is (by the way) capital of São Miguel, I took pictures of airport. With me at the trip was my dad, mom, and my sister.  Here a few photos from the airport:

Ponta Delgada Airport

Ponta Delgada's landmark

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Portugal 2011

Last summer my family and I travelled to Portugal, Albufeira. We had been in the exact same place before, so we knew all the places and good activities already. So we have been there twice and we are planning to go there again next summer.

On the first day, we barely had time to go to a restaurant or the beach because we got there pretty late because of the long bus journey. But it was okay to because it was still warm outside. It was awesome to see the beautiful sunset and see the white buildings all over the city. I also loved those gorgeous flowers and i have hundreds of thousands of pictures of them.

The next few days we just chilled on the beach and the pools. I love how the water is so bright blue out there! I also loved the soft sand all over the beach.

Halfway through our trip my sister, my mom and I went shopping. One night we went to the old town, wich, by-the-way, is really beautiful! It’s full of white buildings, street sales, pubs and restaurants. The next day we went to the shopping center and I bought a lot of clothes – I even ran out of money and I had to borrow my sisters money…

So overall, I liked our trip and I can’t wait to go there again!