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Between Canals Gates

It was december 2010. We had travelled about 14 hours with our family and grandparents and we finally arrived to our hotel. We didn’t have rooms like in most hotels, we had little house that we rented from the hotel. Thank god there was free minibus service, so we hadn’t walk between houses and hotel everyday, because the house was located few kilometers away from the hotel. When we arrived to the beach, I was amazed, the hotel area and the beach was so beautiful. The hotel was located in the other end of the beach. I don’t know where the beach ends at the other end. We also rented guide and ATV’s and we drove along the beach but we never reached the another end. The ATV tour continued whole day and we drove around villages and countryside, where you could see what Panama really looks like. At the middle of our tour we came to little beach that was surrounded by huge cliffs. Our guide told that people had surfed there and some of those guys never came back. And I could see why. There was HUGE waves but most of them ended to a rocky wall of the cliffs. After that place we saw few guys in the woods smoking and they looked that they were higher than the highest skyscraper in Panama City.

Its me riding ATV

Next day we went to real American Indian village. We went there with tiny wooden canoes with engines. The village was very tidy and everything was nicely decorated with stuff from forest. Villagers danced for us and after that we had tour around the village. There was several houses and school. After the tiny tour we could buy some souvenirs made by American Indians. We also see few small crocodiles in the water when we came back.

At the end of our 2 week holiday we managed to get to the most important tour in Panama, tour in Panama Canals. For those who don’t know anything of this important canal. It was opened in 1914 and its very VERY important for ships. With this canal ships wont need to go around whole southern america. All time canal is under construction because ships are getting bigger and bigger. We saw a big boat with lots of explosives, they are going to explode bottom of the canal to get it deeper. After the ride in the canal we went to museum wich is next to one of the gates. In the top floor you could see the gate and there was this massive car transportation ship going to Atlantic ocean, probably from Japan. Everything went well down there. Little robots that looked like tiny cars pulled the ship trough the gates and kept ship still when water was lifting this huge ship upwards.Then gates at other end opened and the ship started its journey trough narrow canal to other side of Panama to move through another gates and another gate until it gets to Atlantic ocean.

One of the gates and damn big ship

One evening when we were eating dinner in hotels one of the restaurants, we saw a tiny pick-up truck that was decorated to look like Santa Claus’s sled and Santa Claus himself were waving at us from his “sled”.

Santa Claus 🙂