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Trip to Norway

I went with my father to Norway in summer 2012. We drive trough Finland to Kirkenes, Norway. In Kirkenes we went to see sight Andersgrotta. Drop down the steep stairs of Andersgrotta into this cave that once served as an air-raid shelter and bunker as wave upon wave of Russian bombers sought to knock out the Nazi or shipping facility. There was a multilingual presentation and a nine-minute video that also tells the tale of Andersgrotta. From Kirkenes we drive back to Finland and we slept in Utsjoki. When we got to the Utsjoki  about 11pm clock we tough that we would drive back home but in the morning we get the another thoughts and we decided to drive back to Norway and go to Nordkapp (North Cape). Nordkapp is the most northern point in Europe. First we drive from Utsjoki to Stavanger (Lemminjoki) and we ate a lunch there, then we continued driving to Nordkapp. Road to Nordkapp was awesome, we drive about 100 kilometers along the seashore and the weather was magnificent.


In Nordkapp there was a museum.  And there also was a video that told the history of Nordkapp. After we had seen everything in Nordkapp we start heading back to Finland and home. We had about 1 500 kilometers back home. We drive straight to Finland from Nordkapp and we slept in some kind of reindeer camp which were in Enotekiö. After good night sleep we start driving toward home. On the way home we stopped in many ski centers like Ylläs and Pallas. We drove almost whole day and we finaly get back home in the late night. In my opinion the trip was very refreshing and nice. And the whole trip took only 5 days.