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Malta – parties, beaches and new friends

Last summer I was in an English language course in Malta, St. Julian’s, for three weeks. I got the course as a confirmation present from my parents, and it was the best present ever. Of course the permission to go demanded bribing and blackmailing, and it apparently worked! For a plus my friend Bella succeeded in persuading her mom to let her go too. We chose Malta because of the beaches and great parties, and that’s what we got.

Soon we were on the airplane heading to Malta. Then we took our first step to the warm paradise – it was about 40 degrees there! A bus took us to our, not that fancy but good enough, hotel Villa Rosa. The first people who we got to know were our lovely roommates Sonja, Ellen and Vilma.

Pool of Villa Rosa

Soon our adorable leader, Warren, was guiding us around the city. We realized how much we loved the place: the beach, mall, beach club and disco were very near our hotel. Only place that wasn’t near was our school. It was on top of a big hill, and it really wasn’t nice to walk there for twenty minutes, under the burning hot sun almost everyday. But it was worth it: in school we made maaaany new friends, not only Finnish, but Spanish and Italian too. And the school was ok: our Maltese teachers were very nice and the studying was versatile, for example we discussed a lot of relationships, different kinds of lifestyles and other things.

School took only a few hours of our days, and weekends were free. In the daytime we were lounging at the beach or at the hotels pool, sunbathing and swimming. Of course we also shopped and met new people from all over Europe. We also had a trip to Valletta.

The Graduation

In the evenings we were in the Sky club in a disco, in foam parties, in beach parties or in karaoke. When we got fed up with partying, we just relaxed on beach full of young people.

Sky Club

Malta was an awesome experience. It made the summer of 2011 the best summer for me: new friends, partying, different cultures and living for three weeks without my parents, trying to survive on my own. I gained courage to speak more English and go and see the world on my own. So world, here I come!


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My first time abroad

Before my language coursetrip to Malta, I had never been on an airplane. I wasn’t afraid of being away from Finland for three weeks without my family, but even a thought of me being up in the air was terrifying.

We had booked the trip over half a year ago with my friend Saara and we were so impatient and excited as we were counting the minutes till summer. Time seemed to pass by painfully slow, but when the departureday came, it felt like a dream. The whole first night/day was kind of blurry and felt so unreal.Actually that feeling stayed with me the whole time. Everything was so different compared to Finland and it made it feel even more unreal. The people there were so open, the atmosphere was great and you could buy pizza and baguettes everywhere. It was probably the best three weeks of my life.  Although it was almost too hot to bare(about 30 degrees all the time) , we were still sunbathing everyday.  We spend our time also swimming, shopping, partying and just having a blast with our new friends.

The Golden Bay Beach: taken on the last day ):

Because it was a language coursetrip, we had to go school there. But it was nothing like in Finland. At the first day, we had a test which divided us into groups which were stated from 1-4. Group four was for the ones who got the best results from the test and I was in it and that was kind of surprising, because the test was quite hard. The school was made from rock and it made the building look a bit old, especially from the inside.  No matter what the building looked like, we still had so much fun during the lessons. The teatcher had always come up with all kinds of great activities which improved the team spirit, for example once we had to plan our own island. And making those things made us know each others  better.

I got so many good friends there, Italian, Spanish, Catalan etc. and of course Finnish. Even though we don’t see each others (since we all live in different countries) we’re still keeping in touch on Facebook. I really miss those guys, but especially the Italians! They all were so open and friendly and funny! It’s hard to even try to describe them, they were just awesome 😀 But of course my favourite was one guy who was in the same group with me.

Level 4 students on the graduationday

EF also organized cool parties there. The EF disco was everynight but including that there were some other more special parties like Megaparty and Summeranza. We just danced and laughed and made some more new friends at those parties. The music was great, the lights were amazing and the company was the best you could wish for.

Altogether my first journey abroad was indescribably awesome and I’ll always remember it! And I’m deftinately going back someday.