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an autonomous culture-rich country in the Middle East…

For those who do not know what Kurdistan is, Kurdistan is an autonomous culture-rich country in the Middle East. My family comes from Kurdistan Iraq, but us Kurds call it Kurdistan. Do not start arguing about that with a Kurd… You will lose! Why? Because us Kurds, we are very proud of our heritage, And can proudly call myself a Kurd. My sisters, my mother and I  went to Kurdistan in the summer in 2012. And boy was it hot! As I stepped out of the plane a hot wind slammed my face. ” We´re definitely in Kurdistan,” I thought to myself. After the hot wind slammed my face I immediately smelled gas, since there is so much of it in Kurdistan. I love that smell, as weird as it sounds…

I have to say, it was quite weird going weird going there because I was so used to the Finnish culture. After all, I was born and raised in Finland and needless to say the Middle Eastern culture is quite different from the Finnish culture. The people in Kurdistan are so hospitable! If you are invited to someone´s home for dinner, do not eat anything before that, because they will feed you till you can´t walk… I´m not over-exaggerating. I gained four kilos there!  And i even fasted! Nevertheless I really enjoyed my stay in Kurdistan.

We went up to the mountains by a car at night. My god, the stars in the night sky! it was breathtakingly beautiful. You could see the stars so clearly up there.

We went to my auntie´s summer cottage and camped up next to her house. We just lay on the grass, drank tea and admired the stars all night. In the morning we woke up to this unbelievable smell of the cardamom from the tea. Let me tell you something, that is the life. Although you are up in the mountains so do not be alarmed if a gout comes to you out of the blue.

Needless to say I enjoyed my trip to my homeland and I can´t wait to go back to Kurdistan!

A beautiful river up in the mountains in Kurdistan. (c) Nergs Abubakir