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Terrified of Lions

The lion came closer to our car. My mom kept taking pictures of this beautiful creature while me and Sabrina were crying. That’s how petrified we were.

It was December when my family and I flew to Kenya to see our relatives and friends. I was really excited about the trip. Seeing my family after many years was something I had waited for a long time. Besides all the fun I had with my relatives there, the trip to the safari was the most memorable.

My uncle, cousin, mom, 2 brothers and I took a car and went to a safari in Nairobi. Before we got in we drove to a huge gate where we paid for getting in. After paying the gate-keeper smiled to us and told us to enjoy the trip.

We drove for a few minutes and I didn’t see anything. My uncle said the animals were hiding in the shadows because it was so hot. After a while we finally saw some giraffes. They were stunning and huge. But we didn’t get so close to them what was a shame.

After the giraffes we saw zebras and some monkeys. But I was waiting to see something else. Something more interesting and dangerous. And it didn’t take a long time before we saw them. Lions. They were absolutely gorgeous. But at the same time terrifying. ┬áThere were a few cars watching them too and a few people outside their cars taking pictures which I thought was insane.

The lions were relaxing under a tree. They were beautiful. The male lions were so majestic. Suddenly the biggest male lion stood up and started walking towards us. My cousin and I started panicking. All the lions got up and followed the male. When they started to get closer the men taking pictures of them got in their cars where it was safer. The closer they got the more we started shaking. I was convinced they wanted to eat us. Sabrina, my cousin, and I started crying. We were so terrified. My mom tried to calm us down.

After a while we realized the lions just wanted to cross the road. That’s better than eating us even though how could they get inside a car. Sabrina and I started laughing because we were relieved. We continued the trip and my mom wished to see some hyenas and I was praying that they were hiding somewhere far away from us.

After the lions we didn’t see any animals anymore. I really wanted to see a crocodile but they were good at hiding. I was glad we finally left the Safari. I swore to myself I wouldn’t go there ever again. Too terrifying for me.



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