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An Incredible Vacation In Rome

Country where I visited is Italy. I was in Rome with my grandmother in last ski holiday. Flight there took about 4 hours. So it’s still comfortable travel compared to when I was in Florida. But our Rome trip was great! We saw a lot in there and got to visit a variety of attractions including the Colosseum. Because we were there in February it was quite cold about ten degrees warm. I love Rome and I want definitely go there again. The food there is heavenly! All those pizzas, pastas, mozzarella cheese and steaks! I was in heaven. So every day we woke up and went to breakfast. Then we went to walk around the beautiful city. We ate well and shop a lot. In the end of our journey I was gained weight a lot because of the amazing food. That was our trip. I would definitely go there again.


Italian spagetti with tomato sauce.



Disappointing City

In this blog post i’m going to talk about the negative and positive things in my trip to Naples. My family and I spent one month in the city of Naples back in the summer of 2013. We went into the city with bigger expectations than we should have. I thought of the city as a lovely tourist city. Oh well.

The city was all really dirty, big rats ran around even the rich part of the city. I could only imagine what it was like in the poor part of the city. I can’t forget the smell of the city, it was like spoiled food!

The city itself was a real disaster, luckily we didn’t travel all the way there to see the city, instead we traveled there to see sights like Pompeii and the famous volcano Vesuvius. A warning to people going to visit Vesuvius, you don’t want to go there in the morning because it’s going be hot. Instead go there after about 3pm.

The city was a mess, but the people in the city didn’t behave rudely or anything, mostly just people minding their own business.

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The Useless Navigator


In 2010, my mom and I traveled to Italy. We flew to Rome and rented a car at the airport. We were heading to the Alps. For the first time, my mom had brought a navigator with us. We had always navigated with old-school maps, but now we had a modern navigator with us.
  The drive to the Alps had gone well and half-way there our navigator just turned off. We drove to the side of the road and tried to fix it. Usually I am good with electronics but I could not fix it. We did not bring any maps with us and my mom was enraged.
  We kept on going and crossed our fingers that we would find a shop that sells maps. Well, after ten minutes of intense driving we found a blessing in disguise. It was a weird immigrant car shop. We went inside the shop and it smelled like kebab and cigarettes.The owner of the shop was very happy and kind to us. Fortunately they had 20 different maps on the wall.
  The road trip went well after that and we had a blast in the Alps. But what happened to the navigator was a mystery, it never turned on and I have no idea whatsoever where it is now and what happened to it.


The Bizarre Taxi Driver In Italy

I traveled to Italy last year with my family. We went to Rome, the capital of Italy. It was my first time on an airplane in ten years. I was scared for the flight because I have watched so many airplane accident documentaries and movies. I just thought about all the bad things that could happen during the flight. Nonetheless, it went well.
We stood in front of the airport and waited for the taxi. After 10 or 15 minutes we got a taxi and we could get to our hotel. On the way to the hotel, the taxi driver wanted to tell us about Rome. It was a problem that the taxi driver couldn’t speak English so he used a translation app from his phone. It was quite bad, but we understood each other so it worked well enough.
The car stopped and I looked out of the window. We were not at the hotel. We were at a gas station and the taxi driver was refuelling car. After that we continued the trip to the hotel. I think it was a little bit strange that the taxi driver refueled the car when he had passengers with him. I have never seen something like that in Finland.
The end of the trip went well. The food was excellent and it was gluten-free. We went to see the Colosseum. It was awesome. It was the trip of my life! I really recommend travelling to Italy because it’s a beautiful country with excellent food and kind people.


Back to Italy

It was last summer in 2013 when I travelled last time. I travelled to Italy, like always, because I’m half Italian, and my family lives there. We live in Perugia, and from Roma it takes almost 2 hours of  travelling by a car.

I love travellng, especially when I travel by plane, because I love the meal that’s served on the airplane. Anyway like I was saying, I went to Italy because my family lives there. I usually go once a year, for 2-4 weeks, and last time, I was there for two weeks.

I’m always happy when I see my dad, sister, grandparents and everybody, but I’m always sad when I leave them. In italy, I do all kinds of things, but mostly I want to get tanned, so I’m always under the sun. I also love Italian food, because the food is like unique and the spices are deliceous! That’s why my family and I go out to eat at restourants and it’s very cheap. Speaking of low prices, I like to go shopping in Italy and buy all kinds of clothes. I always go to swimming pools because it’s definetely one of my favorite things to do, not to mention  the ocean or the beach! It may sound crazy to lay under the sun for 6 hours, but at the of the day, in my opinion, it’s all worth it and fun.

My dad had an own job in Tavernelle, which is a little village in Italy, where I had one of the my best friends of my childhood. So my dad and I wanted to see that little town, and believe it or not, I met him – my best friend from childhood! It was so awesome to see him after such long time and talking about how time flies and how things have gotten different. I look forward to my next trip to Italy.

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San Marino

I opened my eyes. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. Beautiful Mediterranean Sea was directly in front of me. Sea glistened in the sunlight and a large village spread below me. It was little cold even though I was in Italy; land of pizza and pasta, great fashion and beautiful, dark haired people. I was happy. I was in San Marino.

San Marino is a small village on the mountains called Monte Titano. San Marino is the fifth-smallest state in the world and is the second oldest republic in the whole world. The village is surrounded by walls and village has its own castle and a church. In the old days the castle was thrown from the bridge down to all the women, who were believed to be witches. When women were thrown down can she considered to be one of them, and if you knew how to fly, this was a witch. Several thousands of women died because of this.

San Marino is made ​​of stone and narrow walkways are great old-fashioned and the village is full of interesting small shops. Clothes, perfumes and bags are cheap there, but the most beautiful thing is the view. Fresh air and green landscape makes everybody happy. When you look down, the drop is overwhelming. I’ve never been in such a beautiful place. I didn’t want to leave, but I had to. Fortunately, the village of San Marino will never go away from there, because I will come back!SAMSUNGSAMSUNG



”O Sole Mio”

Venice is one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world. Venice is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. Venice is heavily touristed city and it has romantic charm remains. Venice is a special place to go and if you have ever think about going there, you should definitely go!

I went to Venice in summer 2011 with my mom and sister. When we arrived in Venice the sun was shining and it was about 100 degrees. Well not really, but it felt like it. Venice was a whole other world. It was like in the movies. I wasn’t expecting such a wonderful place. Venice is built over the water  and there aren’t any streets  to drive on by car.

We went to the harbor and took a gondola ride. An old man with a big mustache rowed us out to the sea and he sang a song called, ”O Sole Mio”. It was like straight from the movie. So romantic and beautiful. People were smiling and listening to him singing. Some people were holding hands under the hot sun and they seemed happy.

I think Venice is one of the most beautiful places were I have ever been in my life. We weren’t so long out there, but it was enough to fall in in love with that place. I want and I will go back some day and you should too! You won’t regret going there.

View from Venice

c Jenni.V

Gondola ride (c) Jenni.V

Jenni Viitasalo

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I will be there Rome!

It would be lovely to visit Rome. I have read so much about it. All the sight-seeing what I might see. Oh and the food! Oh my god I have heard so many times about it and all the times I keep hearing the same. They say that Italian food is the best food what you can ever taste or eat.


                                              Fresh Italian food looks very delicious.


And one thing is sure if I will visit Rome in future. I will go to see every possible sight-seeing. Colosseum, Spanish steps, the Vatican. There is a lot of more to see! They all are a sight for sore eyes.


Most of the time the temperature is over the zero and it would be pleasant to feel. If I had to decide when I have to go there I would go on July. Because at that time there is a warm season going on and it would be lovely to just lay on the beach taking sunbathe.


                                                                         Just like that!


My cheerleading competition in Italy

Last summer I went to Italy with my team. Last time we won the national cheerleading contest so we went to represent Finland to Italy. Last year in Slovenia we won silver medal and we were disappointed of that , but this year we had hope.

Flight to Italy took about 3 hours. It was so much exhilarating flight with my team because there wasn’t my annoying parents . When we arrived to Rome we had to take bus to Riccione which took 4 hours to drive and at the bus we all were dying because there was really hot!

When we arrived to the hotel there were two others teams from Finland but anyway the hotel was nice and there was big pool at the yard. Then we boarded to our rooms and there smell like an old man. But whatever then we went to see our competition place and it was huge !

We compete on saturday , but the distribution of prize was on sunday. Our show went very good in my opinion there fell only one stunt and it wasn’t so bad mistake . In distribution of prizes we were nervous because it wasn’t piece of cake to win gold medal.. But when they said our name that we were at the first place everybody start screaming and jumping. It was unforgettable feeling.


After the competiton we had more free time and some of us went to the beach or shopping , but i didn’t like shopping there because there was so expensive. At the beach everybody were looking us beacuse we did some stunts and backflips.

Over all the trip was amazing and now i am the winner of European National Cheerleading contest !


An Italian week

Finally the 21st of June had arrived! I had been waiting for this day because my family and I were going to Sicily for a week. If you don’t know, Sicily is an island on the coast , of southern Italy. Right where the boots tip ends. Sicily is famous for its Mafia and especially everyone who loves Godfather movies knows Sicily because the movies were filmed there.  Anyway I was going there for a week  to enjoy the sun and the beach. See this page which gives hints for Sicilys tourists.

The view from Castelmoa and you might see the souther part of Italy (c) Jemina Jalonen

Our hotel was pretty big and we got  our own pool and the beach was close, about a 5 min walk from our hotel. As soon as we got to our hotel my parents and I left for a little walk to the city. Oh did I mention we stayed in Giardini-Naxos, a very beautiful beach city. The next day, we had our first trip. It was a trip organized by the travel agency and we went to Motta Camastra, Castelmoa and Taormina. In Mastra Camastra we saw a church that was in the Godfather movie. My dad was extreamly excited to visit this location.

Etna is the largest volcano in Europe I took this picture while hiking the path with my brother (c) Jemina Jalonen

On Friday we rented a car, a little Fiat Panda and luckily I got the shot gun because I am the best one to read a map. But on Friday we went on excursion to Etna, a large volcano. When we got there my brother and I wanted to get higher so we started hiking. There was black lava rock and dead white trees everywhere. We found a little path and we started following it. The path was hard to walk on and it was so hard to breath because we were so high up and the air was so thin. We took some pictures and headed back down.

We had our Fiat Panda for saturday so we drove to Syracuse, a historic city. We saw some churches and ruins, but while looking for a place to eat we walked over this bridge and looked down at the water. There were a lot of guys on canoes and they had a ball that they were throwing at each other and knocked other team players canoes over so they were upside down faces in the water it was clear they took it seriously. This sport is called Canoe polo here is a video of canoe polocheck it out and see if you fancy it.

The last days we spent on the beaches tanning and went shopping in Taormina and I got a new purse and I was as happy as girl can be. Sicily was amazing and I enjoyed my time there. Hopefully I get a chance to go back.

Some canoe polo in Syracuse (c) Jemina Jalone

My brother, my mom and I in Castelmoa (c) Jemina Jalonen