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My other life

Every summer I spend two months in Israel with my relatives. My relatives live near to Nazareth in the village called Bueina-Nujeidat. It’s in Israel but there are only muslims in that village. The village is some kind of valley.

Last summer in 2012 i was there with my family and my friend. The weather there was very hot like every summer. We have a house there but we like more to spend time at my uncle’s house.

We shopped and swam there a lot. And of course we ate a lot of their amazing and delicious food.

There were many weddings where we were.

Beautiful weddings (:(c) Iman Nujeidat

Beautiful weddings 🙂
(c) Iman Nujeidat

Last two weeks we were fasting there because of Ramadan. It’s a month when Muslims fast. We didn’t eat or drink from sunrise until sunset. After that we ate all together.

I spent almost every summer in Israel and I’ll never be bored of going there again and again.

Bueina-Nujeidat(c) Iman Nujeidat

(c) Iman Nujeidat



International Congress For Environmental Leadership In Israel

It was nine o´clock when the gala night was wrapped. After all those speeches and music shows we went outside to 30 degrees from airconditioned auditorium.

The Delegation of Finland at Palmahim Beach

We were in Israel, nearby Tel Aviv in local green school, Hakfar Hayarok. we went to Israel because of Green Summer Camp and Environment Congress. There were youngsters from all aroundin the world. The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel,  South- Korea, Taiwan and ofcourse we, the delegation of Finland. Every other kids were with their schoolmates and classmates, but we, the delegation og Finland were there sent by the International Award for Young People (the international youngsters program). The first two of days we lived in hostfamilies, the childrens of those families studied in Hakfar Hayarok. Then we lived in that school, but we made lot of excursions.

So, it was the fourth night in Hakfar Hayarok and after the gala we exited the auditorium. In outside we met the ambadassor of Finland in Israel. We exchanges a couple of words with her. She was also there to see the gala. There were shows by all of those delegations from Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, South- Korea, Taiwan and Finland in that gala. Every country delegations had prepared increbible spectacles, either dance or musicshow, which told something about own country. The Germans had funny music show, where the students played the instruments and sung. The Dutch also had a song. Bulgarian and South- Korean both had absolutely gorgeous dance shows! They were very showy. Israeli had two diffirent shows, very beautiful solo dance and very cheery traditional song. The Polish had some kind of hobbyhorse dance or show. I´m not sure what was it, but it was funny and diffirent. Taiwanese had also dance show. And we did sing Juha Tapio´s song called Väsyneet Maan. Beautiful!

After that gala we just hung put in the school area and in the pool and we had fun, listened music and dance, just chatted and played games and all kind of stuff like that with all those new and old friends from all around in the world. That night, we slept for maybe one hour. When it was half past two AM, we had to wake up. We had half an hour to do our morning things and the the busses took off at the three o´clock AM heading for the Dead Sea and Masada.