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My happy family in Iran

I went to Iran last summer without my mother and sister.

For the first time in my life I was traveling alone far away from home. I was so nervous and I couldn’t eat anything at all but after a long flight and waiting it was good to be in my home country.

The feeling was great when I saw my relatives coming to pick me up from the airport. Oh my god! The trip from Teheran to Kurdistan, Sanandaj was so lonf and the heat in the car, almost killed me! The way all the Iranians drive is scary and dangerous and you should wear earplugs becouse of the beeping.

The next morning when I woked up there was nothing to compare to that feeling when you hear the prayer coming from the mosque, the smell of  fresh baked bread, The sound of the people in the streets and grandmother calling you to come and eat breakfest. Traditional breakfest in Iran is fresh baked bread, home made cheese and chai (tea)

My family is the kindest and most hospitable family in the whole city! My grandmother makes the best traditional food . My uncles are blacksmiths and the youngest uncle is working on university.Most of my cousins are studying in university and few of them are still lower level comprihensive school.

Traditions: Every friday night people are going to mosque for friday praying, after that every body is gathering together for a trip to the mountain where they are eating and having good time together.