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Lovely Ingushetiya

Hi my name is Rashid, I am from Ingushetiya North Caucasus. Ingushetiya is a beautiful country. Every summer I go to my country because my relatives live there, my friends and lovely girl. Ingush people are friendly and funny but sometimes crazy.

I like to go to Ingushetiya because mother nature is so beautiful there is month, animals, for example. eagles, wolves, lizards… My friends we always go to a restraint, cinema, swimming play football and playing computer games we are like soma big family because we are always together. Ingushetiya is a small country but there are too much shops, fashion and travels place.

Ingushetiya have a lot of traditions, ”Lezginka can be a solo, couple or group dance. Men and women are dressed in traditional costumes  men wear a sword adorned on their side and women in long, flowing dresses. The man, imitating an eagle, dances in quick, concise steps; falling to his knees and leaping up quickly. The woman dances quietly, taking light, small steps—giving the appearance of her floating around the floor. When the dance is performed in pairs, the couples do not touch; the woman acknowledges the man, and dances discreetly about him”








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