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My lovely trip to Budapest!

The last mid-summer me, my boyfriend and my family, including; my older brother Antti, his girlfriend Julia, my mom dad Minna and Tapani, little sister Alisa and younger brother Mikko, we all visited the beautiful capital of Hungary, Budapest. We stayed there for 4 nights. At that time in Budapest there were major heatwave, the temperature raised over +35c at day time. Like Robert said he had never felt so warm outside.
The hotel where we stayed, were very comfy and felt secure, although Roberts and mine hotel room was very hot and it did not even have AC! Eventhough we had our window open all night it still were too hot and too uncomfortable and we could barely sleep, plus there were some kind of a turbine just behind corner, outside of our window, that kept hell-like noise throught the night.

We were lucky because we had an outside-pool in the hotels inyard.

There we spent alot of time if we werent shopping or sightseeing the city. I love shopping and i always use alot of money when shopping. Just like i did on this vacation too. Both of us Robert and me bought many pieces of clothes because they were much cheaper and more original than here in Finland. My favourite store was Bershka and i found many clothes from there.
As a family we visited many toursights like Buda-castle, the house of parliment and museums, and notable thing was that we were just beside Tonava, which is the second longest river in Europe. We also checked out the world wide famous spa’s and went to have some fun in waterpark, especially my little sister Alisa. And ofcourse we all got bit tanned.
One thing to point out, Robert loved the little Mojito-stand in Pest next to Tonava, where you got delicious Mojito drinks just for few coins. They were very colourful, beautiful and tasted like heaven.
We spent the evenings walking outside at town or had some food with my brother Antti and her girlfriend. The food in Budapest was cheap, good quality and very very tasty. We ate alot and went to dinner as a family everyday.
Me and Robert had 1year anniversary in Budapest and we had an romantic dinner in boat restaurant which was floating on Tonava, the idea of that was amazing and we had so good time and good food ofcourse. It was one of the most romantic moments i have ever had.
Robert had never been in an airplane or travelled far from finland so it made the trip extraordinary for me to take him with my family to Budapest which we all remember with warmth and fun times, we really miss you Budapest maybe we come back sooner than u think!

Love Veera