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Goodbye cold Finland, hello warm Greece

The first time when I heard that we’re going to Greece I wasn’t sure will I have that much fun since it was only my family going there and we don’t go on vacations that often. My family includes my brother, mother and a father. But I decided to go.

We left the first day of the 2013 autumn holiday at night if I remember correctly, I was tired as a sloth. when we arrived in Athens we had to get going  right away and change the plane to an island called the Naxos. But when I finally got out of the crowded planes I just felt the nice warm breeze to welcome me to my vacation.
Before we were able to go and fully enjoy our vacation we had to find a hotel to stay on for a couple of days before moving to explore more of the island. We ended up on a fairly good hotel that was right next to a beach and next to the harbor that had all the good restaurants and led roads to best views for landscapes. The smell next to harbor of course smelled fish but because of the sea food restaurant next to it mixed the smell with fried sea food that smelled delicious. The people were really nice and lively so I was always in a good mood.
Landscape of Greek islands different parts are absolutely amazing because of their magnificent mountains, beaches.

only downside that the trip had, was that it wasn’t the time of the year that all the restaurants etc, weren’t open because it was almost winter and the tourist crowds usually were there at summer so lot of restaurant had very limited menus. But overrall the vacation was really succesful,fun and very relaxing.





A Journey That Became An Adventure

Years ago I was in Greece alone with my friend. It was scary because our language skills weren’t positive. One day we decided to go somewhere we could sunbathe and to see Greece’s wonderful turquoise water. We were on the bus and there is other people going on a different trip. Then we heard our trip’s name and we went out of the bus. We went to a boat which should get us on the trip that we had come. Suddenly we didn’t see any people wearing bikini like us. We had come to the wrong journey!
We came to an island which was called Symi where was tremendous church there. There was warm outside and we were wearing dresses. We weren’t allowed to go in that church without scarves over our shoulders. The church was very different in comparison to Finland’s churches. The church was really interesting, but then we went to the other side of the island and that changed my whole opinion about Greece. We came to a small village and it was adorable and beautiful. It looked like a place that have only in movies. The houses were on slope. We had two hours to spend in that village and I wanted to be there a five more. I will always want to go back there because it was splendid trip and it didn’t messed up that we went on the wrong journey. I will always remember that amazing trip. One wrong turn can change your day for the good.



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A Breeze From Crete

Four years ago we went on family vacation to Platanias, Crete which is one of the Greek Islands.

I can still remember the first breeze that came when I stepped out of the plane. The breeze was warm and full of excitement. The world outside the plane looked amazing and a little bit scary. It was sunny outside and there was a weird little noise that the crickets made. The sun was something amazing, I can still feel the sun burning my skin.
We stayed in a small apartment hotel in the Platanias. The apartment was chilly and quite dark inside. The rooms were small and made of stones. We had our room on the ground floor and luckily, the pool was right next to our patio. It was less than a two meters from our patio to the pool. The pool water was warm in the middle of the day.

We walked to the beach almost every morning. It was a short distance from the hotel. I can still see how we would walk amongst the houses to get to the beach. It was amazing and beautiful, the water was blue and clear. It was wonderful, until you got the water in your eyes. The water was so salty that when you walked out of the water and sited in the sun, you could feel how the water faded away leaving your skin white with salt. The sand was yellow as the sun in the sky and the sand felt like velvet under my feet. At the afternoons the sand would get so heated up by the sun that it was like walking on hot charcoals.

Kreikka 2011 eos 810_Fotor

At midday, the Greek’s had siesta and they stayed at home to escape the heat. We hiked on the hills and explored nature. There are many olive and wine gardens. Otherwise Greek nature was dusty and barren. There are some Rosa dumalis and some remains of old house. On the hills the sun was whipping my back. It was hot but the view was worth it. The view was magnificent I was able to see the ocean and the gardens. I remember that on top of the hill there was this little warm breeze and the smell on ocean.
The days in Greece were warm and full of the sounds that the crickets made and when the sun went down, so did the heat and the crickets with it.

Kreikka 2011 eos 725_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 088_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 053_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 044_Fotor

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The Great Food of Greece

It was Christmas. Our family gift was a trip to Greece. The flight was normal. We ate bad food and babies were crying. I was so excited about the trip. I had never been at Greece before. The flight took about four hours and I was tired. First we went to our villa. The villa was big. There were four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large kitchen and a living room. Outside there was a nice big terrace and a swimming pool.

I was excited about Greek food culture. I had heard that it would be good food in Greece. Greek food is diverse. In Greece, we ate a lot of pork, lamb and chicken and also a lot of vegetables. For example, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and olive oil. One of my favorite food in Greece is squid rings. There are also fish and clams. One night we went to a restaurant that was near our villa. The restaurant was the best. I ate food called mussaka. Mussaka includes eggplants and potatoes. The smell of mussaka is awesome. Food also looks great. I would like to there again. When it is summer, my mom will make me Greek food.


Lights Off, Stars On

Santorini is a small but very lively island in Greece, but for one hour mostly everything was quit. There was a power outage on the whole island. Before the power outage came, we were all sitting in a restaurant next to the beautiful beach. After dinner, my best friend and I went back to small Greek hotel because it is boring to sit with you ‘old’ parents who talk all the time about politics or economy.

I w as in the room and suddenly everything was dark. At first, the silence and the darkness were really scary, a little bit like a horror movie. I was looking for matches to light a candle and sat down on the balcony. When I looked up into the sky, I saw something amazing. The atmosphere of the silence and the amount of stars which you could see then was incredible. Somehow the mood was really relaxing.

At the same time, our parents were still sitting in the restaurant eating a dessert. When the lights went off, the waiter had a little heart attack, but they found a solution. Every table had some candles. That is how a normal dinner turned into a romantic candlelight dinner next to the cosy beach.

However, for us the funniest situation was my best friend. He was also in the hotel room, but  he was on the toilet when the lights went off. For him, sitting in a completely dark bathroom was not funny at all. He kept asking because he was thinking that somebody went into the room. The problem was, nobody  answered, since there was nobody who could answer. I can imagine that he was a little bit scared. Wouldn’t you be a bit anxious?

At the end of the power cut we sat together in the hotel yard watching the amazing sky. After one hour, the lights came back and at the same time it felt like somebody putt out the light of the stars and put the volume of all sounds back to loud.

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Alone in Rhodes

EUROPE___MEDITERRANEAN_GREECE_RHODES_DES_000923__IXIAWithout a friend, we (my family and my sisters friend) arrived at the hotel. I was a bit sad for asking my friend too late to join me but I was still enthusiastically waiting for good food and sunbathing. At the hotel at first I tried the pool. I was a little disappointed in it because it was kinda cold always at first when you jumped in.

But enough of the bad stuff and lets hear the excitement. Every morning we got up early to go to the beach. There was always so much fun because there was this boat which pulled different shapes of air mattresses behind it. There were bananas there in which you could fit about 8 people, and then there were normal swimming rings. They were really extreme and I liked them.

There was also this water park we went to which had some sick slides. But I am still annoyed that I forgot to go to this water trampoline, but we did go to different free falls and other water slides and this insane half-pipe. I had a really great time in there because I was so young, but now it wouldn’t be that water_park_4_mod_small

Back in the hotel there was this bar next to it where you could have drinks, ice cream and some food. I loved the strawberry ice cream and I miss it so bad. I ate like two of those in a day. But overall my trip was not that great. Without a friend it was most of the time boring. But I did manage to do something. I read the six hundred page Harry Potter and the half-blooded prince in two weeks which is my personal record.


My paradise in Rhodes

I was last summer holiday in Rhodes. I was there two weeks and I had to woke up at seven o´clock every day, because I wanted to see more of the day.

The weather was perfect on all days of my holiday. I did swam in the sea. The water was so warm and clear that the bottom of the sea could be seen even in deep water. I saw beautiful fish and jellyfish, in the water.

Rhodes is a mountainous island. Mining mentions made big impression on me mountain on top of a church to the top of the mountain led staircase of three hundred steps. From the top of the hill with beautiful panorama. Turquoise sea shone in the sun.

During my time at Rhodes, I received charge vitality, health and energy. I don´t regret a single day that I traveled to Rhodes.

Wonderful day!(c) Katja Turiseva

Wonderful day!
(c) Katja Turiseva


Party all night in Rhodes

I was in Rhodes with my parents, two brothers, two sisters and my sisters best friend. We stayed in a really nice hotel near the beach. When we first got there it was extremely hot but we got used to it after a couple of days.

Next morning after breakfast we went shopping to the old town. It was surprisingly far away and we had to walk there. After hours of shopping we headed back to the hotel and went swimming in the pool. I truly loved the swimming pool in our hotel. It was just the right size and the water was refreshing. Later that night we went to dinner. I can’t remember what i ate but everything I ate in Rhodes was absolutely delicious.

At night we went to the bar street with my sister and her best friend. It was so much fun and i met a lot of people from different countries, even some people from Finland. The bar street was definitely the best thing in Rhodes and we went there many times.

Here is my sister with a bartender


There was a really nice waterpark in Rhodes with lots of different slides and other cool stuff. We could easily get to the waterpark in 20 minutes with a free bus. It was a very big place so there was a small train going around the waterpark. The train was free and a really easy way to move around the waterpark.



So this was my holiday in Rhodes. I really enjoyed it and i wish to go there again sometime.





I went to Kos Island (Greece) with my family at summer 2011. It was pretty relaxing to be in “all inclusive hotel” because all you had to worry about was having the strength to get some food. Food over there was  delicious and things like clothes or something like that was really cheap.Image

At our journey there didn’t happen anything abnormal everyone of us just layed at the beach and did things like that. Kos  sure is  enjoyable place to spend week or two. I had wonderful time there laying down on the beach and eating all the time. One day there were different than others we had a boat trip where we had something that they called food but i think it was more like trash and it tasted very bad. And we went to beach that was called “Paradise beach” there we spent like 4 or 5 hours just chilling on the beach playing volleyball and football. Also we drived jet-ski but that wasn’t so funny because our jet-ski was so goddamn slow. People at Kos are very friendly. There aint many sights at Kos so if u want to see those u should go somewhere else but if u just want to  chill and eat u deffinetly should go to Kos.

Worst thing in that trip was that when we came back to Finland weather over here felt so cold. I saw many funny things over there like weird looking fishes.


Amazing day in Kos

Few months ago I had the best day of my life! Me, my dad and my mom went to Greek’s little island called Kos. We spent one week in there and i had a lot of fun. We experienced and saw a lot of amazing things while we were there, especially that one day.  Third day we decided to rent a car so we could see little bit of the island. We left early in the morning and the first stop was the hot springs. We parked on top of the hill, like everyone else, and then we started to walk down on it. We walked ten minutes until we were there. It wasn’t anything what i expected it to be. It’s shape was like a circle and it wasn’t deep at all. Water was clear, thin and very hot. Little bubbles were coming from the bottom and you couldn’t really sit there because the water was almost burning hot.
Then we went to see Asklepeion’s ruins on the other side of the island. There weren’t shadows at all. The sun was shining the whole time. It was torture, almost 40 degrees. Except for that it was great experience. The ruins were spectacular and if you walked up the stairs you could actually see the coast of Turkey. It was very interesting to read the history of Asklepeion and to see where Hippokrates lived. He was actually born in Kos.
Last but not least we went to Paradise beach. According to its name it really is a paradise. Water was bright blue and it was wonderfully cold. Sand was finely milled. We saw there an island which had a church but nothing else. It was so close to the beach if you wanted you could swim there. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. Only bad side was that it was very hot day and because our rented car was a convertible and it had black seats so you can imagine how hot the seats were.
stock photo : Remote monastery at Kos island, Greece
The lonely church