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unforgettable city vacation

My trip to Berlin stared when me and my parents and grandmother took a flight to Germany. I think that flight time is ideal from Helsinki to Berlin. When we arrived in Germany we took a bus and went to the hotel. The hotel was amazing. Hotels breakfast is amazing and the place where was it, it´s just wonderful. It was on the hotel´s top floor and there was a balcony, where you can see the city of Berlins and the view was unbelievable! It was nice to eat breakfast there and the food is also good.
The First day we just took a bus and went sightseeing all around the city. Food in Germany is good. If you ever go to Germany you have to eat pig hoof.

Second day we went to the Berlins Zoo. The zoo was so much bigger than korkeasaari zoo here in Finland and there were many more animals. We toured the whole zoo and I am not kidding when I say we went about three hours to before we had seeing all animals. There were many exotic animals that don’t exist in Finland . It would be nice to see a panda, but the house where the pandas were is was closed before we got there. After the zoo we just hung out in the city and went to a cafe.

Last day we just shopped, ate and wait that are flight would leaves. I have to say that I would visit Berlin again and it is wonderful city. Next time I go there i would like to go watch some football.

This is the images shows a piece of the Berlin wall.

This is the images shows a piece of the Berlin wall where we visiting.



Munich – my unexpected love

A few years ago me, my father, uncle and grandparents went to Germany to Munich. The trip was a birthday present for my grandfather, who was turning seventy. The idea of the trip was to go see the Alps because my grandfather had always wanted to go there. When I first heard that we were going to Germany, I wasn’t excited at all, I had very big doubts about Germany. But the feeling that I got when I step out of the plane was amazing. My doubts were immediately gone. The airport was so big compared to our airport in Helsinki, and it was full of people from different countries.

Our hotel was downtown, it was really easy for us to go from one place to another because everything was so close to us. It was also good because we only stayed in Germany for three and a half days so we didn’t have much time.

Next morning we woke up early, had breakfast and took taxi to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. When we came to the village the view was breathtaking. The Alps were huge and so beautiful! The taxi didn’t take us further so we had to switch to a train. The train took us higher. It was so scary but at the same time really awesome when the little train went through the mountains.

We finally got on top of the mountains now we only had to go to this weird elevator, which took us to the highest point of Germany. And again the view was so beautiful. We could see to Italy and to Switzerland from there. My grandfather was so excited and happy to be there. So we stayed there for awhile, drank coffee and then went back down.

The rest of the day i spent shopping with my grandmother. This was one reason why I fell in love with Munich, the shopping opportunities were great. There were so many cool shops that we don’t have in Finland. I also fell in love with food.
The trip was awesome in every way and I hope that someday I can go back there.


Beerfestival and Bundesliga in Stuttgart

We were in Stuttgart for 4 days on autumn 2012, but our trip basically started over a year earlier. I promised my parents that if i get to Viherlaakso Upper Secondary school we will go to Stuttgart for few days to watch a Bundesligamatch of VfB Stuttgart. Obviously I couldn’t get higher grades. My mother was not that happy but we still went there. YAY!
We woke up early on friday morning and flew to Stuttgart. First there we rented a car and drove to Metzingen. It’s a small city but its internationally known as a factory outlet city. It has giant outlets by Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Adidas, Nike, Puma etc. There are today over 80 outlet stores. It’s all based on the headquarters of Hugo Boss, which was founded in Metzingen. We bought lots of clothes, chocolate and other stuff from there.Metzingen
Next day, on Saturday night we went to Cannstatter wasen which is the second largest beer festival in the world with over 4 million visitors every year, right behind Octoberfest. We had fun there, but its a massive misunderstanding that people only drink beer there. It has many rollercoasters, ferris wheels and stuff like that. It’s basically a giant amusement park with giant beer tents. Cannstatter Wasen
On Sunday night was the Bundesliga match that I had been waiting for. VfB Stuttgart against Bayer Leverkusen in front of 47000 spectators. In German footballculture nearly every team has their own “hardcore” fans called Ultras. Stuttgart Ultras “Commando Cannstatt 1997” were singing chants for their team for the whole 90 minutes. They also used massive flags and drums to maximize the effect. In fact it was so loud, that if you wanted to say something, you had to wait for the halftime. The match was a great experience and ended 2-2.Ultras Stuttgart
On Mondaynight we flew home and were here at 3 at the morning.

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Just a quick visit, but always in my mind.

Two years ago me and my family went to Spain. But before that we have to land to Germany to Berlin because we have to change our plane. We had four-ours change time so my parents decide we go to the city. They wanted show to and my sister their old home were they had lived twenty years ago. So we tak a bus and go to the city. I was surprised how quickly bus arrived to the city. And I was amazed how green there was. Not just builds ant streets. There was trees and bushes everywhere! Berlin doesn’t seem to be a capital of Germany because of that. My parents were pleasure that nothing hadn’t change. Everything was a same like twenty years ago. Then they joked Germans didn’t like a reforms.

We went to see old home and my parents told us how good the apartment and was how it was well located. But they didn’t like the floor. They said living Germany was very different from in Finland. Actually they liked more living Germany.

After seeing the apartment, we went to lunch. We haven’t to walk very long because we find quickly a out-door restaurant. I might wonder my parents knew that already. We sat to the table where we could see a busy street. I noticed German people have a lot of electronic devices which were new. Even my sisters brand-new computer seemed old-fashioned against Germans computers. And they didn’t afraid to used them.

Second thing what I noticed were German boys. They were hot and cute at the same time. Couple of minutes I actually wanted to stay in Germany because the boys. Finnish boys didn’t look fine after that. After a while the Germans boys disappeared, I think, because we got a heavenly delicious food. My mother just said that even though the food was good, it was a lot of fat and calories. It’s a little depressed about my dream, that I might eat same food at home.

After dinner, we had to leave Berlin and rush back to the airport. We decided that we go again to Berlin again another year with a better time.

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Schooltrip to Germany

When I was at the 7th grade me and my Germany group went to Germany on a week long trip. It was Monday or Tuesday when we left Finland with an airplane. It was very exiting to me because it was my first time on an airplane. It was kinda scary to go on an airplane because there had just been a volcanic eruption in Iceland and there was  an ash cloud that had prevented airplanes taking off in some countries, but the flight went smoothly.

           In Germany all of the students stayed with host families. Everyday there we had something to do.  At the fist day our group traveled by a bus to Garmisch- Partenkirchen for a hike. At the beginning of the hike we stopped to watch the ski jump slope. Some of us (including me) even went to climb the hill.

My Germany group  and I climbing the ski jump slope in Garmich-Partenkirchen.

It was a shame that it rained the whole day and I was soaking wet after the hike and I had to put all of my clothes to dry overnight. We also went to hike this other really tall mountain but nothing worth noticing.

         The next interesting thing was when we toured the Marienstrasse in Munich. We went to different stores and after that we ate in McDonalds. The rest of the trip went by going different boring places which I have already forgotten. The flight back almost delayed because of the ash cloud but luckily it didin´t.


Jaw-dropping Germany

At first, the idea to go to Germany was quite a shock for me because I didn’t know if I could last one month without my friends and family. I had my sister there with me though, but she is younger than me so there wasn’t much to talk about, but the good thing about the trip was that the flight wasn’t that long. Anyways, at the day of the arrival, it was hard for me to recognize my uncle so therefore I had seen him only in pictures. And because of that it was kind of awkward at first but it took a little bit of time to get to know each other. That was the idea of this trip after all.

Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe and the culture there was diverse. It was so beautiful there. The people were also great. They were free-spoken and social. It was so easy to interact with them wich was a great thing for me since I was new there and I didn’t have anyone who was the same age as me.

All in all, the trip was great especially the food was jaw-dropping. I highly recommend a trip to Germany to all kinds of people.

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Love Berlin

We were all very excited. Every student in our class. We were collected money for the trip for about three years, from 7th grade to 9th grade… So, we traveled to Berlin with the class last spring. The plans were detailed and the trip went according to plan, in other words, very well!!

We went to see all the most famous sights, for example, we visited in Berlin Zoo, which is one of the best known zoo in the world. We were allowed to see animals which we have never seen before. Also, we saw the Jewish Memorial and we heard shaking stories about their fate.

BERLIN 12 177BERLIN 12 324

We got the opportunity to see the German school system by visiting a German school. One Finnish teacher who lives in Germany was our guide at the school. We noticed many differences between our schools and it was funny to see German school system also. How did it operate and what did the building look like.

I paid attention to the fact that Germans were more open than Finnish people. How introspective we Finns are?

BERLIN 12 379IMG_7623BERLIN 12 574

I have to say, that our trip was gorgeous and we learned a lot about multicultural communication. We had very funny moments we can remember later. Although during gloomy rainy days..

Best regards, Roosa Palokangas

Ps, photos by me!


Football in Germany

Two years ago we had a football-tournament in Germany. We flew to Dusseldorf city. There was guy waiting for us and he took us to the hotel Ratingen. The weather was raining and windy. The hotel was nice and i shared my room with my friend Miko.

Next morning we had to wake up at 7 o`clock. we went to breakfast and after that we had to get ready for our first game of the tournament. When we get to the stadium the weather was really nice for a soccer game. The game was with Racing Ratingen which was the organizer team of the tournament. We won 1-0 and get a good start for the tournament.

There was a dinner for us at the stadium and after that we went to our hotel just for two hours and then back to the stadium for the second game. We win that 3-0 and i score one of the goals. After game we ate at our hotel and then we had some free time. Then at the evening we had barbecue party with others team of the tournament and that was fun.

The next day was sunny and worm. We win the first game 2-0 and we continue to the final. The final was with Racing Ratingen again but this time we lost very tight match 1-0 and we were very angry to referee because we should had a penalty at the last moment.

We flied back to Finland at the same evening. Our team were very tired and disappointed that we did`n won but we had a good trip after all.

Dinner out with the guys


Middle-Europe Trip

A few years ago we took a trip to Middle-Europe with my brother, mother and father. We Were there for about a month. First we went to Germany by boat. We had our car with us and that that lasted for three days. It was pretty cool and exiting to travel on the sea such a long time. Our traveling purpose was that I would go to a football tournament in Denmark with my football team. We were in Germany with our relatives for a week and we did lots of german every day activities such as drinking cafe with some friends and chilling out at the market place. Then we went to Belgium across Luxemburg and other lands. Belgium was a strange country because there everybody speaked france and there were trash bags on the streets. In the morning the bags were gone so somebodys job is to collect all the rubbish at night. After few days we went to Netherlands witch was a beautiful country because there were lots of windmills and smooth land. At the city, there were many rivers and there were raining a lot. Then we went to Denmark to play the tournament and there were sunny and warm all the week. When the tournament was over we drove to North-Denmark and we travelled to Sweden with a lorry. Then we drove around Sweden and slept in motels which was really exciting. At last, we went to Stochholm and we sailed home. It was the longest trip of my life.



In the middle of Europe

Traveling on a flying carpet is a rugged experience.

First things first

Class trip to Germany. Friends. And so on. A class of students from the Peutinger-Gymnasium were hosting us for the week (Poor guys). We left from the Helsinki-Vantaa’s airport early in the morning. Can’t remember the time though. I wonder why…

And now it actually begins

So I visited Germany last spring. I went to the small town of Ellwangen (and Stuttgart in the end) which was told to be in the center of Europe. It was a one-week trip and it was sunny the whole week except for the mornings. They were chilly but they had a fresh new-day feeling.

This is Ellwangen.

It was a class trip and since it was we had a lot of tours. Almost non-stop. One tour was around the town of Ellwangen. I learned one thing during that tour. That a town can have so many churches. They were pretty alright. But Jesus it was getting boring after a while. A friend of mine said to me, “If I see one more church, I swear” While touring around the town, I saw some wooden horses. They were painted with many different colors. The guide told us that there used to be more horses but it’s now more of a private property unlike before when they were public property. One horse, that was owned by the local newspaper, was painted with their theme colors which were black and yellow.

One of the many churches.

Have you ever seen a yellow horse?

At one point we had to hit the books. Now THAT was boring. I think I fell asleep on one lecture.

The other day we visited a medieval town. It didn’t feel that medieval although there was a medieval style wall surrounding a part of the town. We had a stroll by it as well. Thank goodness it was shady since there was a roof because it was hot that day. Guess what? I saw a church. We visited an astronomical museum and it was full of rocks. I wanted to buy a piece of rock from the souvenir shop but I noticed it cost an arm and a leg. The same day we had a barbecue with our German friends. Sauce!

A medieval house.

A space rock. From space!

This is ze medieval wall.

A low grade miner often feels very down.

My ‘darkest’ experience during the trip. We went to see a mine. Can’t recall if it was coal or iron or kitten mine. We took a mine cart to the depths of a mountain. The ceiling and the walls were dripping of water and it was easy to breathe in there. That’s why there was a medical bay for people who suffered from asthma. Not sure if it was still in use but it seemed like so. At one part the guide turned off the electrical lights and lighted a lantern to demonstrate the conditions where the miners were working. Then she (the guide) turned off the lantern as well. I was playing Tetris with my phone and it kinda illuminated the place. Ha ha! It was amusing when I never had to bend over despite the fact that the ceiling was low at places. It was because I am a short person. My class mates weren’t. Hilarity ensued.

This tunnel doesn't lead to Mordor.

This is 'underground art' I suppose.

The same day we walked to a field. Damn uphill hiking. I was declared dead when we arrived. There was a cabin that worked as a restaurant. We had soup. Soup on a burning hot day. My face was something else than joyful looking. After lunch we proceeded to fool around. Yayifications!

Someone cut those trees down.

He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends.

The final day of my… our trip was quite memorable. We went to Stuttgart!

We continue after this thrilling picture of this pigeon. Of doom!

We had three choices what to do. One, you could go shopping. Two, you could go visit a zoo. Or three, go visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Guess what most of the group wanted to do. Both of our female teachers went to visit the zoo and a large group went shopping. I chose the museum trip. And so did couple of my friends (and one’s dad) and the male teacher.

We took the underground to reach there. Rest of the way we walked. The Google Maps car drove past us. That caused quite a commotion in our group. People were asking what address it was and such.  Even more car-tastic events occurred. We saw a Mercedes prototype on a test drive. The car wasn’t covered by a clean skin of plates. Instead, it was black and it had screws and components visible. Like a car that was stripped of its plates.

We approached the museum.

'And then we saw it on the horizon...'

It was enormous. Nothing like British Museum though. It was like spiral up and it had a lot of windows. We went inside, left our coats to the lockers and took a ride with an elevator up top where you had to work your way down. We got a device that played a recording  related to the display when we walked pass a censor. I just kept pushing buttons on the device. The cars were stunning. It looked like someone had just finished waxing them. There were busses, trucks, racing cars, police cars, vans and so on. When we retrieved our coats from the hold, the German teacher was asking whose coat was assigned to this locker number. It was number 007. And it was mine. He gave me the tag and took a photo of me holding it. Nice.

Dear Santa...

We returned to the others and went shopping (Woo?). We guys went to Starbucks and left a huge mess there. Wasn’t my fault but I felt kinda puzzled. The whole group gathered together once finished shopping, more or less. The teachers told that Finnair was undergoing a strike and then there was some panic. Oh, did I tell you that it was April 1st?

I loved the whole trip. It left me a lasting impression and I’d like to visit Germany again someday.

But for the love of god. No soup on a hot day!

Reminds me of that candy...

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