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Once Upon a Time I Explored France And The Ghettos Of Paris

It was 5 a.m. and my dad was driving like a crazy to the airport. Of course we were the only ones late. We all know what will happen when you push the snooze button several times, and my family is the master of it. At the airport all my classmates started clapping when we arrived and you could see the relief on their faces. After saying goodbye to my parents, we headed to the airplane and the journey began.

The sun hadn’t been shining in Finland for almost a month and we were so delighted to feel the warmth of the sun and actually seeing sunlight. We had a school project with a French school, which was in a city named Strasbourg, so we stayed there for a couple of days, and hung out with our new French friends and explored the city with them. Strasbourg was a small city but very colourful, cosy and beautiful. All the little French-looking restaurants, tiny streets and the river in the middle of city made it all so magical and breathtaking. It was the late night walking that I enjoyed the most after a finger licking good dinner with my closest friends and classmates, and of course free WiFi in our modern hotel.

So far our trip had been going amazingly, and it was time for us to explore Paris, the city of love. Our vibe got killed when we

Me taking a picture of well you know what.

Me taking a picture of well you know what.

saw our hotel, which was in a ghetto, by the way. My friends bed broke down when she placed her handbag on it, and you could hear everything from the first floor to the sixth. The orange juice smelled like piss, but we got to have WiFi and it wasn’t that bad in the end. The old and poorly designed hotel made it all more exciting. We got to see all the sights. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and the famous Mona Lisa. I remember the first time that I saw the Eiffel Tower with one of my closest friend. It felt so special. There it was the famous tower that I had seen in movies. We went to the top of the tower and saw the sun going down. It was icing on the cake to get to share the experience with my friends.

I learned a lot from France. People there are extremely kind and friendly. The food is cheap and delicious. All the sights are worth the money. It truly was one of the greatest trips that I have been on, even though it was only a school trip and lasted a week. Grab your partners hand and head over to France, if you’re looking for a fun and romantic trip! You can have fun as a single too, maybe you’ll find your own Prince charming on the bridge of love locks.

The ghettoness was real though. We had nice late night chats with classmates from the view of our hotel room windows.

The ghettoness of our hotel was real though in Paris. We had nice late night chats with classmates from the view of our hotel room windows.

Some pictures from Strasbourg

Some pictures of Strasbourg

Paris in few pictures.



My trip to Nizza

My trip to Nice was very nice. My sister and I traveled to Nice on May 12th 2012. We were there for four days. The trip was more of a shopping holiday than a beach holiday but we sunbathe a lot.The Nice was a really good shopping streets. For example Jean Medecin shopping street. In Nice, there really good food and my sister and I went to every day many times eating out. My favorite food there was lasagna. The French are doing it really well. In Nice, it was really warm and the weather was nice.

I liked shopping the most. Nice had a good selection of shops. My sister and I went shopping every day and we spent so much money. It was expensive there than in Finland and there was some good bargains. My favorite shop in Nice was Pim Kie. There was a really nice and cheap clothes. I found the Nice dress in my confirmation. The Nice also had shopping streets where we even found the cheap. We spent most of time in shops.

We like just hanging out the beach a lot and sunbathing. I liked the most coco beach. It was close to. The flight to Nice did not take long and it went well. The holiday to Nice was the first of my holidays that I went by plane. I remember being really nervous and it was really exciting. I was also really nervous about Nice because it was the first foreign trip for me. The trip to Nice was unforgettable. It was a lot of fun and it was great to spend time with my sister.

Ninni Rantala 1D

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My trip to Paris!

It was ordinary weekday when I got call from my granny. She told me that next summer we are going to France, Paris. I was so happy when I hear it.

So when the day arrived, we went to the airport and took a flight in Paris! After a long day we went to our hotel and we left our bags there. We all were so hungry, so we decided to go eat in Bistro. For the next five days we went to see all of Paris’s most famous attractions. Including Notre Dame Cathedral, Triumphal arch, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Seine and many other place. But the Eiffel Tower was the best. It was so big and wonderful that I couldn’t even comprise, how they have been able to do something so big so long time ago. We climbed up to the top and it was so scary, because I’m a little afraid of heights. But it was so cool! You can almost see the whole Paris from there.

Shopping there was great! So many stores and so many clothes to choose from, so one day went shopping. I found all kind of wonderful things. We also went to see the Mona Lisa in the  museum Louvre. I had always thought that the Mona Lisa would be a very big, but i was wrong it’s actually really small. And i loved the food in there. It was so delicious. I loved the city so much it’s wonderful place and I want to go back there! I think that the dictum ” See Paris and die” hold true 😉

The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower


Bienvenue a Paris

I went to Paris with my family October 2012 for four days. I had heard that it is a wonderful and big city where everyone should go to once in their lives. I was really excited because I have always wanted to go there.

When we arrived I realized how big the city was. I didn’t know it was that big. Everywhere there were so many people, both black and white, many many more than in Helsinki. Our hotel was situated near by all the famous places and from our hotel window I could see the famous church called  Sacré Coeur.  On the first day, it was sunny and warm weather and Sacré Coeur looked huge and beautiful in the sunlight.

 A beautiful church Sacré coeur (c) Enja-Riina

A beautiful church Sacré Coeur (c) Enja-Riina

The next day, it was raining and that’s why we went to Louvre, which is an art museum. That place was really big like an airport. I saw Mona Lisa and it was quite a small picture. It took some time before I saw it, by the reason there were many people crowding around in front of the painting. I saw many other paintings and statues too.  After that we headed to Notre Dame. I was a little bit disappointed, because it wasn’t that big and it was repaired… But we met there our family member with her cute daughter who lives something like 80 km away from Paris. We ate delicious French dessert called Creme Bruleé in a nice cafe.

Entry of the Louvre  (c) Enja-Riina

Entry of the Louvre
(c) Enja-Riina

A random painter of inside the Louvre :D (c) Enja-Riina

A random painter inside of the Louvre 😀 (c) Enja-Riina

Our family member’s daughter is only four years old, but she still goes to school, which I think is hard at her age. But in France they don’t have school at Wednesday. I don’t speak French very well but I can understand it more than I speak. Our family member’s daughter doesn’t speak Finnish but she understands it extremely well. It was hilarious to talk with her, because I talked to her Finnish and she answered to me in French, but we understood what we were talking about . We spent the rest of the day with them walking along old and charming streets.

At  our Paris trip we also went to the Eiffel Tower. We climbed on to the second floor and I was a little bit afraid because the stairs were shaking when the lift went up and down. It felt like climbing in to the apartment house with no walls during a little earthquake. When we got up there it was magnificent view and it was windy.

 Eiffel Tower (c) Enja-Riina

Eiffel Tower (c) Enja-Riina

A view from the first floor (c) Enja-Riina

A view from the first floor (c) Enja-Riina

The last days we walked along Champ Elysée in the lovely weather. There were many luxury shops and rich Parisian people who walked around looking very busy. Everybody in Paris looked so stylish and I think they use much more time on themselves than people in Finland. I think we should do the same. All in all it was a great trip indeed  and I highly recommend  everyone to visit in Paris.

Enja-Riina K.


Dream holiday in Paris

Few years ago i had an amazing time in Paris with my brother and father. I’ve been in Paris for a quite many times but especially this holiday in July, 2008 in Paris was fantastic. We leaved Helsinki-Vantaa airport in early of morning and the flight took for about 3-4 hours. We arrived to Paris Orly Airport in mid-day. Its always amazing to arrive in Paris especially in a beautiful day and because it was in the middle of summer the temperature was much higher than in Finland. We took a taxi and went to town district of Paris called Charenton-le-Pont where my cousins from my father’s side live. In the evening we ate a good meal , drank some tea and went to sleep.

Second day we decided to go out and see city. It was so much fun to go round diffrent market places, shopping malls, museums and other intresting places. The place that was quite extraordinary were wax museum in the center of the city. To see famous personalities like Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Elton John and Gandhi in a form of wax doll was conducive. After a wax museum we took a metro to Trocadéro which is huge area next to Eiffel-tower. We walked towards the Eiffel tower and we saw lot of tourists, street-mongers and also French people with their families.

We spend two weeks in France , and we saw lot of great things. Place’s where we were included, Louvre museum, Disneyland Resort Paris , Eiffel tower and much more. We saw all things which you need to see if you are visting in Paris. Good thing is that i have lot of relative’s there so i can visit there any time by and im always welcomed. I recommend you all to visit Paris because i view it as European capital of fashion, art and culture!


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Football and wildlife in France

Have you ever played football in France? I have! I was in France a few years ago with my football team. The place was very nice and it was very exciting.  

         The first day we just circulated different places and had a nice dinner at buffet. The next day was oriented for football. We won all the games and made it to the finals which were at the morning. Before finals we went to nearest city for have some fun. We went to barbeque party which was organised by the local people. Then we found at the middle of city this concert. There were bands performing on the stage and we made some friendships with local girls.

         At the morning we ate some bread with nougat and boiled eggs. We went trough from semifinals and we got to the grand final against Marseille Academy. The game was really tight and pitch was wet and slushy. The game continued to penalties and we lost the crucial shot. It was really dramatic and everybody was pissed off. Then we went to biggest disco in town and dranck for our misery.

         The next day we flew back to Finland and our lovely trip was over. It gave me very good memories and im sure i will take another trip to France!


Par viaghju s’acconcia a somma.

Can you guess which language the title of this entry is written in?
No, it is not Italian – although the language evolved from it. It’s Corsican, spoken by the inhabitants of the island of Corsica.

Corsica! A small island in the Mediterranean sea which belongs to France but is Italian at heart and speaks a language which is a mix out of the two bigger country’s languages. A lot of my precious holidays memories from when I was very young were born here, because my family has taken me to this island ever since I was little. Something about every second year we would pack our small but lovely caravan car full of clothes, food, camping gear and all the other required things  for our holidays in Corsica, where we usually plan to stay for about 3 weeks in the summer holidays.

My parents, my two little sisters and I left our home in Germany early in the morning and started driving all the way down Germany, through Switzerland, where we would stay one night at a camping site until we would travel down to the coast of Italy at the next day. On my last trip to Corsica which was in summer 2009, we had a very adventurous trip there because when we had already been driving for several hours and found ourselves in the very South of Germany, my parents suddenly noticed that they had forgotten my sister’s and my passports. And passing through Switzerland could be a problem with that because they usually always check the passports. So after spending a lot of time somewhere in the town of Baden-Baden and trying to figure out what to do, we finally found a way to get our passports re-done there. It was quite an adventure and I was so anxious that it might not work out and we would have to return to our home which could have meant that we’d have to re-plan our whole holidays. But everything worked out in the end and we reached a camping site in Switzerland right in time for the night. But of course, nobody in Switzerland wanted to see our brandnew passports anyway, so all the stress had basically been for nothing! But it was good to have gone for sure, I guess.

At a haven of an Italian town at the coast, we entered the ferry of the “Corsica Ferries” which would take us to Corsica over night. My mother always gets seasick at those trips, but I only enjoy sleeping in the nicely rocking boat in the night, while looking forward to enter the haven of Corsica’s capital Bastia.

The next morning we drove off the ferry with our caravan car and finally were on the beloved grounds of Corsica again. It is always a lovely feeling to be in the heats of Corsica again: the palm trees everywhere, the summer feeling, the dry grass and ground, the small cottage-like buildings all around. I’ll never forget the beautiful smell of all this together, it always reminds me of summer holidays and amazing feelings whenever I get to enjoy it again.

We are always driving all the way down the Eastern coast of Corsica until we are in a small town near Porto Vecchio, where we always spend our holidays at a beautiful camping site by the beach called ‘Camping California’. We always found a nice spot for our caravan car, surrounded by big cork oaks where we put up our hammocks and place our tents next to so we don’t wake up in a sauna-like heat every morning after the sun has shone down on our tents for a while.

Our days were spent in many sunny days at the beach, some parts of cliffs next to the beach, or reading and playing games at our camping site. Sometimes we’d drive around the island in our caravan car, visited rivers which floated down montains and formed little basins where you could swim in or jump inside from the rocks around them, make sightseeing tours in the little beautiful towns of Corsica, go to tree-climbing parks, go hiking in the amazing mountain environment of the island… There was so much to do, and everything was always a lot of fun with my family and some friends we met at the camping site. Once it was really amazing: by coincidence we met the same German family which became our friends in 2009 at Camping California which we had met in 2007 there already. It was unbelievable! But we had a lot of fun spending our holidays together.

Once we were swimming in one of the river basins in the mountains when the sky suddenly darkened. We were confused because it was the middle of the day and there was no way it could become cloudy so fast; there were never many clouds in Corsica’s summer! But when we looked up, we noticed how the sky was full of smoke! A forest fire wasn’t far from us at the top of the mountain! We got very scared and got dressed as fast as possible, grabbed our things and fled through the forest surrounding the river. We didn’t see any flames, but they couldn’t be far. The sky was full of dark-grey smoke which covered the sun and made it shine in a blood-like dark red. It was very scary. But we escaped safely and when we got back to the camping site, the only thing we noticed about the far fire was the smell of smoke and little flakes of ash which were flying around in the air. But that was already something, because the camping site was actually quite far away from where the fire had been!
That was quite an experience.

But usually our holidays in Corsica were just relaxing and a lot of fun. I’ll never get tired of this place and I was very sad when my family went there without me this summer, because I left already for my exchange year in Finland. But my family promised to go back there with me one day again, so I will always look forward to the beauty and fun times in Corsica.