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My Boat Trip!

My schools freshmen went to Sweden by ferry. First year boat trip isn’t something the school supports, but it doesn’t forbid it either, it’s like a tradition in every high school or at least in Finland.

The first day was very nice. We ate at the Silja Lines buffet and it was delicious, I mean it. After we ate we had our music and which we played in our rooms. It was like our own party and we invited some of the guys who we knew and were from the other high school. We went to sleep early that we could be cheerful in Sweden.

in the morning, we ate breakfast and arrived in Sweden. In Sweden we wanted to go to a mall center called the Gallery so we had to ask Swedish people for directions. When we asked for the directions, we sometimes asked in Swedish ”Ursäkta, var är Gallery?” and sometimes in English. It was nice to ask in English because I learned something new, but sometimes they really weren’t knew what to say, some guys weren’t really knew how to speak English.. When we got to the Gallery we ate again and bought some clothes. Of course we had to do some shopping!!

After all that, we left the Center and asked for directions back to the terminal, but they all said that it’s too far away and that we had to take a subway, we saw a subway sign and we bought our subway tickets, we went to the subway and left the subway. Then we boarded the ferry and we headed to Finland, our home .


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The Cabin by a Lake

Many of my fondest summer memories are from our summer cottage. It’s a log cabin my family built by hand almost 20 years ago.There are no showers or electricity there and it’s also rather isolated, thus making it the perfect place to go relax and forget all the stress and worries of city life.

Last summer I went there with my mother and two little sisters. The first thing everyone always notices is the smell of the pine trees and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. The air is fresh, pure. Not a factory or even a store for miles. Also, every time I enter the cottage for the first time in the summer, the smell of the wooden walls just feels good.

Every day when we’re there, we go swimming. The lake water is much softer than that of a public swimming pool. I remember this one time when I was 6 or maybe 7 and some family friends of ours came to spend their vacation there with us. My dad, one of the friends and I went fishing. Our friend brought his dog with us and he swam while we stood on a smooth rock. The dog rose up from the water, snuck behind us and  shook the water out of his fur. This of course made the rock wet and my dad and I could see how our friend started to slide on the now very slippery rock towards the lake. He was so concentrated on the fishing that he didn’t realize he was sliding until it was too late, and fell straight into the water.

I didn’t really know what to do, but my dad was laughing his head off until tears came to his eyes. Our friend’s wife wasn’t very pleased with the incident since he had had his phone in his pocket during his dip into the lake.

Nevertheless, everyone who has ever stayed with us there has had a great time. It’s our little piece of paradise on Earth.

The Exterior of the cabin. It’s not too pretty, but it is ours and perfect for us



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A Dream House In Finland

A couple of years ago my grandmother got an idea. She would take my brother and I to a road trip to Eastern Finland.

The trip took about a week in total and here is a small summary of it. We went through a quite few places so I’ll just tell you the most memorable one.

We started the trip by taking a train to Nivala where we would see my grandmothers’ sister. Next morning we took a car and drove for the whole day. When we were finally close to our next stop, my grandma got a phone call. The caller was a employee from the company from which we had rented our apartment for the next day. They said that the house they were going to give us had been given to the wrong people by accident. Consequently, they gave us an address to a new house. We had no idea what the apartment would look like and when I first came out of the car I was astonished, the house was enormous.

When we at last got into the house after waiting for the keys, I was amazed. The house is built to be used for parties and such. It had all the necessary things for around ten people to spend the night there comfortably. Even the bathroom had three showers in it. The decoration was very modernistic there was lots of open space and almost everything was white. Too bad we only stayed there for a day.

If I could’ve chosen I would’ve stayed there for the whole vacation.


Boring Surprise Trip

My family and I were on a bus heading to Oulanka National Park with some friends of my mother. I didn’t know any of them and it was really awkward for me. I didn’t even know where we were going to because a friend of my mother who paid the whole trip wanted to keep it as a secret.

The bus drive was a nightmare! It took approximate 13 hours or more to get there. To make the bus drive even better there were some babies crying most of the time and some old people telling lame jokes. The worst part was when our bus just stopped working in middle of nowhere. Don’t worry, it was only -33 degree outside. I was freezing. But after 30minutes we got a new bud and it took only two hours to get there after that.

We spent our time in big cottage which name I can’t remeber. At the cottage, I didn’t know anyone, but I made some friends there. So good that I don’t remember their names anymore!

Nature was really beutiful and there was a lovely silence outside. However there was nothing to do. I spent my time playing board games with strangers and eating, of course.

When we went back home at 4am our bus got stuck on an uphill road because it was so icy. After 20minutes, we got our bus moving again and we went back home. Not such a good trip I’m afraid.


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My fantastic trip to Levi

It was last Christmas vacation that I had decided to make a trip with my friend Miko to Levi. Levi is in the NorthWest of Lapland and the idea of the trip was to ski and have as fun as possible. So we started the trip the day after Christmas Eve and we first went with my brother and his friend from Espoo to Tampere. So the train parted from Tampere to Rovaniemi and we had to be there on time with Miko. In Tampere we met Miko’s father Jaakko who was our wise trip leader. As we came to Tampere railwaystation Miko and I were so stoked to get back on skis because in the South there was no sign of snow this Christmas. And finally the train parted for Rovaniemi. So we arrived to Rovaniemi and from there we went on by car to Levi which took us couple of hours. It was ten o’clock in the morning as we arrived to Levi. It was so beautiful that you couldn’t even imagine because the trees were covered with snow and the slopes were just perfect and it’s always so lovely to be there! We started skiing right away on the first day and we kept on skiing for five days straight, just park and powder skiing which we love to do. The feeling that you get when you ski in powder is just amazing because you float on the soft snow and when you make curves in it the snow just dusts. In the park you can do whatever you want on rails and jumps. It’s a freestyle sport so you can do whatever tricks you want whenever you want. We also met other friends of ours and had a great time. It was New Year’s Eve at the time we were there so we also celebrated that holiday with our friends. We had an amazing time and we were so sad to leave Levi and head back to Espoo. We went back by train straight from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. In conclusion the trip was just perfect and unbelievable and the skiing was fantastic.

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My accident in the Åland Islands

When I was eight years old, we went to the Åland Islands with my family. We went there by ship and because it was my first time travelling by ship, I thought it was really exciting.

When we arrived in the Åland Islands, I fell down the stairs and my wrist fractured. It hurt a lot ! We went to the medical center, and I was terrifying of what would happen next. At first I cried just because the doctor was so scary and strange, but in the end I realized that he just wanted to help me, and he turned out to be a nice and friendly man. Luckily my wrist healed quickly, and it didn’t ruin our little vacation.

Anyway, the scenery was beautiful, food was good and so on. Later I found out that the people were really friendly. I was confused, when I grasped, that Finnish is spoken there. I also thought that the Åland Islands belonged to Sweden, but I was wrong. I was still in my home country.


The holiday in Rovaniemi

Last winter I was in Rovaniemi with my brother and two sisters. We travelled the whole day by car. Even if the trip was long we had very funny! We visited my sister’s home. When she was at school we went and watched different sights for example in Santapark and Santa Claus Village. There were a lot of tourists from Asia. We heard Christmas songs even though it was almost spring! I think that the place wasn’t so nice than I had believed.

The reindeer in Santa Claus Village.

The reindeer in Santa Claus Village.

We visit often in Rovaniemi and, as usual, we went also this time to Kuninkaanlaavu. There are the fantastic landscapes! And there has filmed some movie. I think that it’s nice to photograph and I have got a few wonderful photos. Sometimes we take something to eat and sit by campfire.

In Kuninkaanlaavu.

In Kuninkaanlaavu.

We went also skate almost every day even if it was cold. I didn’t skated because I forgot my skates home. I photographed when my brother and sisters played ice hockey. Before we travelled to home we stopped in Haaparanta to shop.

Rovaniemellä 294

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Wasa Cup 2010

Wasa Cup was my ex teams last tournament before it fell apart. We were not so competitive and we just wanted to have fun. The trip started by sitting six hours on a train. Some of us went by car but the few of us didn’t fit so we had to take the train. The six hours felt like six years. After the train arrived my friends parents came to pick us up by car after they had taken the others to the hostel.  We got to pick who we wanted to sleep with and I chose my best friend Nora. The hostel was nice but the beds were uncomfortable.

 Every morning we woke up at 7 am. Every day we had two games. We managed a draw and two wins out of five games so we made it to the bronze game. It was a hard fight between two good teams but we managed to score once and keep the other team scoreless. So there it was, our teams first tournament win! It felt so good to win something, we were so happy. It was a great way to end our teams journey.


Espoo, my hometown

I have lived my whole life in Espoo, so I know where you can go on your spare time.

Espoo is the second largest city by population in all of Finland. Espoo is located near Helsinki. If you want to visit Helsinki you can easily take a train or a bus.

I thinks it is funny that in the middle of Espoo, there is this small city called Kauniainen. It is like the Vatican in Rome.

In Espoo we don’t have a one particular downtown, instead we have four suburbs like Espoon keskus, Matinkylä, Tapiola and Leppävaara.


Keilaniemi office buildings

Keilaniemi office buildings

At first, if you’re interested in culture or art, you must visit Tapiola’s WeeGee Exhibition center is mostly known for “EMMA” Espoo Museum of Modern Art. There you can see some art or visit workshops.

If nature is close to your heart, then you must visit in Nuuksio national park. It’s a great place to escape the busy life and experience nature. Nuuksio is great hiking place. Nuuksio is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

If you’re not interested in culture and art or nature, and you’re more of a shopper, you can easily take a bus or a train to the shopping mall. In Matinkylä we have Iso Omena where you can shop or go to the cinema or even go to the library but if you want to go to a bigger mall you can go to Leppävaara which is a lot bigger than Matinkylä’s Iso Omena. In Leppävaara we have a mall called Sello which means cello. In Sello there is cinema and library too and then there is the Sello hall which is like musical theatre.

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Finnish countryside and avoiding some baseball

So, by faiths tender hands you wound up in the following: going through some countryside in a RV with your family. Have no fear, for I am here to give you some helpful insights and advice. So, shall we begin?

Day 1

So as we were cramming ourselves into the motor-home, I pondered, why did I have to go. I didn’t give a damn about Finnish baseball, and just so happened to take a useful seat off of the RV. But nonetheless, we were suddenly on our way to Ylivieska in southern Oulu, to watch my brothers baseball tournament, or something like that. I’m not sure. And so, as my mom and grandma took upon a personal quest to torture me by playing absolutely terrible music, I had little choice but to take out my trusty good ol’ CD-player, a relic from the time of yonder, and hope to beat them by volume level.

So halfway through the CD I happened to wake up from a trance-like state and realized that the RV was zooming on a highway up to north. Sweet. I was getting a bit bored and had two choices: I’d either bargain with my brother on the laptop or read a book. The total dork I was, I got the book and read it for half an hour or so, based on the fact that the music had stopped and bits of conversation flooded my hearing. So by this time I suppose we were at Heinola. We had a small pause and resumed driving We spent the first night at Irvaskankaa.

Day 2

Oh boy, was that day fun. I can’t quite remember. However, we woke up sometime too early, ate breakfast and resumed driving and verbally fighting over who could use the laptop. So the most remarkable thing about this day was probably our stop at Vaskikello, which loosely translates into ‘Brass Clock’

Interesting fact #1: The largest clock of its type is hung from the top floor roof, and weighs over 8000 kg. Vaskikello also had a nice little gift shop that, surprisingly enough, sold clocks. I thought of buying one for my late Great-grandmother, but I couldn’t decide what kind of clock to get. She sure loved her clocks. Anyway, as the day draw close to the end, we were already up at Ylivieska, and the pointless 5 days of watching people play baseball could begin.

Day 3

So the first day of the games could begin. Sweet. However, I wasn’t so into baseball in any means and decided to, you know, read. Also, my grandmother got a haircut. Nothing too spectacular about the day. It’s a shame all my photos of the trip are gone for some reason.

Day 4

So this day was more interesting. We threw my brother over to his games and got the hell outta there. We wound up at this amazing beach where I but my crafting skills into good use and built a – wait for it – stick. A stick, well, okay, more of a loggish branch, that I jammed into the ground and even took a photo posing next to it. I then realized the sandbanks and swum – or walked – to the them. I learned that swimming was more preferrable because the bottom was jabbed with sharp rocks and a mattress of seaweed was laid here and there. Once I got to the sandbank, I explored a bit and found a dead seagull. After poking it for about five minutes I decided I had had enough and we got back to the school where my brother slept when he wasn’t playing.

Day 5

We did the morning routine, after which  we headed to Toholampi, a nice small town. We found a local grill and ate, and visited the Park of Independence. Then we pretty much spent the day driving around and getting back to the last game of the day

Day 6

So if you’re really still reading this, just refer to day 5. it was pretty much the same, but the seagull was gone.

Day 7

Woohoo, the last day of the games. So the last game of my brothers team was judged by none other but my old classmate, who I had nothing in particular against but who continued on his habitual attitude. Oh god. So after dissing me for not seeing the flavored Pringles behind the three rows of Originals, and for not paying attention to the game, he invited me to the disco they held that evening. As we got back to the school I told to myself “it’s either reading and eating, and possibly being an ass on the internet, or going to this disco thing and probably dancing with a couple of girls who are into baseball. And you hate baseball” so, I spent the evening reading and stuff.

Day 8

Dawn the day of return to home, we headed back to the beach to smell that fresh, crisp Ocean air once more, and headed off to Vaasa. The trip was dull, because apparently if you have only one CD with you it tends to get repetitive. Anyway,  once we reached Vaasa we spent the rest of the day at Vaasalandia, the local amusement park. Which wasn’t totally overpriced at all. We spent the night somewhere in Vaasa.

Day 9

Oh boy, we’re going home! No? What!? Well that’s bull. Instead we head over to Pori, where we had delicious ice cream in this park that was basically your typical household garden. If you were British. The place was gorgeous, and the birds there, oh my. And the ice cream, my gods. However, all good comes to an end as did the ice cream, and we got back into the RV and headed home at last. No? Well this day is full of surprises. We went and did some good old miniature golfing, and headed to Turku. Wait, no, that’s not where I live. Be that as it may, my Great-gran who I mentioned back in day 2 or so is buried there so that is where we went. After paying our respects to her, we slept in the Rv for the las time.

Day 10

At long, long last we got home in one final stretch of highway. As we unloaded our stuff we were either glad that it had ended or longing back to the school up at Oulu.

I do apologize for the immerse length, but I got drawn in to writing this and just couldn’t stop. Also a thousand pardons for the lack of images, but they got lost as my hard drive committed harakiri. Hope you enjoyed the over-the-top sarcastic post this was, and have a nice day/evening/night/whatever depending on the time of the day. Goodbye, or as they say up in Finland, näkymisiin


A wonderful summerday

I woke up on Sunday morning and the sun was shining brightly into the windows. It was summer holiday, I was lying in my bed and feeling very sleepy but then I looked at my telephone. WHAT? It was nine o’clock!      I yelled out and then I jumped out of my bed. No, how could this be true, I had only ten minutes left… I ran back and forth looking for my clothes and then I ate my breakfast fast, delicious sandwich! Then I was ready to go. I met Roosa at the bus station and our day’s program was brilliant!

We went by bus from Espoo to Lohja because we were going to the stable. It took about 30 minutes.

 It was eleven o’clock and our day was about to, we had just arrived at the stables and we were going to ride ponies. It was a very warm day so we decided to have some fun with the ponies and go riding bareback on a large field. We took many photos which was great!

When our time was up we were in pain and sweat was draining from my forehead like a waterfall!

It was two o’clock when we decided to go to the nearest beach. But it was ten kilometers from the stable so we went there by bike. We were quite a funny sight because we had only shorts, shoes and bikini tops on us when cycling beside a big road, where cars went by 80 kph.

It was 2.30 pm when we arrived at the beach, we threw our bikes on the grass and jumped in to the lake in a moment. It was a wonderful feeling being airborne and then I fell in to the fresh water!

We swam for 30 minutes and then we left back to the stables. Sun was still shining very brightly and the weather was awesome! At 16 o’clock we cleaned up the whole stall and then we were ready. At 18 o’clock we went to bus station back to home and we had a wonderful summer day together!


Winter Holiday

Last winter I was in Lapland with my family. We have rented a little wooden cottage in Rovaniemi. We went there by a car and it have been my longest and dullest car trip ever, but it was worth of it.

When we got to our destination we didn’t see anything but snow, snow and even more snow (okay, there was also couple of reindeer, some turists and our cottage of course). Our cottage was very homely and there was a lot of red. Curtains were red, ornaments were red and even couch was red! We all still like it.

I also fell in love with Laplands environment. There was really peaceful and quiet and there was many opportunities to enjoy it. We tried to ski and we slided with sled. We drived a snowmobile too. That was fun!

The best part of the trip in addition of Santa Claus was the northern lights. I have never seen anything like that. Colours of northern lights was incredibly beautiful and I want to see that again someday.


A little trip to Lahti

It was a beautiful summer morning. Me and my family decided to take a little trip to Lahti. After 10 am we got in to the car and started our trip. My dad was driving the car,my mom was sitting next to him and me and my two brothers were sitting in the back.

First thing we did when we got in Lahti was meet some my moms and dads old friends. We haven’t seen them for a long time so it was delightful to see them and talk to them. Me and my brother’s friends lived near the house where my parents friends lived so we went to say hi to our friends and talk to them for a while but we couldn’t stay for too long because we had to go soon.

After meeting some old friends we got in to the car again. We went to the center of the town. There were some people walking around and the weather was still sunny and warm. We got out of the car and went to a few shops. We didn’t stay there for a too long either because our relatives were waiting for us.

I think it was almost afternoon when we arrived to our relatives house. My uncle and his wife were waiting for us at the door. We were happy to see them.


My trip to Tampere

It was May when we went to Tampere. I was really excited. We went with our class this year. We were there for 3days.Tampere seemed like Helsinki. I loved Tampere so much. The first day we went to the hotel but before that we went to the hotel we went to Ideapark it was in Lempäälä and it was huge shopping center. We went shopping there and after shopping we went to eat pizza in nice restaurant. We had to walk from the bus stop to the hotel. The same time when we were walking to the hotel we saw Finnish ice hockey team Leijonat. When we were at the hotel we were so tired, but we didn’t sleep yet.

It was about 10 p.m when we told the teacher that we have to buy something important so she believed us and then we went out with friends. When we got back to the hotel we weren’t tired anymore. someone decided that let’s have fun we got so wild so we put the music on and starting dancing and we made loud voice. The second day we went to Särkänniemi we were thinking all the time that next day it was the last day and we didn’t want to go back. Anyway we went back to the hotel we ate and then we slept.

The last day when we woke up we started packing. We went shopping to Koskikeskus and after shopping we went to eat. After that we went to sightseeing in Tampere.It was a really beautiful city. Then we went to train station. I fell in love with Tampere.

This picture is from Tampere Hämeenkatu


My trip to Kuusamo

The land of mountains and crystal clear water.

I travelled to Katinkulta in summer right after the summer vacation started. I went there with my family and one of my best friend. We didn’t have anything special to do except to see some sights in the mountains and in my opinion my friend and I liked it a lot, the sights were awesome and we were 1.5 kilometers above the ground surface. It was even hard to breathe up there.

The first 2 days if I can remember right, we just hung out with my friend around the camp and swam at the spa. The spa was amazingly beautiful. But we mostly spent time in the bar drinking coke. On the next day woke up on sunny day of Katinkulta and we went to play some golf. Of course i won my friend and we had decided that the loser pays drinks on the winner (:

Last three days were rainy and we were just standing in said the house and staring at the wall….The worst thing was that my friend left on the fifth day and my girlfriend was waiting me at Kirkkonummi. Happily me and my parents went shopping on the downtown and then the weather had got better. After the shopping we went to eat so ice-cream and in my opinion it was the best one in my whole life. I got some really nice hooded jacket and a new cap which im using nowadays at school. It was nice that all shelfs were full of all kinds of clothes because no one had bought them cause the town wasnt a tourist attraction 😀 So there was everything enough (:

On the last day of our trip before getting back to home was that me and my dad went to drive  cars that didn’t  have an engine. They worked like you got pulled up on the hill and then you drive down with the weight of the car. It was really amusing, especially with great weather and the feeling that i was faster than my dad (;


My endless trip

I am an Argentinian exchange student, and I have made a really long trip to get here, to Finland.

My date of departure was supposed to be on August 6th, but for reasons that I don’t know it was cancelled and it was moved to August 4th. I was in such a hurry, that I packed my luggage in no time at all! because the cancellation was on the 3rd!!!

I live in the North of Argentina, and there are no international flights there so, I had to take a plane headed for Buenos Aires, the Capital of my country, then I realised that my life as an ‘Exchange Student’ had begun…

It was the most important day in my life till now, the day when I had to go. The airport was not so big, and I was so excited! my family and one of my best friend were there, expecting.. I felt something weird, I can not explain what. To go to Buenos Aires it just took me 45 minutes. It was my first time travelling on a plane, and alone! But personally, the weirdest thing was to see my family there, while I was going to take my flight, to make my dream come true… When I arrived in Buenos Aires my mother was waiting for me in that airport full of people everywhere. It was 1.30 p.m, and my other flight was leaving at 11.30 p.m so, I had to wait almost all day! It was something endless but in the other hand, It was good to be with my mother for a while. Nothing is forever and finally, it was time to leave. I couldn’t help crying! I was leaving everything, and everybody there, I was leaving my country one year!! But I have made a decision, and I had to face it. Honestly, It was such a wonderful experience! I had never been on a plane, it’s so amazing! It was a very very long flight… 18 hours sitting there, looking out of the window. Haphazard, a woman was sitting next to me and we could talk during the flight. After a long time, I arrived at the Airport of Barcelona, where I had to take a flight to my final destination, Finland 😀

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, unforgettable. I don’t know if I was so anxious or what but, the flight from Barcelona to Finland was endless!! after a really long trip I just wanted to arrive!

In the end, I arrived in Finland in the earlier hours of Saturday 6th. Since that day, everything has been a surprise for me. Everything is new and I feel like my life has started again.

I miss a lot my country, my friends, my family but I don’t want to leave Finland neither, because I love it too!

There is nothing like this experience, definitely.-