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Estonia – the wonderland

It was a rainy morning. I woke up ate some breakfast and got ready for the trip. I took the bus to Helsinki and met with my friends in the center. We took the tram from there to Helsinki harbor. We were pretty excited because it was just the three of us.
We went to the check-in and got our tickets. I was surprised to see so many people there on a normal work day.
We boarded the ship and found ourselves a place to rest.
The ferry to Estonia took about 3½ hours but it felt like ages since we didn’t really have anything to do there.
Once we arrived, we went to a local fast food restaurant and ordered ourselves something to fill ourselves up. After that we went to a local store and got some beverages. Once we had done that we just walked around and enjoyed the magnificent country.
It was time to leave. We got aboard and tried to find a place to sit down, but it was pretty full. We searched around for a while but finally found a place to sit down. The journey back to Finland went pretty fast and we arrived at around 6 p.m.
It was a fun journey and I’d recommend visiting Estonia at least once. It’s very cheap too!

A picture of the marketplace.

A picture of the marketplace.

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A Unforgettable Trip

Last midsummer, I was Estonia with my mother, father, little brother and my uncle’s family. We had never travelled abroad together, this was a first time. I was so excited about the trip, I could not sleep. The last night before we would travel.

It is the tourism’s day is sunny day. We had breakfast early at home.

My father drove to the Viking Terminal. When we reached. The terminal, I saw a big red steamship stay in the harbor.

We boarded the ship and shortly after it left for Estonia. Less than four hours later  we were in Estonia. My uncle volunteered to be our guide because he has already visited Estonia once. We went to a church it was not open, because that day was a holiday. But from the outside. The church was amazing,I had never seen before.

I don´t know what this church name is.

I don´t know what is this church name.

We still bought some wine and alcohol from the  local shop. It was much cheaper there than in Finaland.

We soon had to go back to the ferry. It was sad because did not have enough time to visit this wonderful and historical country. I regretted having to return to the ferry.

On the ferry, we had a buffet dinner. There were hundreds of delicious dishes, I gawked at the food. After dinner, everyone was very satisfied. We took a little break before leaving the ship. 59After the arrival announcement, everyone crowded into the exit, resulting in poor vantilation and a warm atmosphere.  After the door opened the people flowed out of the ship.

I will never forget this trip, it is an important memory of my family together.                                                        words: 275

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Estonia is so near and also a very nice interesting place. It is easy to travel.. You can go there by boat and it doesn’t take a long time.. The boat trip can also be quite nice if you find something fun to do. Normally, I just go to eat and I buy some small items. I think it’s fun and for example, I can find a nice gifts for my friends. The selection out the is better than in Helsinki.Usually the cabins are  boring because there isn’t so pretty and there is nothing to do.. There you can play cards and sleep for naps. The ship is full of intoxicated people because alcohol is so cheap. Drunkards revolve around the ship, for this reason it’s good to stay in your own cabin …and probably plan what you are going buy  in Estonia.

When the ship arrives to Tallinn I start smiling because Tallinn is a beautiful city and there are lots of cheap clothes. I love the shopping centers in Tallinn, but I also like the smaller stores, because there you can find great things. I Tour the city around and I buy a lot of clothes and various accessories. Food in Tallinn is normally cheap and delicious. Because of that it’s worth to visit in the restaurant. I highly recommend!

When the both depart back to Helsinki legs are already sore to walk. Shoppers will then be full of new clothes and my hand hurt. However, I am very happy because shopping is an incredibly wonderful. It’s spice of life.


Shopping with high heels is best but remember that your legs will be hurt.

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The first time is always the first time

Last winter I went to Estonia for the first time. I went there with my friends. The trip didn’t seem a good idea at first because the weather was so bad that the ship swung from the one side to the other. One of my friends got seasick and it took a long time before she got better because the ship swung so badly that when we walked inside of the ship we literally took off the floor. That made her feel even worse. Eventually she got the color back on her face and the trip continued.

When we disembarked we went through some shops and the weird thing was that when you bought something and you gave them the money, they just looked at you with a stange look and took the money. And when they gave you the change, they didn’t put them onto your hand. In every shop I went, there was a till on the cash desk where the sellers put the change. I suppose that belongs to their culture and thats why I was a little bit confused because here in Finland sellers put the change onto your hand. It’s fun when you go abroad and you find out some cultural differences even if they were little things, like mine.

The first time is always the first time so it’s hard to avoid obscurity. The trip went well despite the seasickness and some confusing moments at the cash desk.


My second home

When I first visit in Saaremaa, I was 5  years old. I don’t remember that time, because I was so little, but I remember all about my last visiting in Saaremaa.
I went to Saaremaa with my family and also our dogs were with us. We have about four-our trip to make so I have to wake up early. First we went on board to Tallinn. I was so tired , but I thought that I could sleep on car , when we were driving from Tallinn to Virtsu. I always sleep on car . We arrived late at the evening to  my grandparents place ,  so I went to sleep.

Next day we went to Kuressaare to shopping and eating  one of my favorite restaurant Veski. The Veski is old windmill and when you go there , you can smell the old wood and you can imagine what  the windmill looks at the inside , when it’s still running . It’s like you can go back the good old times , where there’s no electrifies or anything  else , that would be helping all that hard work . The Veski is very a unique  restaurant , so if you go to Saaremaa , you should go there and have amazing experience , like I have .


even it’s not running , it’s still remembers us about the good old times .

And after we had eaten we were continue shopping  and also we went to see some famous sights. We went to see the old castle. The castle is so interesting and if the walls could speak they would tell us all about kings and battles.So I call Saaremaa my second home because I love the place , were my grandparents lives and also the culture . When I`m there I get far from the terrible rush and the city noise. Its the place where I can relax and enjoy the beautiful view to the sea.

Suur Tõll

Suur Tõll and his wife Piret caries the catch .

Saaremaa is beautiful island which has very one legends  and when you are heard them you just see the  effects.

Old but still I think that every time when I see it , it ells me hall new story.

Old but still I think that every time when I see it , it tells me whole new story.

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My life in Võru

My favourite place in the whole world is a little village in south-Estonia. I have been there for about ten times and I am going to go there again so so so many times and even move there when high school is over. The name of that lovely place is Võru. My friend’s family has a little flat there and we have many friends there. People in Võru are so kind and not shy, and that’s one of the reason why I love Võru so much. 🙂 


The last time I was there was about two weeks ago but I don’t know yet when is next time 😦 The first time I was in Võru in the summer st 2010 and it was love at first sight ❤ I can’t say what of all of those trips are the best but all of them were perfects.


Lovely Tamula Beach ♥




Every time when we are in Võru we wake up early and go to sleep late so that we can use all the time that we have. In the summer, we are always on Tamula Beach and in the winter, autumn and spring we walk in the city and sit in our friends houses and just talk. I think that Võru is my second home