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What A Difference!

My family and I were in Egypt, in Sharm el Sheik five years ago and I still remember it very well. I really liked the hotel we were in. The food was wonderfull and I loved the pools.
Walking out of the hotel was immediately different, because there were street vendors everywhere and they almost forced people to buy their stuff. So I really didn`t like that. But other people and even some of the street vendors were nice. They were very open and talked a lot.

We went on an excursion to Cairo. It was about 15 people including us. We left the hotel at 5 am, by bus. I was very tired but excited too. I had heard stories of some robbers intimitading the bus driver with a gun and robbing everything during the trip in the desert.Well, fortunately that didn`t happen to us.

We stopped to eat a couple of times because the trip was long. I will never forget the cutest kittens I saw there. There were so many of them and I felt sorry for them because they had no home.

When we were heading to Cairo it looked extremely different from the hotel area in Sharm el Sheik. The traffic was quite much the same which was terrible. People drove everywhere. So it was definitely different than in Finland. But the biggest thing that I faced was the climate there. The sky was entirely full of gray pollution . I felt terrible about what it is like there night and day.  I think the main reason for that is that the people have old cars which emit a lot of  carbon dioxide. Only a few people have new cars which are a lot more environmentaly friendly.

To sum up Egypt was different but beautiful in many ways. I hope that they will start taking better care of the environment.

Emilia Kainulainen

 The Pyramids

We went to see the huge pyramids! The weather was wonderfull there.



Egypt Desert Hurghada, 2010

In 2010, my dad, sister and I went to Hurghada, Egypt for the last days of summer holiday. In Hurghada, we once went to a desert far from the city. An excursion to the desert was organized by our hotel so it was quite expensive but worth it.

The bus from the hotel took us to the edge of the desert. The bus drive took one hour and all that time we had to listen to old Russians singing. It was a nightmare because there was no air condition and we didn´t sit next to an opening window. The drive was like a sauna, and not mention, the singing which made it worse.

When we arrived at a small tourist center, our guide took us all to the fence where we could ride with donkeys, horses and camels. My sister and I tried camels and horses, but we didn´t ride with donkeys because we knew that it was rude to animal to carry us such as a donkey. Two Russian guys jumped on their donkeys and started to slapping them to their butts. I started to pity the donkeys for such torture from overweight men, but for the donkeys sake, the guards came there and took them away. For a moment I was happy for the animals.

After that, we went deep in to the desert by rysty old jeeps. They could have been better of course because they were very old looking and rusty, but I didn´t complain. The ride was bumpy all the time because there was no road but at least there was air conditioning. The jeep sopped at a small village near the mountains. There was one little mosque for Muslims and tiny houses made from sand and clay. We didn´t visit them but we did visit at the chef of the village who offered us some pita bread made all by herself and we saw the processing also and it was delicious.

After some sightseeing we went back to the tourist center and had a very good Eguptian dinner with some great music and a stage performance. Before we left, we rode on some quad bikes and sand-bugs and that was the best summer vacation ever!

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Camels and pyramids!

I had waited for the trip to Egypt for so long and it felt like the day would never come! Then finally, after long waiting, it was time go to the airport. I have to admit, it was a bit scary to step on the plane. It looked a bit.. You know.. Insecure.  Thank God the flight went well and nothing any unusual things happened.

When the plane landed after a long flight, we (me and my family) were at the airport of Cairo. I have to say, it was a very dirty place! And when we went to take our bags, the smell of the airport was a bit disturbing. We headed to our 5 star hotel in Cairo with our personal driver, Ahmed! He was a very kind man and crazy driver! That’s one thing I particularly remember well.

We were in Cairo for one week and three days. We spend the first three days of the holiday by swimming playing squash, relaxing and of course eating some delicious food! Best thing about food was the breakfast. Some young egyptian man made very good omelets! And you could probably eat anything that belongs to breakfast.

The rest of the week we spend seeing some sights and travelling around the Egypt. the Best thing to see was the pyramids of Giza. They were just out of world. When you were standing next to the biggest pyramid and thinking how the h*ll it was done, that moment was breath-taking. But I bet you can’t say that I have climbed on the pyramids!’ Well I can! We also saw the sphinx and visited some museums and they were also very astonishing.

When we were leaving, I rode a camel with my sister! It was so weird but fun! The downside of the camels was the smell of them. Damn, I can still smell that horrible stink!

Maybe the best (but also the weirdest) thing about the trip was the reactions of the people when they saw me ´with my blond hair. I guess they had never seen a blond boy. 😀 Every man and women wanted to touch my hair but my mom didn’t let them to. I didn’t ever expect that I’d spend the best and also the weirdest holiday of my life! I had never visited such an exiting place like Egypt!


A week in paradise

Have you ever waited for something so much that it seems as if time had stopped? That kind of feeling I had when my bestfriend Ulriika and I  waited for our Christmas holiday to Egypt. We started counting the days in August. Then there were only113 days left. The days pasted and finally the day of departure arrived. I will never forget that feeling when we woke up and went to the airport. Everything happened just so fast and we were already on an airplane. Because it was so cold in Finland, it was amazing to walk out of the plane and admire the warm sunset and palm trees.

We had some kind of routine each day. We woke up at around 8 a.m after which we went swimming. Then we had breakfast at a restaurant. As you can guess we lay on the sunbeds almost all day. Of  course we also did some snorkeling, shopping and took a lot of pictures. It was so nice to do all that with my best friend.

We also got ourselves into an embarrasssing situation one night. We came back to our room at 11 p.m and Ulriika’s parents had already gone to sleep. So we were trying to open our room door but it didn’t open. I was in a panic because her parents were asleep and we couldn’t get in to room. We both tried to open the door, but the door stayed locked. So we went to the reception. The man who was at the reception just looked at us and asked whether we had put the doublelock ion. I was just looking at Ulriika and we both laughed out loud. The receptionist just called the caretaker and he opened the door for us. It was such and awkward situation that everytime we walked past the reception we just laughed.

In spite of these little embarrasing moments we had a wonderful holiday and i will never forget it.

red sea and palm trees

Our shopping trip in Port Ghalib

Lamaya resort


Exotic Egypt

I never forget my trip to Egypt, even it was little hazard atmosphere some times. Me and my family went to airport early in the morning, After two-hours long fly we were in Egypt. At the airport we exchange our euros to Egypt pounds and then we searched our guide and then we were heading to our hotel then we unpacked our stuff.  me and my little brother couldn´t wait for swimming at the ocean. at the next day we went to the beach the ocean was warm it was perfect almost anyway except one thing medusa´s. I never got sting from them but it was kind of scary to swim in a water where you can get hurt. later we went to city for a tour I bought  tons of candy they never made to Finland. Next day we went to paradise island it was far from paradise. boat trip was great but when we had to go ashore we had to switch boats to rowing boats. I feared that waves were going to turn over uor boat but that didn´t happen. at the paradise island there was a strong wind wind blow sand with such force that it hurt when it hitted skin. Also water was cold and there weren´t much colorful fishes there.  It was a blesing that we got out from ´´inferno“ island  thats i call it now on. Well it was great trip anyway i never forget it.(paradise island)

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