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We are sailing across the sea

The year was 2013. We were heading to the airport with my scout group. The whole year we had collected money for a journey to Croatia. We were all seriously excited.

My scout friends are the best people I've ever met

My scout friends are the best people I’ve ever met

The flight went well and we landed safely in Split which is the biggest town of Croatian coast. We took a cab to the harbor where there was a Finnish captain waiting for us to get on board to amazingly big and gorgeous sailboat called the Mustamaija.

The Mustamaija is almost 20 meters long amazing sailboat

The Mustamaija is almost 20 meters long amazing sailboat

We sailed along the Adriatic Sea from island to island, sun was shining, birds were singing and we had a great time.
So this one day, we had just arrived to a beautiful island. Me and my friends lain on board of the Mustamaija and we just talked and listened good music. It was the boys turn to cook us all a meal.
The meal was ready and we all enjoyed it in peace and quiet. I have always been a little clumsy and of course I dropped a plate full food and it all spread along the floor. Everybody laughed at me including myself. I stood up to go get some paper to clean up the mess. It wasn’t such a great idea to walk backwards because the next thing that I noticed was that I had fallen down the skylight window right in to the inside of the sailboat. I got a huge bruise on my thigh and it still hasn’t completely fainted away.
Almost two years has gone by and I still get reminded of this clumsy accident on the Mustamaija.
The moral of this story is to always close the skylight windows when there are clumsy people around.


The crew

The happy crew


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My holiday at Dubrovnik, Croatia

I visited Croatia at the end of last june with my parents, my brother, our friend family and their cousin.  We all were exhausted from the school and work season, and all of us were very exited about the upcoming vacation. Our destination was Dubrovnik and we were ready to go, waiting at the airport but Finnair didn’t have quite the same thought that we had about the schedule and we ended up waiting the plane for almost six hours :/ .

When we finally got there, we all just went straight to the beach without even unpacking our luggage into our rooms. The weather was absolutely something I had never felt before as there was approximately 36-40 celcius degrees hot every single day. So the weather was awesome and our hotel had it’s own beach and was all around great too, we had the best time at the beach and our hotel called Hotel Bellevue.

Mostly we spent our days lying at the beach or shopping and wandering the streets of the old city of Dubrovnik. When almost every single place we ate in, I actually ate the best meal ever in my life while watching the final of football world cup.

One thing I noticed at the time of my stay was that Croatians were very polite and nice. I think it’s because of the large amount of tourism that takes place in Croatia every summer.

All in all it was a great vacation for me and everyone else, and if I should point something particular out that I enjoyed more than anything else, it must have been the atmosphere in there.

Sincerely one of my best holidays ever.

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Summer of 2008

Three years ago I was in Croatia with my parents and my best friend Petteri. I was there 2 weeks with Petteri and my parents stayed there for another 2 weeks when we left. That was my best holiday trip to Croatia so far though we have been visiting Croatia for several years.

The first time we visited Croatia was in 2004 and after that we have visited Croatia every summer. The reason why Petteri came along was that would have something to do and my parents could have some time of their own. Petteri could have come with us earlier to Croatia but now it was easier because we had bought a house from there year ago. The room where we slept is so tiny that there is enough room for two beds at the same time. So the “room” was actually a one big bed. We visited island Pag during our stay which is the home of best Croatian cheese and wines. We drove from Split airport (where we rented a car) to Pag. Pag is very dry and too salty for most of the flowers and trees to grow and that is why the cheese from sheep milk is so good. When sheep eat salty food their milk starts to taste salty too. We were on that trip for couple of days and then we returned to Kastel Novi which is our “home”town between Trogir and Split. Me and Petteri used to go for a morning coffee to a nearby cafeteria and after that swimming. We also played a lot of football on the beaches and little wider areas. Kastel Novi is a part of the whole Kastela wich used to be a bigger “city”. Kastel Novi is one of the seven little villages in Kastela.


Croatian living in my own style

Last summer my family and my cousins made a very nice trip to Croatia. When we arrived in there, we took a taxi to our goal: Dubrovnik. We were about one week there. Though that is not very long time, but we had very much fun over there. We rented a house, which has four rooms,  a kitchen, one toilet and own swimming pool. Normal temperature was like 34C there.

First two days we checked all kind of places there. Our first target was a Dubrovnik’s old city, which is one of the most famous things in Dubrovnik. The old town was very showy because the whole city was circled with wall. When we get there, we climbed to top of the wall and walked all over the city on it. In old city there was also a few towers, which was very high and looked old, but strong. After the walk on city wall we went to a fine restaurant where I ate some kind of beef and it was freaking delicious. After we finished our lunch, we went back to our apartment. In the evening we was just chilling out in our swimming pool.

For a couple of days we just hanged around in beach called Cobako bana. The beach was like 500 meters from our apartment. It was nice to diving around there, because there was strange-looking fishes and many sea urchins. Luckily I didn’t step to those black spiky balls, otherwise it would mean only one thing: boring trip to hospital.  Of course we did something else those days, like shopping and eating in different kind of restaurants.

In final holiday day there we were having so much fun, because we went to famous beach called Bol.  There was one bad thing in it: a driving journey there was too curvy for me. It was so curvy that we needed to stop once because my mom started to feeling bad. But when we got there it was absolutely amazing view. White sand, blue water and not so much people. There was a nice restaurant too, but me and my cousins founded ourselves in local kiosk. We all bought very big hamburgers, which was so big and delicious that we couldn’t even go swim because we were so full.

When the leaving day came we all were in hurry and in sad feeling. Our straight fly back to Finland lasted something like 4 hours, if I can remember right.

Croatia was great country and them, who wants to have fantastic and warm holidays, should go there. I hope I’ll travel there again soon . 🙂