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Optimystical Feeling

One of the most special places I never meet is Playa Tamarindo. Located in the province of Guanacaste, in my home country, Costa Rica. Obviously in a country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are more than just one special beach, but this one is probably the most significant for me, until now. I visited Playa Tamarindo in June 2012, even if I used to lived at one hour and a half of this beach, that was my first time. Everything start with a simple family trip, we didn’t make a schedule for that weekend, our idea was just drive without maps and visit new places. We visit four beaches before Playa Tamarindo, but since the moment I opened the window of the car, I fell in love with the soft sand and beautiful trees. That is the kind of place where you want to stay forever, where you can forget all your troubles and just get a positive feeling.


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