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A special trip


I traveled to Beijing two years ago.I went to Beijing with my family for the Spring Festival. Beijing is the capital of China. It is a famous, old and beautiful city. I like it so much. There is The Great Wall ,The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijng.The Great Wall is very long and high. I walked there for the whole day. There are so many people there.The history of The Great Wall is wonderful ,fantastic and sad. The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square are in the centre of Beijing.The great wall was built between 220-206 by Qing Shihuang. Little of the Great Wall remains.Since then, the Great Wall has been rebuilt on and off.The majority of the existing wall is from The Ming Dynasty.The size of Great Wall is 21196 kilometres.The Forbidden City was famous Chinese place from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.In the Forbidden City,there are some frescoes and caregiving on the wall,they are beautiful.There are so many people in front of the Tiananmen Square. In the festival. There are so many tourists in Beijing.There is a lot of delicious food in Beijing. There are many acrobats in the center. Acrobats often show some wonderful tricks. Many tourists like Chinese food ,because it is so different and delicious.Every food has its own history.Sometimes,there is a lot of special food in the restaurants.For example Baozi.If you go to Beijing during the festival, there would be some special program in the restaurant.For example special magic.If you live in a high building, in the evening you are able to see the beautiful view from the window.And you can see the colourful light.At the afternoon,if you go to the park, you can see some women dance in the playground.Sometimes you can see women take their grandchildren to dance in the playground.They also listen to the music as they dance.They are happy.At firsy I don’t know why they are so happy. i asked one of them. She answered ‘Because dance makes us healthy and we are old and we do not work,we has so much free time and dancing makes us happy.

Beijing is special and different from the other cities of China.Have you traveled there already?


delicious Chinese food

delicious Chinese food

The Tiananmen Square

The Tiananmen Square

The Great Wall

The Great Wall


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The Rainy Wall Of China

A few years back I visited my father who lives in Beijing , the capital of China, with my brother and sister. I was really looking forward to the trip since we had lived there when we were younger so it was exiting to the city we lived in after 10 years. Sadly, the trip didn’t start too well since I got sick at the same morning as our flight was leaving. But fortunately I was sick only during the flight and for the first day we were in China.

On our third day in China we went to see The Great Wall Of China. It was only about half an hour drive from my father’s place, but still we wanted to go there as early as possible so we wouldn’t get caught in the morning traffic which is really terrible in Beijing.  As we were driving we saw some dark clouds in the sky coming to our direction and when we arrived to The Wall it started raining. We didn’t mind the rain we just kept walking on The wall and enjoyed the sight but the chinese people seemed to be afraid of the rain. Most of them hurried to cover from the rain and some of them even panicked a little. After a while we had seen enough of the wall so we decided to leave. But the rain had caused many car crashes on the road so the traffic was an absolute disaster. The trip that we earlier drove in half an hour now took us 4 hours just because of a small rain! More than 10 people actually died that day in Beijing because of the small rain which was actually the hardest rain there had been in nearly 60 years.

Raining is getting stronger so people are leaving to get shelter from itDSC_0576

During our time in China we also visited the Forbidden Palace, Tiananmen square and we went to see our old house, neighbourhood and school. We also ate at many local restaurants and went shopping  in a few big malls. Overall it was a great trip and I can’t wait to visit that country again.


The golden side of Hong Kong

In July, 2010 my family and I visited Hong Kong. It’s a beautiful place on the south coast of China. We stayed at the Gold Coast Hotel. First when we landed, I noticed the marvelous and green mountains and even the more bigger buildings. Hong Kong’s nature is really untouched. There were many gardens also that we saw and of course lots of unknown plants everywhere. Really different from Finland because we have these giant green forests, many lakes and little homes and they have the warm sea, high buildings and plants.

Because it was July it was really hot there. I mean really. During the days I spent my time at the pool swimming and also swam in the sea. The sea is pleasantly warm unlike when you go swimming in Finland, you freeze almost every time. I also sunbathed but at nights we went to the city. The hotel paid our bus there and back. Cab would have been cheap but we wanted to travel by bus. The city was totally crowded. Nice little shops everywhere and many public brand shops. We here in Finland haven’t got brand shops much.  Millions of food places and to no surprise, they sold Chinese food like noodles and spring rolls which were really spicy compared to Finland’s style.

Of course we saw slums, beggars and humans who tried to sell us some stuff, but mostly the people in the city were really kind. I would want to go again and do more sightseeing. Last time we lived in the hotel which wasn’t in the city so now it could be exciting to go live in the middle of the city. Hong Kong is so different from Finland. Different culture, food, streets and lifestyle .  I’m looking forward to go again in that warm paradise.

A picture from the Gold Coast Hotel balcony. (c) Linnea


Upper Sea, 上海

Shanghai, Upper Sea, when translated to english is a city in China.

It was last day at school for me, 21st day of December 2010. I had waited this for so long, finally I could go and meet my sister and her husband and their three children to Shanghai, China. I was leaving there with my brother I-P. We flew there with Finnair and the flight was really long, it took over eight hours and on the flight we really had nothing clever to do. From the plane we could see the Great Wall of China and the snowy surface of Siberia, where we saw these little mountains everywhere. After we had landed and got our luggage, we took a taxi and drove from the country-side of Shanghai to the downtown area of Shanghai.

The taxi trip is unforgettable experience. We didn’t have any seat belts, neither the driver, and he was driving at 150km/h. The taxi driver crazed through the rush hour and brought us to the location we wanted to go within half an hour.

This is what Chinese taxi looks from behind.

After the mind-blowing taxi trip, the Shimao Riviera Garden was infront of us, eight HUGE towers with their awesomely decorated gardens.

The Shimao Riviera Garden

After going in to the building, we found out that it wasn’t just a  normal block of flats. With its glamorously decorated lobby, I finally understood why the apartments rent was so high, over 10,000$ per month. But fortunately Immu’s(sister’s husband) company paid the rent for them. The elevator where we went in was something you don’t experience everyday. It was painted with gold paint and there was ornamental details everywhere. It was like one you see in the american movies, red carpet on the floor, elevator music, and key card slot. We put the keycard in the slot and the elevator left the bottom floor like a rocket and rushed to the 44th floor. The elevator door worked as a door for the apartment also.

This is the view from our balcony when we arrived.

The Shanghai World Financial Center is highest building in Shanghai. If you ever are planning on going to Shanghai, you should DEFINITELY go there!! Our trip started by walking there from our house. The distance to the SWFC was around 5 km and the tower just became larger and larger by every step we took closer to it. At last, we were there. Pure 492 meters of glass and metal stood in front of us.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The ticket to the tower was 100 RMB, which is about 10 euros. Going up the tower was also some kind of experience itself. Elevators, escalators more elevators and more escalators! At the middle of the tower, we were directed  into an elevator, where were these little red and white LED lights everywhere. When the elevator started moving up, lights were turned off and there was a speedometer at the wall. First it said 10km/h, then slowly the speed rose… 20… 30… 40… 50.. 60.. 80… and in the end 100km/h. It felt insane, and when everyone was just watching the speedometer, suddenly all lights turned off. It became completely dark, only flash lights from the cameras were there. Then, doors opened and voila, we were up there!! Here are some pictures from up there:

Huangpuriver and the Pearl Tower

View from the tower

View from the tower, another direction

View from the tower, third direction+ NOTICE THE WINDOW WASHERS!!!: D

If you EVER have the chance to go to Shanghai, or anywhere in CHINA, I GREATLY recommend it!!! It was just unforgettable experience. PS. Best laughs we got when we saw signs where they used “Chinglish”, which definition of chinese translated straight to english without any grammar!

Chinglish in action!

Here is some Shanghai Night life. PS. We were eating at this specific Bund. Excellent food!

Samu Rantanen, 1b

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