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My trip to Toronto

I had been waiting for trip to Canada to Toronto. The last night before the trip, I couldn’t slept very well because I was so exited. 26.12 it was time to go Canada and I was glad but it was depressing to think that I had to sit in an airplane for eight hours. Thankfully we sat in business class so my flight was better than in an economy class. We got some pillow and blanket so I slept well. I was so relaxed.

There wasn’t any snow when we arrived to Toronto but I didn’t care because everywhere was  something about ice hockey: I saw Hockey hall of fame museum, Toronto Maple Leafs’ hockey hall and Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant.  I really wanted to see them. Time was about 3 pm. and we went some ice hockey hall to see my little brother’s games. I felt sorry for boys because they had been awake about 35 hours and they had to play two games in the same day. Boys had two other games too but they lost 3/4. But happily  the boys had a good time.

Two days later we travelled to USA to shop. I bought a lot of clothes and shoes because there were very cheap in USA. We came back to Toronto over night. On the next day we came back to USA to watch NHL game Buffalo Sabres vs. Ottawa Senators. I’m a fan of Buffalo Sabres. I loved that game even if Buffalo lost it because the game was fast-paced and it went even, so there were shootouts and Ottawa wan… But so what! Buffalo is the best ❤

On the next 3 days we went see Hockey hall of fame museum, CN tower (TV tower) and we went to eat to Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant. Hockey hall of fame was very interesting and I was in seventh heaven. I saw lots of famous hockey players’ items, like Wayne Gretzky’s and Mario Lemieux’ jerseys. CN tower was little bit scary because there was some glasfloor high (about 300 meters). In Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant was good food that I liked to eat.

Wayne Gretzky's restaurant

I love Toronto!




I went to Canada when I was 13 to see my grandparents. I was with my older brother. It was my first time in an airplane. It was so exciting and I was really nervous at the time. eventually I got used to it and it wasn’t as amazing as I imagined to be. Our flight took 13 hours. I was exhausted.Finally we arrived to the airport of Canada and there they ere my dad’s entire family. There were at least fifteen people in the airport. It was really weird for me because I didn’t know anybody there except one of my uncle and aunt. But still it felt like I’ve known them my entire life. They were so nice and funny people. Finally we arrived to their house.


my grandparent's house

I slept for a while when we got there but then we ate and stayed home the first day. The next day I woke up and went upstairs I noticed nobody was awake so I went to wake my aunt and asked her why isn’t anybody awake. Then she said her parents aka my grandparents were out for a walk like they do everyday since they got married. I think that’s so romantic. We ate breakfast and talked. I met my cousins there and one of them was born there at the time I was there. It was so amazing. I was so excited and speechless. I didn’t know what to do he was so little and cute. They all were.


I loved staying there. We went out every day. There was warm but not really warm. I think the weather was colder than in Finland in summers. We barbecued chicken, steak, sausage and burgers etc. It was delicious indescribable the best food I’ve ever ate. there was this amazing beach behind their house. We went there everyday. we took sun and swam there and we also went across the beach with boat. the view was amazing there were all these houses around the beach.

me on the boat

the view from their backyard

Their mall was really big. It was nothing like here in Finland. It had like five layer. One layer for restaurants and another for this magnificent garden inside the mall. It had a waterfall also and around that spectacular waterfall was all green. trees, flowers and little bushes.and the other layers were full of shops.  fabulous clothes, jewellery and bags. If I saw something I wanted it. The clothes were so much different there than what we have here in Finland. I love their clothes and I could go shopping there everyday. that’s one of the reasons why I want to go there again this summer.

shopping centre

We went to this festival. It’s an annual event in Calgary. It is held every July. millions of people come there. There is a lot of events like parade, rodeo, exhibition, midway and market. Midway begins before other events so they call it ”sneak-a-peak” night. Theres concerts. Market is like the carnival games and booths where you can buy food and little snacks. It’s magnificent and marvellous. I had a lot of fun there I won a stuffed animal there. It was cute .


I stayed in Canada for a month and it wasn’t nearly enough for me. It was so hard to leave there because I had to say goodbye for everyone and I knew I was going to miss them. Its been 3 years and I still miss them so much. So I decided that I am going to go there again with my sister and my best friend this summer.