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One free drink?

I was last summer in Bulgaria with my mom, sister and one friend. It was so fun, because my mom and sister were at different hotel than me and my friend, so it didn’t matter when we came back to the hotel.

Our day schedule was pretty simple, woke up at the morning to breakfast, about 12.00 am, maybe earlier we went to the beach, which was over 7km long. We just lied there almost the whole day, of course we went to dinner and stuff but in the evening it’s all about bars bars and bars.

There was one street full of bars. Almost everyone who walked past this street were asked to come for a drink, they asked also me and my friend although we are under age. Promoters were always shouting, “Come drink here, one free drink, okay? ” That’s okay for us, one FREE drink, and same in almost every bars. Of course we went actually drinking in the midnight, but it was sooooooooooo cheap, almost twice cheaper than in Finland.It’s funny that they let us in the bars anyway.There was this one place where we didn’t go, name was “Party Boat”. Entrance costed 15 levs ( 7,5 euros) and free bar till you pass out. I would have liked to go there but it was only one night and we were busy at the moment.

Of course not all days weren’t same, we were also shopping. Actually everything was there twice cheaper. Currency in Bulgaria was lev and 100 levs was almost 50 euros. Bars wasn’t the only good thing in Bulgaria, beach, Black Sea and everything was great. I like to go there again.

Here i’am standing on this little pier, what is the centre of the beach.