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Middle-Europe Trip

A few years ago we took a trip to Middle-Europe with my brother, mother and father. We Were there for about a month. First we went to Germany by boat. We had our car with us and that that lasted for three days. It was pretty cool and exiting to travel on the sea such a long time. Our traveling purpose was that I would go to a football tournament in Denmark with my football team. We were in Germany with our relatives for a week and we did lots of german every day activities such as drinking cafe with some friends and chilling out at the market place. Then we went to Belgium across Luxemburg and other lands. Belgium was a strange country because there everybody speaked france and there were trash bags on the streets. In the morning the bags were gone so somebodys job is to collect all the rubbish at night. After few days we went to Netherlands witch was a beautiful country because there were lots of windmills and smooth land. At the city, there were many rivers and there were raining a lot. Then we went to Denmark to play the tournament and there were sunny and warm all the week. When the tournament was over we drove to North-Denmark and we travelled to Sweden with a lorry. Then we drove around Sweden and slept in motels which was really exciting. At last, we went to Stochholm and we sailed home. It was the longest trip of my life.




Belgium: more than beer and chocolate


My name is Kaat. I’m an exchange student in Finland. I’m already been here for 3 months and I will be here to the end of June, which means 10 months Finland. It is a country really worth going to, for it is really beautiful! A lot of nature, beautiful city’s and more. It is not difficult to convince you to go on a vacation to Finland. The real challenge is to convince about going to my home country, to convince you about the beauty and the charm of the lovely BELGIUM.

When you ask the question to Finnish people ‘What do you know about Belgium?’, you usually get answers like ‘beer’ and ‘chocolate’ and ‘Brussels’. Maybe a smart one mentions ‘different languages’, but that’s it. Though, Belgium is not just beer and chocolate, it is so much more! I will give you a small guiding tour around  the nicest places in Belgium, where you can find the beauty of this lovely, small country.

BrusselsMeet the capital city of belgium: BRUSSELS (Brussel), a mixture of cultures and languages. The city has a surface of 161,38 km² and has 1.136.920 inhabitants (which is twice the population of Helsinki). There are a lot of famous and really beautiful buildings you can see here, for example the royal palace, the European Parliament, the Belgian Parliament, the town hall, … But besides these magnificent old buildings, the center of Brussels is really lovely because of its intimate, narrow streets. With lovely café’s and restaurants and tiny charming shops it is a pleasure to walk around in the middle of the busy capital of Belgium.

the Belfort of BrugesAfter the capital the other must see city is BRUGES (Brugge), a beautiful city with medieval lasting. The center of the city is incorporated in the List of the World Heri
tage of UNESCO. This is because of the cultural heritage: the charming medieval houses, the grotesque cathedral, the town hall with great and famous masterpieces of Europe’s most famous painters. And the most beautiful of all: the 83m high Belfort. And beside the beautiful  building and the cute, enjoyable medieval streets, the city also has a lot of special festivals. The most famous one is definitely the ‘Holy Blood Procession’ (Heilig Bloed Processie). This is an ecclesiastic procession which represent different scenes of the Bible every year at the 3th of may. It might sound a little dull, but it is certainly worth it, for around 1700 people participate in this procession and it is an interesting experience.

AntwerpLet’s move on to my favourite city in Belgium: Antwerp (Antwerpen). Antwerp is probably most known as one of the worlds biggest harbor city’s. Did you know that all bananas transported by boat pass through  Antwerp, wherever they go? But there is more to see in this wonderful city besides the big harbor. For Antwerp is also known as Belgium’s city of fashion design, for there is the well-known fashion academy and fashion designers as Dries Van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester live in Antwerp. Fascinating buildings in Antwerp? Definitely. Belgium’s most beautiful railway station and most gorgeous cathedral are stationed in this amazing city. And there is also the Renaissance styled town hall with in front of it the statue of Brabo and Antigoon, the legend of the naming of the city. The story tells about an evil giant, Antigoon, who asked terrible high taxes at the people on the boats who wanted to enter the city. Brabo fought with him and defeated him. He cut the hand of Antigoon and threw it into the Schelde (the river). The name Antwerpen comes from ‘hand-throwing’, which is in Dutch ‘handwerpen’.

Han-Sur-Lesse, ArdennenNow we turn our backs from the Flemish part of Belgium and we’re going to Walloonia. The Ardennes (Ardennen) are the most beautiful piece of nature in Belgium. Flanders is totally overbuild by houses, but in the southern part of Belgium there is still a little part of wild nature left. Here you can walk into the woods, climb on rocks and feel, discover mysterious caves and more. The Caves of Han (de grotten van Han) in Han-sur-Lesse are probably the most well-known and most visited caverns in Belgium. Here you can follow the river Lesse when it disappears in the wonderful caverns and walk trough the different parlours with its magnificent nature made pillars. Next to the caves, there is also a big animal park where the wild animals of the Ardennes running around free while you can observe them from a little train which drives into the woods.

I could tell so much more about Belgium and all its wonders. But I showed you around the most interesting attractions and I hope I succeed in convince you that Belgium, how small and unimportant it may seem, is a wonderful country with a lot of beautiful and fascinating surprises. So, TAKE A TRIP TO BELGIUM!