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Beutiful Austria

I woke up to the smell of chocolate.It was my birthday.After my delicious breakfast we left to the beautiful mountain.When we got to the top we so the viengardens wits were full of green and black grapes.It was an magnificent saith and the smell of fresh ear at that moment everything was perfect.In the evening we left with the bus to the town and when we got there was a lot of people.Even the restaurants were full of people.But it was light because of the light outside of the restaurants.People were so nice to me it was weary different from finland.

anyone who would  go there would love it there!


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Skiing trip to Austria

I was skiing in Austria with my family a few years ago. It was awesome and the scenery was spectacular. I have skied almost my whole life, I was only two years old when i first time came down the slopes. This trip was the climax of my skiing career. The ski resort is called Mayrhofen, it is located in Tirol. So the trip began with a flight to Munich, where we rented a car and drove to Tirol. When we arranged to Mayrhofen it was night so we couldn’t see any scenery. But when I woke up early in the morning and opened windows, I saw the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

The most important thing to me in this was skiing. One day we went to glacier. Highest point of the glacier is 3,250 meters, so you could see the whole Alps from there. To get to the highest point you needed to take three different ski lifts.

Mayerhofen has Austria’s steepest slope, it’s called harakiri. Harakiri’s average incline of 78 percent. Of course I took a challenge and ride it! That was crazy, right next to me some skier crashed and he slided all the way to the end of harakiri. My dad bought me t-shirt that says I survived harakiri.

Overall this trip was excellent, I will remember this trip for my entire life time. I would like to go there again. I recommend Mayrhofen as a resort. 


Zell am See with my best friend Linda!

Linda and iLast christmas we went to Zell am See with my family and Linda`s family. we were about two weeks in there. It was my third time there, but it was Linda`s first time. We lived in a rented house for two weeks. The house was beautiful and it was well-decorated.

Every morning we woke up early and we went to snowboarding.After that we went back to the house. then we went to shopping. My favorite shop was there, Tally weijl. If you want to view Tally weijlin websites you can check out  here  and in the evening we went to look at the local nightclubs or or to eat at fine restaurants. we get to know many local young people and they seemed to us places where young local people hang out.

The best day of the trip was 1.1.2011. we were having so much fun. in the morning we were snowboarding, like always. we made a great variety of tricks with snowboard. without that no one was injured, and that was new thing, usually someone have to always go to the  hospital… size of Zell am See was excited about the new year. you were able to feel it, everybody was happy and everybody was talking with everyone. in the evening we found a restaurant, we got a really good service and delicious food. but it is sad that I can not remember the name of the restaurant..

But it was even sadder day when we had to go back home. Fortunately we spent two full days in Wien. Linda and i both fall in love with Austria.

That was the best trip of my life!