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My endless trip

I am an Argentinian exchange student, and I have made a really long trip to get here, to Finland.

My date of departure was supposed to be on August 6th, but for reasons that I don’t know it was cancelled and it was moved to August 4th. I was in such a hurry, that I packed my luggage in no time at all! because the cancellation was on the 3rd!!!

I live in the North of Argentina, and there are no international flights there so, I had to take a plane headed for Buenos Aires, the Capital of my country, then I realised that my life as an ‘Exchange Student’ had begun…

It was the most important day in my life till now, the day when I had to go. The airport was not so big, and I was so excited! my family and one of my best friend were there, expecting.. I felt something weird, I can not explain what. To go to Buenos Aires it just took me 45 minutes. It was my first time travelling on a plane, and alone! But personally, the weirdest thing was to see my family there, while I was going to take my flight, to make my dream come true… When I arrived in Buenos Aires my mother was waiting for me in that airport full of people everywhere. It was 1.30 p.m, and my other flight was leaving at 11.30 p.m so, I had to wait almost all day! It was something endless but in the other hand, It was good to be with my mother for a while. Nothing is forever and finally, it was time to leave. I couldn’t help crying! I was leaving everything, and everybody there, I was leaving my country one year!! But I have made a decision, and I had to face it. Honestly, It was such a wonderful experience! I had never been on a plane, it’s so amazing! It was a very very long flight… 18 hours sitting there, looking out of the window. Haphazard, a woman was sitting next to me and we could talk during the flight. After a long time, I arrived at the Airport of Barcelona, where I had to take a flight to my final destination, Finland 😀

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, unforgettable. I don’t know if I was so anxious or what but, the flight from Barcelona to Finland was endless!! after a really long trip I just wanted to arrive!

In the end, I arrived in Finland in the earlier hours of Saturday 6th. Since that day, everything has been a surprise for me. Everything is new and I feel like my life has started again.

I miss a lot my country, my friends, my family but I don’t want to leave Finland neither, because I love it too!

There is nothing like this experience, definitely.-