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Phenomenal holiday in Algeria

I was visiting my step-father’s homeland, Algeria on a summer holiday three years ago. Algeria is a big country in Northern Africa, between Egypt and Morocco, and most of the land is covered by Sahara desert.

We went there by plane, first from Finland to Barcelona, and From Barcelona to Alger, which is the capital of Algeria. The trip from Finland to Algeria was long and it made me tired, but after all, it was worth it.

When we arrived at my step-father’s sister’s apartment, I was surprised that the house was so clean and nice. And my step-father’s relatives, they all were absolutely stunning! I had heard that the Algerians are polite and kind people, but the way they treated me, it was just amazing. I had some problems with the language of course, because basically the people in Algeria speak Arabic and French, and I cant speak neither of these.

I really recommend a holiday in Algeria, because the people was so nice and the food was spectacular and the weather so warm and sunny!


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