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Ethereal Drymades

I spent 10 days of my summer in Drymades Beach with my family. We accommodate in Drymades Inn Resorts, which was instead of a big hotel so-called small cottage hotel.

We were tired of a long journey from Kosovo to Drymades. Trip was boring, because there were a lot of mountains along which we had to run. The route was also unsafe.

After we apporicate to the cottage, we went to the restaurant of the hotel, where we ate lunch. After lunch, we went to the beach.I was really surprised, because region was so gorgeous. The beach was so close to the mountains and place was very bright. It was so peaceful and clean. The sea was so lovely light blue and the sand was white, and just the whole beach was full of white stones, that I just thought that I am in heaven. The place was perfect place for a holiday.

When evening arrived we went back to the hotel and get ready for the dinner. Drymade’s summer season hadn’t yet begun so the place was quiet. Drymades is one of the most spectacular holiday destinations in Albanian.

We woke up every day at 7 am and we went to ate breakfast, after which we go to the beach to take sunbathe. I admired every day the wonderful nature and clean water and climate.

Hotel customer service was excellent and the food was also very delicious. The holiday was a great experience and worth it, so I persuade it to all.

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