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My trip to Afghanistan :)

I will never forget my trip to Afghanistan. It was awesome. My family and I went to Afghanistan for our summer holiday. We stayed there for almost the month.

Even though i was born in Afghanistan, when i went back everything was new to me. When we first reached our destination, my cousin and uncle met us at the airport and then we went with my uncle by car to my grandma and grandpa’s house.

We did different things everyday.We visited a lot of  my relative`s houses and also we went with my family and friends to the park and to restaurants.We also went to Kabul City Center where we shopped.

My little sister is an animals lover and there was a lot of animals, of witch she liked e.g. horses, goats, sheep, peacocks, parrots and so she took a lot of pictures of them.

In Afghanistan there were many attractions that we visited and the weather was beautiful. I loved it!

All in all it was awesome experience in Afghanistan which i will never forget.