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Goodbye cold Finland, hello warm Greece

The first time when I heard that we’re going to Greece I wasn’t sure will I have that much fun since it was only my family going there and we don’t go on vacations that often. My family includes my brother, mother and a father. But I decided to go.

We left the first day of the 2013 autumn holiday at night if I remember correctly, I was tired as a sloth. when we arrived in Athens we had to get going  right away and change the plane to an island called the Naxos. But when I finally got out of the crowded planes I just felt the nice warm breeze to welcome me to my vacation.
Before we were able to go and fully enjoy our vacation we had to find a hotel to stay on for a couple of days before moving to explore more of the island. We ended up on a fairly good hotel that was right next to a beach and next to the harbor that had all the good restaurants and led roads to best views for landscapes. The smell next to harbor of course smelled fish but because of the sea food restaurant next to it mixed the smell with fried sea food that smelled delicious. The people were really nice and lively so I was always in a good mood.
Landscape of Greek islands different parts are absolutely amazing because of their magnificent mountains, beaches.

only downside that the trip had, was that it wasn’t the time of the year that all the restaurants etc, weren’t open because it was almost winter and the tourist crowds usually were there at summer so lot of restaurant had very limited menus. But overrall the vacation was really succesful,fun and very relaxing.