Ville Ravila

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I went to Kos Island (Greece) with my family at summer 2011. It was pretty relaxing to be in “all inclusive hotel” because all you had to worry about was having the strength to get some food. Food over there was  delicious and things like clothes or something like that was really cheap.Image

At our journey there didn’t happen anything abnormal everyone of us just layed at the beach and did things like that. Kos  sure is  enjoyable place to spend week or two. I had wonderful time there laying down on the beach and eating all the time. One day there were different than others we had a boat trip where we had something that they called food but i think it was more like trash and it tasted very bad. And we went to beach that was called “Paradise beach” there we spent like 4 or 5 hours just chilling on the beach playing volleyball and football. Also we drived jet-ski but that wasn’t so funny because our jet-ski was so goddamn slow. People at Kos are very friendly. There aint many sights at Kos so if u want to see those u should go somewhere else but if u just want to  chill and eat u deffinetly should go to Kos.

Worst thing in that trip was that when we came back to Finland weather over here felt so cold. I saw many funny things over there like weird looking fishes.