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Back to Italy

It was last summer in 2013 when I travelled last time. I travelled to Italy, like always, because I’m half Italian, and my family lives there. We live in Perugia, and from Roma it takes almost 2 hours of  travelling by a car.

I love travellng, especially when I travel by plane, because I love the meal that’s served on the airplane. Anyway like I was saying, I went to Italy because my family lives there. I usually go once a year, for 2-4 weeks, and last time, I was there for two weeks.

I’m always happy when I see my dad, sister, grandparents and everybody, but I’m always sad when I leave them. In italy, I do all kinds of things, but mostly I want to get tanned, so I’m always under the sun. I also love Italian food, because the food is like unique and the spices are deliceous! That’s why my family and I go out to eat at restourants and it’s very cheap. Speaking of low prices, I like to go shopping in Italy and buy all kinds of clothes. I always go to swimming pools because it’s definetely one of my favorite things to do, not to mention  the ocean or the beach! It may sound crazy to lay under the sun for 6 hours, but at the of the day, in my opinion, it’s all worth it and fun.

My dad had an own job in Tavernelle, which is a little village in Italy, where I had one of the my best friends of my childhood. So my dad and I wanted to see that little town, and believe it or not, I met him – my best friend from childhood! It was so awesome to see him after such long time and talking about how time flies and how things have gotten different. I look forward to my next trip to Italy.


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