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Once Upon a Time I Explored France And The Ghettos Of Paris

It was 5 a.m. and my dad was driving like a crazy to the airport. Of course we were the only ones late. We all know what will happen when you push the snooze button several times, and my family is the master of it. At the airport all my classmates started clapping when we arrived and you could see the relief on their faces. After saying goodbye to my parents, we headed to the airplane and the journey began.

The sun hadn’t been shining in Finland for almost a month and we were so delighted to feel the warmth of the sun and actually seeing sunlight. We had a school project with a French school, which was in a city named Strasbourg, so we stayed there for a couple of days, and hung out with our new French friends and explored the city with them. Strasbourg was a small city but very colourful, cosy and beautiful. All the little French-looking restaurants, tiny streets and the river in the middle of city made it all so magical and breathtaking. It was the late night walking that I enjoyed the most after a finger licking good dinner with my closest friends and classmates, and of course free WiFi in our modern hotel.

So far our trip had been going amazingly, and it was time for us to explore Paris, the city of love. Our vibe got killed when we

Me taking a picture of well you know what.

Me taking a picture of well you know what.

saw our hotel, which was in a ghetto, by the way. My friends bed broke down when she placed her handbag on it, and you could hear everything from the first floor to the sixth. The orange juice smelled like piss, but we got to have WiFi and it wasn’t that bad in the end. The old and poorly designed hotel made it all more exciting. We got to see all the sights. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and the famous Mona Lisa. I remember the first time that I saw the Eiffel Tower with one of my closest friend. It felt so special. There it was the famous tower that I had seen in movies. We went to the top of the tower and saw the sun going down. It was icing on the cake to get to share the experience with my friends.

I learned a lot from France. People there are extremely kind and friendly. The food is cheap and delicious. All the sights are worth the money. It truly was one of the greatest trips that I have been on, even though it was only a school trip and lasted a week. Grab your partners hand and head over to France, if you’re looking for a fun and romantic trip! You can have fun as a single too, maybe you’ll find your own Prince charming on the bridge of love locks.

The ghettoness was real though. We had nice late night chats with classmates from the view of our hotel room windows.

The ghettoness of our hotel was real though in Paris. We had nice late night chats with classmates from the view of our hotel room windows.

Some pictures from Strasbourg

Some pictures of Strasbourg

Paris in few pictures.