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A Dream House In Finland

A couple of years ago my grandmother got an idea. She would take my brother and I to a road trip to Eastern Finland.

The trip took about a week in total and here is a small summary of it. We went through a quite few places so I’ll just tell you the most memorable one.

We started the trip by taking a train to Nivala where we would see my grandmothers’ sister. Next morning we took a car and drove for the whole day. When we were finally close to our next stop, my grandma got a phone call. The caller was a employee from the company from which we had rented our apartment for the next day. They said that the house they were going to give us had been given to the wrong people by accident. Consequently, they gave us an address to a new house. We had no idea what the apartment would look like and when I first came out of the car I was astonished, the house was enormous.

When we at last got into the house after waiting for the keys, I was amazed. The house is built to be used for parties and such. It had all the necessary things for around ten people to spend the night there comfortably. Even the bathroom had three showers in it. The decoration was very modernistic there was lots of open space and almost everything was white. Too bad we only stayed there for a day.

If I could’ve chosen I would’ve stayed there for the whole vacation.