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Amazing day in Kos

Few months ago I had the best day of my life! Me, my dad and my mom went to Greek’s little island called Kos. We spent one week in there and i had a lot of fun. We experienced and saw a lot of amazing things while we were there, especially that one day.  Third day we decided to rent a car so we could see little bit of the island. We left early in the morning and the first stop was the hot springs. We parked on top of the hill, like everyone else, and then we started to walk down on it. We walked ten minutes until we were there. It wasn’t anything what i expected it to be. It’s shape was like a circle and it wasn’t deep at all. Water was clear, thin and very hot. Little bubbles were coming from the bottom and you couldn’t really sit there because the water was almost burning hot.
Then we went to see Asklepeion’s ruins on the other side of the island. There weren’t shadows at all. The sun was shining the whole time. It was torture, almost 40 degrees. Except for that it was great experience. The ruins were spectacular and if you walked up the stairs you could actually see the coast of Turkey. It was very interesting to read the history of Asklepeion and to see where Hippokrates lived. He was actually born in Kos.
Last but not least we went to Paradise beach. According to its name it really is a paradise. Water was bright blue and it was wonderfully cold. Sand was finely milled. We saw there an island which had a church but nothing else. It was so close to the beach if you wanted you could swim there. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. Only bad side was that it was very hot day and because our rented car was a convertible and it had black seats so you can imagine how hot the seats were.
stock photo : Remote monastery at Kos island, Greece
The lonely church