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My paradise in Rhodes

I was last summer holiday in Rhodes. I was there two weeks and I had to woke up at seven o´clock every day, because I wanted to see more of the day.

The weather was perfect on all days of my holiday. I did swam in the sea. The water was so warm and clear that the bottom of the sea could be seen even in deep water. I saw beautiful fish and jellyfish, in the water.

Rhodes is a mountainous island. Mining mentions made big impression on me mountain on top of a church to the top of the mountain led staircase of three hundred steps. From the top of the hill with beautiful panorama. Turquoise sea shone in the sun.

During my time at Rhodes, I received charge vitality, health and energy. I don´t regret a single day that I traveled to Rhodes.

Wonderful day!(c) Katja Turiseva

Wonderful day!
(c) Katja Turiseva