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Once Upon In The Air To Mexico

It was the summer before the last when I made a trip to Mexico with my family. After I had done so much work at school by the time, I really sensed that it was just what I needed. As if it was a reward for hard work. It was a bit exciting to go there, since I had never been on the continent before.

If you think that a flight to Thailand is exhaustingly long, then you’d probably be surprised to be informed, that it takes approximately 14 hours to fly from Finland to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. That means of course that it lightly surpasses the time it takes to Bangkok for about 2-3 long hours. A funny, although in my case annoying thing happened to me during the fourth flight out of total four we had to take to reach the determination, Puerto Vallarta. First a 2 hours long flight to the Heathrow Airport, next up, quite a long flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Dallas, USA. Soon afterwards came the relatively short one to New Mexico. All the time I had to make sure not to fall asleep and wake up, when the plane lands, because my ears always get stuck while high in the air and then it hurts annoyingly afterwards when they start to open up. But after a 10 hours long flight having no problems at all in this regard, it was the last, 1,5 hours long flight when it happened. I can only recall we stepping in the plane, the flight attendant giving the snacks and then it was all black. I fell asleep and woke up  just as the plane touched the surface and my ears kept buzzing till the next day.

It was a fine holiday nevertheless  the ears, though and we had a blast.




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